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Teenage Drug Abuse Signs and Symptoms

Submitted by on January 20, 2011 – 12:05 am2 Comments

Though every drug has its own unique physical effects, the signs & symptoms of abuse or addiction stay the same irrespective of which one is opted for. Greater the drugs start affecting & controlling one’s life, greater the likelihood that the person has barged the fine line between using the drug to abusing it.

In regards to teenage drug abuse, it appears as though we are constantly trying to play catch-up. Any instant, a novel drug surfaces on the streets, its fame rises & one finds oneself combating it.

Here are some prevalent signs & symptoms of teenage drug abuse that must never be overlooked. Is your teen:

  • Disregarding his/her responsibilities towards school, college, job or house. For instance, bunks class, dipping school performance, abruptly gets into trouble in school, skips job, neglects kin members.
  • Has become cagey or guarded regarding buddies, possession & goings-on.
  • New-fangled interests in clothes, music & other things which draw attention to drug usage.
  • Demands greater privacy, locks entrances to his/her room, evades eye-to-eye contact, sneaks about.
  • Cash, some valuable or prescription gone missing at or around the time the teen inexplicably needs cash or has monetary issues. Might be borrowing/ stealing for getting it.
  • The teen has begun to act atypically cut off, gone into a shell or under depression.
  • The teen has an abrupt switch in buddies, favoured hang-out areas & interests.
  • Has begun use of incenses, perfumes or air fresheners to conceal smells of smokes or drug.
  • Resorts to eye drops for masking bloody eyes or pupil dilatation.
  • Variations in craving for food or sleeping patterns, abrupt weight reduction or increase.
  • Worsening in the way the teen physically appears & grooms.
  • Weird whiff noted in clothes, body or breaths.
  • Trembling, slurry verbal communication or uncoordinated.
  • Inexplicable variations in behaviour or mind-set.
  • Abrupt variations in moods, tetchiness or rage outbreaks.
  • Phases of irregular hyperactive behaviour, anxiety or dizziness.
  • Lacks feeling motivated, seems sluggish or spaced-out.
  • Seems to be frightened, nervous or paranoia sans any cause.

It can be rather challenging for parents in distinguishing in-between what’s normal, sporadically fickle, highs & lows of the teenage years & red-alert signs of drug abuse.

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  • eva says:

    Right said. There needs to be understood a difference between drug use and abuse. Teens may abuse pain killers as drugs even, which is again a challenging situation.

  • nancy says:

    I was addicted to sedatives a few years back, and i used to actually enjoy taking those pills. No day of that period went without being traumatic, if i missed my dose. Now i am out of it, with the help of medicines and yoga. The latter really helps.

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