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There are foods that are healthy for the heart and which lower the blood pressure. They are also seen to reduce the symptoms of plaque and also have been responsible for improving the fitness of the cardio systems. The food that you eat gives a lot of pleasure to your palate and provides your body with a lot of healing substances. People would never think that the morning grapefruit gives the blood  [...]

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Ten Diamonds On The Floor

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Great philosopher and a big think tank, Joan Rivers has quoted, “I don’t exercise. If God wanted me to bend over, He would have put diamonds on the floor,”

Definitely a good thought and a good answer to a question lingering in my mind since years that, “why people don’t exercise even if they need it desperately?” But in this quote I found my reply. Therefore I felt to present ten diamonds on the floor, at least to collect them you will bend your self and exercise!!

According to me, exercise is a physical process which develops mental skills also. There are so many different reasons which are truly explaining the importance of the exercise in the life. Let’s check it out.


Benefits of Exercise for Your Body

1) Acne remover

The exercises are always helpful for the acne removals as the moment move your body rapidly, the blood circulation is promoted and every part of body is benefited by this and also all the required nutrients are reached to skin which removes all the deficiency of the skin. . To achieve your fitness goals, remember that acne breakouts will clear up faster if you’re regularly sending oxygen to your skin through diet and exercise. So, stop searching for all the creams and start using the exercise cream and have a clear skin.

2) Sound sleeps

The first benefit we saw that exercises saves us from using so many facial creams. The second freedom due to exercise is from sleeping pills. These days’ people use to take two or three sleeping pills to have a sleep and rest the body but exercise makes the body properly tired and you get sound sleep as soon as your head hits pillow. The sound sleep of eight hour is beneficial for our diet system and also for brain cells. So, even to avoid sleeping pills have some exercise everyday.

3) Stress free

Exercise improves body nutrients and it results into better cop up capacity with anxiety, stress and depression. The most highlighted benefit seen by exercise is that it reduces the stress hormone cortical. During exercise, most of the time you feel stress free and relaxed. The enjoyment of exercise can be felt most probably immediately.

4) No fitness and diets

If you are regular in exercising, you should not be worried about the rare junk foods or occasional chocolates. Regular exercise helps body to melt the extra fat and henceforth the fitness or weight gain problem is solved permanently. Exercise really spice up your health and exercise routine.

5) Think Tank

Research shows that exercise makes the body full of oxygen and also enhancing brain calls. Happy brain cells are healthy brain cells and healthy brain cells are symbol of healthy body. Healthy brain makes the men to think more fast and fluent which gives extra energy and also extra capacity which drives the body for whole day. Even the extra activities like dancing and jazzercise are a good connection between brain and body. Exercise helps to clear environmental toxins - which is a great reason to achieve your fitness goals. Another benefit of exercise for your body is that it helps fight free radicals. So, to brush your mind also, start exercising.

6) Self confidence booster

Exercise is like an accilator which suddenly gives motion to the car. Exercise dive motion and speed to the self confidence and self liking which are driving force in the life.  Exercise is also called a fuel which cleans and gears up the body. Motivation can be upgraded by the exercise and therefore the achievement of goals in life becomes easy by the exercise.

7) Sex motivator

Exercise pushes blood circulation to ever part of our body and makes more energetic and strong. This stronger feeling can be shared with your libido. The confidence towards your body will also improve and also the weight loss process will make you easy and fresh for all.

Longer and stronger life

Regular exercise helps combat free radicals and improves your immune system. Physical exercise also helps you sweat out those toxins that trigger disease and infections. The health benefits of exercise include lower blood pressure, lower bad cholesterol levels, and a lower heart rate. These are enough reasons to give you longer life and stronger life.

9) Tired free life

Exercise makes the life full of enthusiasm and also energy full. Even if you work hard for the whole day, it gives you feeling of freshness all the time. Having energy to enjoy life without feeling fatigued is a great reason to exercise. Also the weight loss gives sense to the body to move quicker and faster.

10) Muscular powers

The more you exercise, the stronger and healthier your muscles will become - and the better they’ll serve you. Diet and exercise aren’t just about feeling better about yourself, losing weight, or improving your immune system - it’s about getting fitter and stronger so you can enjoy life more.

So, here are the ten diamonds which are truly attractive and precious as well. I feel it is worth to bend for such diamonds, what say?

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  • Excellent health is perhaps your most valuable possession. Fitness and health is not just a new and passing phenomenon and neither are the ways to achieve and maintain good health. The fundamentals of good health, known and proven for so long, are available to anyone who decides they want to fully enjoy the enormous benefits of healthy living.

    Everything Counts’s last blog post..Execute or Die

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