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The 20 Minutes Pilates Workout For A Toned Body – Part I

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Pilates is the exercise mantra that has caught significant popularity with the likes of Sharon Stone, Keri Russell, Liv Tyler and many other celebs, all of whom are religious followers of this exercise routine. A latest research has uncovered that Pilates mat exercises are major contributors to getting a trim waistline, graceful stance and an overall body toning.

By simply setting aside 20 minutes thrice a week, within a month one is bound to notice a leaner self and tighter butts, belly and legs one could ever possess.

Exercise I- Circular movements in the air

For this one needs to lie down on a flat surface, putting the hands clasped together behind the head. Now, contracting the abdominal area, lift the upper part of the body to some extent off the ground. Now, with one leg raised just five inches off the ground, lift the other leg up perpendicular and straight up pointing towards the ceiling. With the core abdominal muscles engaged and hips in steady position, attempt to make 4 circular movements in the air, in first clockwise and then anti-clockwise directions. One needs to lower both legs switching sides and repeating the above said instructions.

Exercise II- Slant board

Be in a sitting position with feet placed forward. Now, one needs to place hands with fingers forward facing a little behind the waist area on the floor. Now, straightening both the legs, one needs to compress the heels of the feet and the palms onto the floor, contracting the abdominals while raising the hips off the ground till a position where in a straight line is formed from top to the toes. Now looking forwards, shoulders pressed down to the floor not allowing the elbows to lock at any instant, one needs to lift one leg straight upwards till as high as possible and then lowering it gradually, taking care to note that the other hip does not slump. This has to be done four times and then following it up on the opposite side.

Exercise III- Kicking back

Now going down on one’s knees, with hands on the floor, back in neutral position and toes placed under, suck in the belly inwards as much as possible while contracting the abdominals and raising both the knees close to two inches above the ground. Now, with abdominals engaged, drawing one knee close to the nose and then kicking it straight outwards behind you. The butts need to be squeezed; the lower abdominals in contracted position and the hips must face the floor to avert any back injury. One needs to follow this up for eight times with either leg.

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  • Angie says:

    Pilates is based on 6 main principles; Control, Breathing, Concentration, Precision, Centering and Flow. With regular Pilates workouts the benefits you can expect are to develop strength and mobility by performing breath and movement with precision and control, enabling your body to move the muscles, joints and bones in the most efficient way.

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