Taking the Bite out of a Biting Child
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Child care is a continuous learning process and problems are usually a stepping stone in learning more about children. Biting is one such problem that has to be handled with tender loving care. A biting child is a negative child and has to be tackled with immediately. Whether it is a home care or a day care or whether the child is just with siblings, a child who bites has to be taught the rules. The  [...]

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Tantra Yoga Exercises

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Tantra Yoga (Tantric Yoga) is mostly linked to sex for a couple, though enhanced pleasure is definitely a healthy advantage from practicing it exercises. Tantra yoga is all about attaining sexual wisdom both mentally & spiritually.

Tantra yoga can be performed at early dawn or prior to bedtimes and aids in stimulating the respiratory system functioning for staving off airborne conditions, overall betterment of health & even enhancing sexual abilities. Presently, Tantra yoga poses are advised by physicians as a resolution to mild-ranging infertility issues as when the exercises are done regularly it help in strengthening muscles around the genitals & anus.

Tantra yoga poses bear a lot of resemblance to those in Kundalini yoga – the duo of which are steeped in the analogous principle that energy source lies at the spinal base. The objective is channelling such energy all through the body. Among the main factor in tantric yoga is that most poses are done with partners involving ample eye contact & touches to other areas of the body non-sexually – all to increase the spiritual extent of closeness & open the heart for receiving pleasure in myriad ways.

Outlined herewith are some of the exercises of Tantra Yoga that could be practiced during sex & when one does everyday activities like when one works, walks & so on.

Tantra Yoga Breathing Exercise

This must ideally be performed at the break of dawn when empty-stomached. Bear in mind to do this exercise on a mat.

  • Being seated cross-legged with back straight on the ground and relaxing yourself prior to commencing.
  • Exhaling for emptying the lungs, counting till 4 and gradually inhaling.
  • Respiration must be done in duo staging – firstly drawing the abdomen inwards and then using the trunk muscles for permitting oxygen flowing throughout muscles of the shoulders.
  • Holding breath till fifteen seconds prior to gradually exhaling – remember counting till eight when exhaling.
  • Exhaling must additionally be occurring in duo phases – formerly, emptying the diaphragm ensued by relaxing muscles of the shoulders & trunk.
  • The above steps are to be repeated for a number of instances.

Tantra Yoga Exercise for Rectifying Sexual Disablement

Such type of tantra yoga pose can be carried out by those having secondary sexual disablement.

  • Lying on a mat in supine position & relaxing for some minutes prior to commencing exercise.
  • Gradually exhaling & relaxing oneself.
  • Swinging hands on top of the crown & back thus helpful in stretching the complete body from top to toes. When one swings arms, attempt to do deep breathing for filling up the lungs.
  • Holding breath for some seconds & twitching muscles of the anus by drawing the aperture of the anus to as inwards extent as doable. Though, avoid straining oneself when doing so.
  • Gradually exhaling, relaxing & loosening muscles of the anus. At the analogous instant, swinging arms from side-to-side.
  • The exercise is to be repeated for a number of times.

Several novice’s tantra yoga poses like Camel Pose, Tree Yoga, Downwards-Faced Dog Pose could be modified when partners are doing it in concert for increasing the chance of protracted eye contact & touches.

Downwards-Faced Dog Pose

This pose is to be done by couples with your butts making physical contact with one another & eyes to peek at each other.

  • Starting on all fours, legs placement at hip width away, hands flattened & fingers outstretched.
  • Doing deep inhalation & during exhaling, hoist knees & press toes on to the ground.
  • Moving leg backwards whilst at the analogous instant hoisting butts towards the roof. Avoiding knees locking up.
  • Pulling the coccyx in, straightening the arms & extending forwards via the finger tip areas.
  • Rest the heels on the ground while one straightens one’s legs.
  • Lowering head amid the upper arms purposefully.
  • Holding the pose for around one minute or so & when exhaling releasing the pose.
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