Taking the Bite out of a Biting Child
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Child care is a continuous learning process and problems are usually a stepping stone in learning more about children. Biting is one such problem that has to be handled with tender loving care. A biting child is a negative child and has to be tackled with immediately. Whether it is a home care or a day care or whether the child is just with siblings, a child who bites has to be taught the rules. The  [...]

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Wow! Vew-Do Board Workout

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Flawlessly created for hindering rider changeover from their abodes to the breakers, the Vew-Do balance boards are perfect for the surfer community and aqua-sports aficionados.

The Bare Foot Series is a waves-inspired deck-design simulating the nude-foot experience of kite/wake boarding, surfing among others when water is not a choice.

The Vew-Do board is a specially-created skateboarding deck resting on trio diverse rock bases that permit it in rolling, teetering or wobbling. It is beneficial for individuals irrespective of age and is evidently a superlative choice for people with keen interest in extreme sports since it improves core strength which helps in increasing the level of control users have over their bodies.

Vew do board workoutDiffering in their shapes, the key variation in these Vew-Do boards lay in the rock which people are riding on. All the boards come with an exclusively created rock. Though every one of these rocks would be working with all Vew-Do boards, the selling and packaging of every board is done with its particular rock. The shifting levels of primary riding surface and level of tapering built-in to the rock ascertains its level of dirigibility or strength.

Presently an array of energetic group courses employing the boards has been created.

The Vew-Do board workout functions by targeting the entire twelve muscle sets inclusive of the hip flexor muscles that operate for moving the femur & internal oblique muscles present in the back which assist in maintaining ideal stance.

The hour-long classes lay emphasis on stability, core strength, cardiovascular & plyometrics (specialized & quite extreme training for potent body-weight exercises).

Vew-Do Board Workout Experience
  • For starting off, one begins by placing the vew-do board on top of the rock that permits it in rolling sideways.
  • Stepping on the vew-do board with rock rested underneath the left side whereas the other side touching the ground.
  • The body load is then to be transferred to the left foot bringing the board off the ground and one then slides unevenly from side-to-side.
  • There are always spotters present during such classes that monitor how the entrants are progressing if they require any support and assistance. In case of novices, it could take a few minutes time is acclimatizing to the board and its moves. This is deemed the fundamental move that functions by engaging the entire muscle sets working in unison to locate a mid-balance point and keeping the board parallel-wise to the floor. It is a fine example of handy training as the entire body is used as an entity. Many people get addicted to this move and do not halt till balance has been achieved.
  • Pace of the workout is stepped up at regular intervals and the intensity is soaring although fun is the main constituent. Subsequent to a few weeks comprising of weekly 2-3 sessions one would truly begin noticing positive changes in the entire body due to the humongous calorie melt down.
  • Best part about the Vew-Do Board Workout is that no plateau phases are encountered since there are oodles of moves which people could learn like squat, lunge, press up, tick tock that call for a person to be balanced on it when gradually making contact with the floor on one side and subsequently alternate sides.
  • Every trick is to be done for half-a- minute to 1-minute time blasts for improving endurance and speckled with brief in-between resting time intervals.
  • The classes always culminate with a much-needed group of warming down stretching moves.
  • A high intensity workout wherein people could exert to the extent they desire.
  • Non-existence of music during these sessions helps a person in focussing on the task at hand and sans the tunes one could uncover a tempo best-suited to you.
  • Those who train on uneven surfaces appear to enhance their body’s capability of reacting to movements. Moreover, the 5-constituent designing proves to be a fabulous flab melting tool.
  • Vew-Do balance boards also contribute to improving nimbleness, enhancing balancing impulses, rehabilitating the back-to-sports athletes, complete body strengthening and increasing pace and reaction times. They are also beneficial in preventing injuries and improving performances of athletes.
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