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Urine Colour and Smell Changes That Signal Problem

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Any talk related to waste product, urinary & fecal matter largely tends to trigger discomfort in many of us. Though, alterations in urine colour and smell might indicate an ailment which could be cured or also averted. Reviewed herewith are the reasons for discoloured urine & when there’s an alteration in its odour.

Since many centuries back, physicians have been looking at urine as a statoscope of what’s transpiring inside our bodies. Our urine could notify the type of food eaten, extent of fluids consumption & which conditions one might be having. Though difficult to grasp but it is true that in earlier times physicians followed the practice of urine tasting of their patients for diagnosing their medical problems. Providentially, we’ve advanced since then & a basic urine analysis is capable of determining anything off-beam in our health within seconds.

Urine is the most crucial part of the system’s regularizing process and it is responsible for removing additional water & waste products which the kidneys are filtering out of the blood. Urine is there chiefly to getting riddance from toxic matter or substances which could otherwise accrue in the body & be harmful for the body.

When one notices that one’s urine colour has altered or there is a weird smell arising from the loo seat, the reason may be something as undisruptive as what’s eaten the night before like asparagus or may be a hint of something graver like infection or cancerous presence.

Changes in Urine Colour and What they Signify

Usually, urine is varying from faint yellowish to dark yellowish-brown, based on the urine strength that is ascertained by the extent of fluid consumed. A deeper urine colour is generally an indication of inadequate water intake. Rectification is as straightforward as increasing liquid intake, particularly water.

The contrary too is correct. When urine is really faint in appearance, it translates to the person not consuming ample fluids or the use of diuretics (drugs which force the system into eliminating surplus water).

Urine colour could be observed in a kaleidoscope of colours & a strange shade is not essentially reason to get alarmed about. Particular drugs could change the colour from bright greens to blues, the (alpha and beta) carotene presence in carrot could be tinting the urine orange & vitamin types proffering a yellowish tone to it. A medicine Pyridium that treats urinary burning sensations could transform urine to orangish-red.

When red is seen, it is classically an indication of bloody presence in urine, though prior to getting all panicky people need to understand that a slight amount of blood is capable of producing a drastic colour variation. This is similar to the case of food colours wherein merely a droplet could transform the tone of a vast amount of foods or fluid thus even a droplet of blood could change the colour of the loo bowl reddish.

Red-coloured urine is generally a warning hint & could suggest infection or perhaps also cancers. Reddish blood is an actual caveat indication & must be prompting a visit to physicians or urologists (specializing in conditions affecting bladder & kidney).

Urine Smell Alterations

Urine generally isn’t strong-smelling but in case this is the case with you then there might be some urinary stone or infection lurking out there which could be creating an ammonia-similar odour. Sweet-smelling urine is often noticed by diabetes sufferers due to excessive sugar.

Several food forms could even cause changes in the smell of urine with Asparagus being the most infamous of the lot. What’s smelt while consuming asparagus is the sulphur compound known as methyl mercaptan breaking down (the analogous presence in garlic).

What’s the frequency of visiting the loo?

The number of times one needs visiting the loo is a crucial sign of one’s health as in the shade or odour of one’s urine. Majority of the individuals are taking loo breaks around 6-8 times daily, however one may be going more or lesser based on the amount of fluids one drinks. In case one has a persistent sense of going & it’s not due to intake of additional fluids then the reasons behind this could entail:

  • UTI (Urinary tract infection).
  • IC (Interstitial cystitis – pains felt while urinating sans infections).
  • Diabetic.
  • OAB (overactive bladder – urinary frequency).
  • Enlarged prostate gland.

Contrarily, not visiting the loo enough could arise when there’s some obstruction or infection or it could be arising from dire loo practices. Several individuals – particularly tutor, surgeon & any person who’s too busy for regularly visiting the loo all through the day – have a tendency of holding it in.

Postponing urination could even be causal to issues. The urinary bladder could develop an incessant over-distended condition & wouldn’t be emptying totally. As an outcome, urine remains in the bladder & could be causal to UTI.

Developing favourable loo habits, drinking when thirst is felt, though surely increasing fluids intake prior to going outdoors in searing conditions or pre-workouts is strongly recommended.

In case one gets up during nights for using the loo, halt intake 3- 4 hours pre-bedtimes, restricting caffeine intake that could be irritating bladder lining & also watching consumption of alcohols that could be causing similar effects as diuretics.

Last but not the least, avoid holding urine in & avoid delaying call-of-nature & your urinary bladder will be grateful to you for this.

Gist – Be heedful about urine colour and smell & in case there’s any alteration then promptly seeking advice of your doctor.

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