Bones, joints and muscles and pregnancy
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Bones, joints and muscles are greatly altered during pregnancy. Relaxing helps to soften the cartilage as well as the ligaments and thus makes the joints a little unstable. It also makes the joints prone to injury. These all result due to the changes in weight during pregnancy. Physiological and anatomical changes have a major effect during pregnancy and have the capacity to affect not only bones but  [...]

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Stop The Habit Of Overeating

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All of us might have experienced the beginning of a fresh day with determination set in mind for eating healthy. All of us decide that we will eat one chocolate bar, three spoons of pasta, one bag of pretzels and two scoops of ice cream, but however as the day passes new things get added to our eating plans. To evade from overeating, one needs to plan systematically and the best way is to plan about next day the night before. For planning a nourished diet, nutritionist Karen Ansel recommends an hour by hour guide to eat according to the body’s need and not an extra calorie over it.

8:00 pm
Plan or make a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack:
This actually helps when stomach demands for urgent food, you will be prepared a hand before for that. Actually, being proactive works. Few perfect choices for this comprises of 5-6 whole wheat crackers with one spoon of peanut butter, a tiny apple, a 6-oz. yogurt with half cup berries.

Store a fruit in your handbag to eat with lunch. This helps in increasing the fiber content in your body that makes feel fullest for a long time.

Figure out what you are having for breakfast the next morning:
Plan to eat combinations of stuffs enriched with high-proteins and high-fiber. For this, you can eat two eggs on whole wheat toast, whole wheat toast added with berries, whole grain cereals with a blend of low fat milk or ricotta cheese.

7:00 am
Start thinking about lunch:
If you are moving outwards for performing the daily responsibilities, try finding out which spots can offer for healthy and nourished foods like grilled chicken sandwich, baked potato or salads.

11:30 am
Eat that piece of fruit you had stored in your handbag.

12:15 pm
Drink a cup of coffee or tea to refresh yourself and get back to work energetically.

3:00 pm
Munch on your afternoon snack:
The snacks you had stored in your bag the last night, start eating them three hours after the lunch and after that gulp a glass of water. From now onwards, start thinking what will you eat in your dinner and make sure that you include at least two veggies in dinner.

5:30 pm
Eat slices of some raw carrots, celery, green peppers and cucumber and serve them with half cup of low fat agrarian dressing and if not this than dress it with your favorite stuff which has low fat content. This will help you while you prepare for your dinner.

6:15 pm
Instead of serving dinner family style, let each member of the family to enter the culinary and serve in their own plates before they sit at the dining table. In this manner, you will think twice before you unnecessarily scoop food in your plate.

7:00 pm
Once you have finished your dinner, make it a point that you add 100-150 calories. For this serve deserts, Oreo cookies, puddings made out of low fat milk. Or just eat your favorite cup of ice cream. All these stuffs in your diet will help you restrict unnecessary eatery while viewing television or late-night cravings.

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