How To Treat Bunions
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A bunion is a deformity that is mainly made up of a lateral deviation of the great toe which enlarges due to a tissue or a bone. It is a serious foot problem. These are formed within the foot and not on the surface of the foot. An arthritic condition and  a result of bone degeneration it is found as  a lump on the outside portion of the big toe. Bunions are seen near the joint of the toe and sometimes  [...]

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Women Rocks!!

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The world is just mesmerized by the fact that men and their deeds. Women are always less noticed than the men but still there are so many facts and benefits which can prove the supremacy of women in the recent times. If some one gives you a chance to select your gender, and you click on this article, I am sure; you’ll be selecting the right choice!!

Here are some reasons to believe that really women rocks!!

1. Job security

You can’t beat women in this field, I bat. If you don’t believe me, just check the facts and figures of recent unemployment survey. Men have lost far more jobs in the job cutting scenario of recession. In February 2008 the unemployment rate for men and women who had gone to college but did not graduate was the same: 4.1 percent. Today it’s 8.9 percent for men but only 6.3 percent for women. That might be because for a long time discrimination kept women out of blue-collar jobs, the hardest hit by the current downturn. Women, it seems, are better prepared for the jobs of the new economy.

It’s a karmic cycle, man. It rotates. Wait for our turn!!

2. Better driving skill

I know, probably no one would believe me, but it’s a truth and I say it with the data base. Men are more than twice as likely to be killed in a car accident as women. In 2007, the most recent year for which data are available, nearly 62,000 men died in a car accident compared to only 31,000 women. When men are in the driver’s seat, a car is even more dangerous. 75% of drivers killed behind the wheel were men.

Practically it differs person to person but still if we find the compatibility, women are more secure in car accidents. Find the reason!!

3. Smartness matters

Well, if we believe the IQ tests, men are always smarter than the women on average, by about 3 to 5 IQ points. But the difference only seems to be because we men are, on average, taller. Larger bodies make for larger organs, including the brain. When you eliminate that discrepancy, though, women prevail.

The new research published in the American Journal of Psychology states that once you “control for height, women are slightly but significantly more intelligent than men.”

The belief differs. Check out what’s banging your mind!

4. Money savers

This is a sure thing with a great surety. Women are the best savers in the financial world than men. They make more strategic purchases for the long-term and don’t waste money on impulse buys.

According to Joseph Carrabis of I-Media, men are more likely to look only at a products mechanical functionality when considering a purchase. Women, on the other hand, want to know if it also meets their specific needs.

Guys usually get attracted with the outlook and they also think temporary in the purchases. Recently I saw a guy dropping $300 on the Kindle 2. Cool technology, quick and easy access to books, thin as a feather. It will even read most books to you! After a week of being awe inspired by the device, he remembered that he didn’t read books. Now, it has a place of honor in his gadget graveyard, something that almost every man has. Women will end up making purchases that are smarter and won’t let money slip down a black hole…a valuable habit in the current economy.

5. More fashion choices

Men’s fashion range is much more limited than women. In Sex and Suits: The Evolution of Modern Dress Anne Hollander turns her critical eye on style’s gender divide. Women’s wear, she argues, still has an element of the costume, allowing many more sartorial selections. Women can add decorative flare like earrings and necklaces. The buttons on their jackets can be huge or tiny. Dresses and skirts (and even women’s pants) have a million different iterations of length and flare. A woman can wear a blouse with a bright floral print and no one will flinch. What’s more, they can do all of this and still look professional. Men’s attire is the opposite and quintessentially modern with form closely following function. Sure, a man’s suit can have two buttons or three, a shirt can be striped or solid, and shoes brown or black. But if a man walked into a meeting wearing a suit made from chiffon with ruffles, his professionalism might come into question.

6. More secured on jobs

The risk to both men and women of being killed on the job is low, but it’s dramatically higher for men. Of the nearly 5,500 workplace fatalities in 2007, 92% of those killed were men. The federal Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that construction and transportation/warehousing are the two sectors with the highest number of fatalities, but agriculture and mining have the highest rate of worker deaths. Some industries, like commercial fishing, are surprisingly dangerous. The Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch chronicles the travails of an Alaskan crab fishing crew. In the first season alone, five fishermen were killed when their boat capsized.

7. Stress free sources

The difference between men and women can be easily identified in the stress. Women fetch the stress much faster than men but at the same time they require fewer sources to get relaxed.

Body size wise men are bigger, but it carries a benefit for women on a budget. After a hard days work, many people have a drink to relax. For a woman, a single glass of wine can do the job. A man needs a martini and a glass of wine. With smaller body size comes less body water. Additionally, the alcohol metabolizing enzyme in the stomach, ADH, has lower activity in women than men meaning it enters the bloodstream more easily. This “plus”, though, comes with an added minus. It means women are more susceptible than men to alcoholic liver disease and heart and brain damage.

8. Erectile dysfunction

Men are often maligned for thinking too much about sex. If that stereotype is true, we end up paying a price for it later in life. While a Viagra commercial can induce a chuckle, erectile dysfunction (ED) is no laughing matter. According to the Massachusetts male aging study, 40% of 40-year old men experience ED. At 70 years, the chance increases to 70%. Previously believed to be psychologically caused, most experts now believe it is physiological and something men have little power to avoid.

9. First everywhere?

While women have had legal equality for some time, they have been shut out of many estimable positions. In the 2008 Democratic primary, Hillary Clinton, regardless of politics, was notable for being the first viable female candidate for President in the nation’s history. I like winning, but unless I birth a child I probably won’t be the first man to do anything. Everyone remembers Sally Ride, but can you name any of the male astronauts that went with her into space? With glass ceilings disintegrating across the board, women are on a path to be leaders in every field and industry.

They lead the industries may be because they were not allowed much before.

10. Perfect dieticians

Men are fat. The number of overweight men is 7% higher than overweight women. So what is a man to do? I searched Amazon for diet books for men and kept seeing how-to guides for six-pack abs. When all most men have going for them is a large, droopy one-pack, getting that six-pack would be like going from a salary of $60,000 to $360,000. It can be done, but he’s going to need more years than he’s got left in his life!

Women have more diets to choose from. There are almost three times as many diet book titles for women and they include things like The French Diet: Why French Women Don’t Get Fat and My Diva Diet. If only someone would tell men how to lose weight while eating croissants, smoking cigarettes, and belting out a ballad, maybe most of us wouldn’t be so heavy.

So, these are the ten most felt characters which favor women than men.

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