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The ABC for ‘Asthma’ with ‘Food Allergy’

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‘Food’ is supposed   to be a very demanding material on the earth for every creature including human being. With the developments of various epochs corresponding with the time and weather changes the verities ,forms, recognition and classifications of ‘food’ have changed with their basic values and appearances. Although the word ‘food’ is a significant reason of life, it can be life-threatening if causes to any kind of reaction, infection or allergy. The allergies that are related to any kind of ‘food’ can also lead to Asthma or any other kind of infection. At some point of time, the food allergy or the infections from food create an influence approximately everyone.

What is a food allergy?

Most of the times, whenever people eat anything and get an unpleasant result or reactions on or inside the body, they find that they have an allergy to that particular food. Nevertheless, many clinical researches have found these kinds of allergies in 3 percent of children and 1 percent of adults. The basic foundation of an allergy that is created by food is an uncharacteristic or abnormal response because of an intake of any kind food. The allergy shows its face by generating a specific reaction in the immune system and some certain reactions and symptoms. The other kinds of food allergies that are not yet recognized are food intolerance like milk or lactose intolerance, toxic reactions or even the food poising. Some doctors also say that food intolerance is also one kind of food allergy as it is also an abnormal response to food. Food intolerance or allergy occurs in varieties of diseases which show the results in various mechanisms that are dissimilar to immunological reactions responsible for food allergy. The most known food that are mainly responsible for the various food allergies are cows milk, egg, soy, wheat, fish, salads and fresh fruits, peanuts, shrimp and other shellfish etc.

How allergies in food transpire?

The food allergens that are the reason for the various allergies are mostly those proteins that generally repudiate to accept the heat of cooking, the acid of stomach and the digestive enzymes of the intestine. If the allergens are affective on the body, they cross the gastrointestinal lining, enters the blood stream and effects the target organs and as a result, the body gets the allergic reactions. Basically, the food allergies occur because of the three basic grounds inside the human body. Those are as follows:

Immune system:

The allergic reaction on the body because of the immune system includes two parts, one is the type of protein which is actually an antibody named as immunoglobulin E (IgE) and the other is mast cell. The IgE is disseminated throughout the blood and the mast cell is a specialized cell which is found in all tissues of the body. The mast cells are the cells around the nose, throat, lungs, skin and gastrointestinal territory.


In fact, the propensity of a human being to produce IgE not in favor of something is as inoffensive as food materialize to be hereditary. The people who suffer with this problem mostly come from those families or family back ground where these food allergies are very common. This can not be only to food but probably to the pollen, feathers or some kind of drugs. Consequently, a person who has a family background of allergy or a child whose parents are allergic to some food can suffer with the same.

Body Mechanism:

The various allergy of food is a hypersensitive reaction; means to have this kind of allergy the person should have an exposure to the food. In the initial stage, the allergen inspires lymphocytes, which are specialized white blood cells that produce the IgE antibody that is unambiguous to the allergen. This IgE then disposed    and attaches to the exterior of the mast cells by the several body tissues. When the person next time does the intake of the same food, the food’s allergens attacks the exact IgE antibody on the exterior of the mast cells and leads the cells to dispose chemicals like histamine. Leading by the tissue in which they are disposed, these chemicals grounds the various indications of food allergy.

Food Allergy and Asthma

These kinds of food allergy can also become the reason of asthma. The various kinds of additives like sodium bisulfite, potassium bisulfite, sodium metabisulfite, potassium metabisulfite, and sodium sulfite are some of those who are mainly used in the preparation of food or food processing. These kinds of additives are mostly found in dried fruits or vegetables, wine or beer, bottle lime or lime juice , packaged and some prepared potatoes , fresh, frozen, or prepared shrimps , pickled foods etc. The intake or excessive intake of those foods that contains the above chemicals can be a reason to allergy and even asthma.

