Alternative treatments for arthritic conditions
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Alternative therapies for arthritic conditions are inclusive of treatments like acupuncture or magnets, chondrotin or glucosamine. People having arthritis usually suffer with conditions like stress, stiffness, pain, and depression. So it is imperative that there are alternative treatments for arthritis, which will help patients cope with this in a better way and in a healthier manner. If you do not  [...]

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Tips For Overcoming Stress

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The lifestyles of people have changed in one last decade or so or even more than that. We see people visiting their doctors very often these days some people blame it on extra working hours at office, yet some see it as bad eating habits but the fact remains that all these things are happening for a reason and there are many such reasons which are inter-connected, of course, the major concern today is that of stress, deadlines in office, handling household chores, going shopping for groceries have taken toll on your health which you might not recognize now but later stages of your life. Why it is that working mothers are more vulnerable to any type of diseases or stress levels, is it because she is the only one doing household work or is it the type of work she is doing at office or harassment from boss? There are many concerned authorities who speak volumes about women health care, child health care and stuff like that but no one takes initiative to improve the working standards of such women in distress. We are here to discuss some few tips which will help to get your stress levels down, especially for working women who go through stressful grind each day of the month.

In a life there are lots of goals and happiness one tries to achieve but it should not be at the expense of your health, to put it straight, what are you going to do with the money you earned when you are not capable of spending it or going places because you are bedridden? The point here is to live a healthy stress free lifestyle foregoing all other things, your stress, your commitments at work, children’s’ activities, social functions, ceremonies, etc. set your happiness goals which are within your reach and which you can manage to fulfill without ever sacrificing on other important commitments, you can surely let go off not so important things in life and do which are really necessary at the moment this way you wont procrastinate and it will give you results to.

World over, we have seen that mothers are the ones which are worst affected by rising stress levels not only because of the office hours and deadlines for projects but there are number of reasons, being a working mother is much more challenging than just being a home maker or a working women. Mothers as they say are the souls of the family, they are caretakers of the family may it be for their children, husband, grand parents, pet dogs, etc. along with taking care of her family members there are other lots of responsibilities like cooking, shopping for groceries, household items, cooking, etc. even if all in a family contributes some bit to the welfare and domestic chores its women most of the time doing it all alone. Even after doing all this, handling domestic chores, taking care of family members, buying and shopping for family who stands to take care of the caretaker? The women today do much of volunteering work, there is no pressure but we are so much hooked to fast lives that we go on and on till we drop so that’s the spirit, hats off to modern day women. Even if the woman is just a home maker, they need to get a bow as they are the soul individuals to run your homes although not financially but emotional and physical well-being.

The stress issues should be taken very seriously, if not now the women will suffer in the future and with major illness so its better to treat the slightest of stress levels now, it can affect the mental and physical wellbeing along with health and happiness factors too. Given below are some of the finest and most worked upon tips to beat the stress for working moms and home makers and all the women whom we are all proud of. These tips will help you manage your stress levels, overcome the anxiety, fear factor and all that matters. Be a free women today without any worries and take your confidence level to a new high with these wonderful tips.

  1. Emotions play a very important role in once life but these emotions can play a havoc if taken a bit too seriously, you need to set a limit with emotional parasites -  if you don’t think of your self and go badly doing things for them you are going to suffer in the end preserve your energy for more productive things that will make you happy and gay. These vampires are just not your neighbors or relatives they could be your spouses, too much pampered children, at office your colleagues who want to get favor from you always for doing that extra assignment – learn to say no if you are not comfortable, you can excuse yourself by giving straight reasons, don’t get carried away by emotional blackmails set your priorities and try to work upon it.
  2. See the present which is going on rather than thinking over your past or what future has in store for you. If you feel too much cramped up with office deadlines, responsibilities towards spouse, and other similar types of conditions, don’t feel devastated in fact think of the things that will help you come out of this mess. Concentrate on your present and stay in present. If you will think too much of it that may lead to more depression and as a result even your present conditions would go averse. Bring about positive changes in your family lifestyle by inculcating habits in your children to keep their rooms clean themselves and do household task.
  3. Humor is the best solution that can turn a bad hair day into a sparkling shiny day that will bring lots of sunshine in your life. Humor helps drive away the hard feelings from your mind, body and soul and diverts your mind towards the good things in life. Women are always trained for last minute changes due to any reason like child health, urgency in office, etc. you can get out of such situation by thinking over things that will be beneficial for all in the family.
  4. Anxiety brings in lot of stress; avoid situations which will get you inner anxiety. Think of the problem as a logical and you will definitely come out with great solutions with little thinking. You can think of good by thinking of the worst scenarios which might have happened instead of the not so bad incident which occurred to you now. Just beat the stress thinking of the worst that might have happened to you and thank god for not letting you in that position.
  5. For you stress might mean many a thing like anxiety levels go high, sleeplessness, being depressed all the time, etc. you can try plant therapy involve in things you just love to do, 5 HTP is one plant extract that helps convert serotonin in brain that will help you improve your sleep. The south pacific plant kava kava helps for relaxation, releases muscle tension and helps to improve sleep. There are varied foods that will help to manage your mood swings; you can change your worst situation for better one by changing your attitude. Doing aerobics exercises helps for blood circulation and releases feel good hormones that will beat your stress.
  6. There is no harm in showing gratitude to someone who has done well to you, building relations will help you feel good factor. Thank god every night for whatever he has given you this will help you feel closer to god and nature. Breadth slowly and breadth out and feel all your tensions going away as your breath out, this activity will help you move out from worries which have filled up all your happy moments.

You can share your precious tips with us for working moms and stressful home makers. We want to hear you let your words speak for women in need. Don’t hesitate to share!

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