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Feet are that part of the body that support your weight and body and make a major fashion statement. If they are not cared for and taken care of well, then the soles of the feet develop flaky patches and crack. Cracked feet are known as heel fissures, are a problem for all ages. When the cracks in the feet are very deep then they split the skin open and thus make it very prone to infection and bleeding.  [...]

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Vinyasa Yoga for Invigorating & Energizing Your Body

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Vinyasa yoga means breathing-synchronized movements – incorporating concurrent breathing & movements. It is even dubbed as flow yoga as it tends to focus on the smooth transitioning between positions during inhalations or exhalations - the outcomes appearing & feeling quite alike dance-similar workouts or kata (martial arts).

Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downwards-faced Dog) Pose

  • Coming on to the yoga mat on your fours as though one was about to crawl.
  • Knee areas must be direct beneath one’s hips & thigh areas placed perpendicularly on the ground.
  • Placing hands, spreading fingers, approximately a hand’s width ahead of one’s shoulders.
  • Exhaling & straightening one’s legs by hoisting the knees off the ground till legs are straightened, though avoid locking them.
  • Straightening elbows in the analogous way.
  • At this juncture, one’s body would be bended resembling an upturned letter ‘V’.
  • Holding for 1-3 minutes & then relaxing back into your fours or transitioning to the next pose.

Adho Mukha Vrksasana (Downwards-faced Tree Pose or Hand Stand Pose)

  • Starting off in the Adho Mukha Svanasana pose.

  • Bending one’s right leg as one walks it toward one’s body.
  • Kicking up with the bended leg, increase one’s height every instant till one’s legs are straightened over one’s head.
  • Holding the pose for as much as doable & then lower oneself back to the floor.
  • Novices could practice such a pose bracing against a barrier till confidence is gained to perform it unaided.

Bakasana Pose (Crow-crane pose)

  • Squatting down on one’s feet several inches away & hands placed at around shoulder-width away.
  • Knees must be pointing outwards, broader as compared to one’s hips.
  • One’s body weight must be leaned forwards as one’s elbows are bended to a slight extent.
  • The upper thighs must be rested against the upper body as one’s shinbones & knees are rested against one’s underarms & upper arm areas.
  • Exhaling as one leans forwards & picking one’s feet away from the ground.
  • Balancing on one’s hands, heels are to be kept as near to one’s rear as one could.
  • Holding for twenty to sixty seconds & then lowering one’s feet gradually back to the ground.

Pincha Mayurasana Pose (Feathered Peacock Pose)

  • Start off with the Adho Mukha Svanasana pose.
  • Now bending one’s arms till one rests on one’s forearms with fingers pointed forwards.
  • One’s right leg is to be bended & walking it forwards as though one was about to transition to a hams stretching move.
  • Now kicking up, leave one’s left leg outstretched into an altered hand-stand rested on one’s forearm areas.
  • Your gaze must be kept on the ground in-between the forearms.
  • One’s right leg is to be extended so that the duo legs are straightened.
  • This pose is to be held for ten to sixty seconds & then lowering one’s legs back to the floor.
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