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A pregnant woman usually undergoes many changes and the typical waddle is a major feature of a pregnant woman’s life. Investigators have seen that the women walk the same way even after they deliver thus affecting the bones, joints, and muscles. The changes in the overall distribution and body mass are something that should not be left unattended. This is what results in major changes in the physiological  [...]

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6 Quirky Health Tweaks

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Here is strong evidence to back that bigger in not essentially better at all times.  Many latest researches have shown that at times even the minute alterations in daily life could reap rich health dividends.

Caffeinated Napping

Glugging down a cupful of coffee prior to shut-eye time is a highly effectual means of combating day-time sleepiness, as per study findings. Although this might sound counter-intuitive, however caffeine would take around twenty minutes to be absorbed into the blood stream.

Hence, in case one takes the suggested twenty-minute nap (more than this time and one could awaken with grogginess), the stimulant effects of caffeine would kick-start when one’s napping is concluding and one would wake up all attentive and invigorated post-napping.

For helping oneself in falling asleep, try simulating bedtimes – which could translate to just placing head down on the desk or recline over the seat. In case napping is not doable then simply shut your eyes and try to meditate for refreshing yourself.

Backwards Walking

Individuals have been found to perform complex duties subsequent to backwards walking as compared to doing it forwards or also side-ways, as per a latest research finding. The researchers deem that the evasion walking style of backwards walking, analogous to the manner in which one may be retreating from a perilous scenario, aids in focussing one’s thinking.

Specialists recommend practicing backwards treadmill-walking and using the rail as supporting mediums. This could be done by attempting to walk in the forwards direction for five minutes and then backwards direction for duo minutes and repeating the patterns all through the workout session. However as it could be trickier to walk in the opposite direction hence one should be careful about slowing the speed by a minimum of fifty percent.

Eating Low GI carbohydrates pre-workout

Fiber laden cereal and bread forms, majority of the vegetables are capable of slowing metabolism which promotes additional flab burning (almost fifty-five percent) while working out, according to study conducted by scientists in Britain. Hence opting for whole grain forms and products and avoiding foods that have undergone refining, sugared beverages that cause the blood glucose levels to shoot up and producing greater levels of surging insulin & sugar which hamper flab melting. Low glycemic index diet additionally manufactures hunger-suppressing hormones. Specialists’ advice is to eat protein-rich food forms like fat-less dairy produce, peanut butter, white part of the egg as the proteins present in them help in re-building muscle mass.

Waiting post-meals for teeth brushing

Acid present in food and beverage could cause tooth enamel softening increasing tooth sensitivity and making them more prone to being damaged when brushed. As one does not have knowledge of the acidic content of food forms one eats at all times, waiting for around sixty minutes prior to tooth-brushing irrespective of what one eats. This wait is good for you as the salivation helps in washing off most acid presence and allows some time for the enamel in re-hardening.

Use plain teas (black, green) or water for meticulously rinsing the mouth as it helps in diluting acids when one waits for an hour’s time for brushing (or in case brushing in not doable). Teas help in killing germs which are causal to decaying tooth and foul breath and are an innate source of shielding fluoride.

Brewing teas for around five minutes

More the time one steeps tea, higher the level of health-bolstering flavonoid presence. Also adding a dash of fresh lime extract to teas increases their antioxidant presence by nearly eighty percent. Those preferring to add milk to their teas should avoid adding too much as it might lessen the amounts of advantageous constituents of tea being absorbed. Black tea intake has been linked to lowered risk for cardiovascular ailment.

Getting colonoscopy done in the mornings

The rates of polyp identification is considerably more when testing is conducted in the early hours of the day, perhaps due to doctors not being worn out. Moreover, better bowel prep quality is noted in colonoscopy done during the morning time.

Also for easing the hardest segment of the screening - the preparation for eliminating faeces and facilitating clearer viewing of the colon the physician could be requested for a low-volume preparation that is fifty percent of the quantity earlier need for bowel-cleansing. One could additionally ask for a split-dosage regime. Studies have shown that intake of a dosage on the night-before as well as a couple of hours before the method helps in having a clearer colon and thus greater likelihood of polyp detection.

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