Various Symptoms of Food Allergies and Asthma:

Many people who are suffering with asthma that is related to some food allergy can have hives, rash, vomiting or even diarrhea. If a person is suffering with some of those food allergies that is being the cause of asthma attack can also have these kinds of symptoms in addition to coughing and wheezing. In addition to these reactions he or she can also has swelling throat or cutting of the airway. However, the food allergy that is the cause of asthma is very uncommon. But if neglected it can also result in chest pains, chest pressure, chest tightening difficulty in breathing, constricted airways, and shortness of breath or even rapid breathing. At times, the severe form of food allergic asthma can also lead to the permanent damage to the airways or even death, which is however, uncommon. The allergy reactions can also be seen on the various parts of the skin.

Treatments and Cures:

Treatment that can be very much useful to treat the asthma related to food allergy or even a simple food allergy is to properly identify the food that is creating the allergy inside the body. Or if the food can not be recognized, one should always catch a doctor. In other situations, if the food that is the reason of the allergy is not been recognized, physicians prescribe the various medications like bronchodilators, anti-inflammatory or asthma inhalers to treat an asthma. The foods that are been prepared should always be checked to fight with the allergy or to avoid the various reactions. The other way to fight with the various food allergies and asthma is to train the immune system and make it stronger. In many cases doctors give this kind of treatment that is called the allergy shots, in other words the ‘immunotherapy’ to treat the asthma. This kind of allergy shot is a small amount of the essence that enters into the immune system and makes it powerful for some times to fight with the allergy and asthma. Doctors also recommends list of various diet changes like shunning the food that is causing allergy and also avoiding the cross-reacting food like for example some people are not only allergic to one food they can also be allergic to other similar foods , in this case they have to stop eating all those kinds of foods. They also take the ‘wait and watch’ formula to see whether the treatment or the avoidance of the food is really working on the patient.

Some Ayurvedic Treatments:

Ayurveda has always proven to be   the best treatment for each and every kind of diseases o the earth. However, it is not able to finish some of the diseases from the grounds but can give a temporary and positive solution. It is a 4,000 year old Indian method and is recognized by many people around the world. An ayurvedic treatment for a food allergy always recognizes the type of a human body like Vata Body Type, the Pitta Body Type and the Kapha Body Type. The several kinds of Ayurvedic medicines are given with a target to build up the toxins of the patient’s body that is becoming the reason of food allergy. Those can be the chemical imbalances or poor digestion, diet and nutrition etc. The natural herbs that are been given as a ayurvedic medicine are Clove , Manna , Myrrh , Elecompane, Mullein , Licorice Turmeric , Yerba Santa , Thyme , Black Pepper , Flax seed , Antalkali ginger and many more. These kinds of herbs can be easily available and affordable in many health and food shops or in some Asian grocers. They can be purchased in raw form and can be added in cooking. These kinds of herbs can help to improve the digestion system, combat sneezing and those excessive production of phlegm and mucous, and are revitalizing mediators that boost the lungs and give them durability.


The allergies that have the grounds of various types of food can be easily prevented. The best way to fight with these kinds of allergies is to make the immune system stronger since childhood when the body starts growing. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has given suggestions that the infants should get exclusive breast-feeding for at least 6 months and this should be pursued by the introduction of solid food from the age of 6 to 12 months. The breast feeding should be continued for 12 months more. When the solid foods are introduced to the body of a growing child the single-ingredient should be added one time as a trial before the additional foods in the diet further. This helps to know which food is creating an allergy to the infants’ body system. Many researches have shown that intake of solid food before the age of 4 months increases the risk of allergy till the age of 10 years. Even the use of cow’s milk can also raise the chances of allergy to cow milk. The American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI) says that intake of even cooked or processed foods should always be fresh to prevent any kind of allergy. Researchers also say that if an infant is given the solid foods when he/she is less than 8 weeks, there can be very high risk of the problems of coughing and breathing at the age of 3 to 6 months. For adults, the various nutritional know-how, thoughtfulness of food hygiene, the behavioral contemplation about the appropriate consistency and form of the food and the intake of those foods that have low allergy potential is a mast to avoid to any allergy.

In this world which is developing every day, every disease has become curable and so the various food allergies and even the asthma. A proper and healthy diet can always be helpful to fight with any kind of allergy or infection. Breathing in fresh air and avoiding all the pollutions can also be co-operative. However, if a patient is suffering with any kind of those allergic reactions that are unrecognized should always grasp a good physician before it could lead to any kind of severe result.

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