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Social Phobia

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Social phobia (social anxiety disorder) entails acute fears of particular social scenarios – petrified of scrutiny, judgement or embarrassment in public. These are some of the plethora of triggering factors of social phobia and though one might feel as though one is the sole one with this issue, social phobia is rather pervasive. Several individuals are struggling with such fears however the scenarios activating its symptoms differ from person to person.

Social Phobia Triggering Factors

Here are the various scenarios which are a source of immense stress for individuals having social phobia.

  • Occasions wherein one meets new individuals.
  • Being the core of focus.
  • Being observed by those around whilst one does some task.
  • To make a brief speech.
  • Public-speaking.
  • Stage performances.
  • Being mocked at, ridiculed or disparaged.
  • Conversing with dignitaries or people of clout.
  • When called on in classroom.
  • To go for dates.
  • Make a phone call.
  • To use public loos.
  • Attending examinations.
  • Eat or drink in public.
  • To speak-up during conferences or meetings.
  • To attend any party or social do.

Physically occurring symptoms of social phobia

  • Heart pounds heavily or feeling chest tightness.
  • Trembling voice.
  • Swift respiration.
  • Indigestion, feeling nauseous.
  • Oral dryness.
  • Quivering or shuddering.
  • Muscular tensions.
  • Facial blushing or flushing.
  • Giddiness, faintness.
  • Wet hands.
  • Twitches.

Psychologically occurring symptoms of social phobia

  • Acutely worried for several months/weeks or days prior to the scheduled social scenario.
  • Extremely fearful about being observed or someone judging you, particularly by unknown individuals.
  • Excessively self-conscious & anxious in daily social scenarios.
  • Fearful of acting in a manner that would cause self-embarrassment or self-humiliation.
  • Fearing that those around would spot your nervousness.
  • Avoiding social scenarios to an extent which restricts the person’s activity or hampers existence.

Self Help Tips and Medicines for Social Phobia

  • Avoiding or limiting caffeinated beverages, energy drink, chocolates which stimulate symptoms of anxiousness.
  • For pacifying nerves prior to parties or some social get-together steer clear from alcohol or doing so moderately since it augments risk of suffering from anxiety attacks.
  • Smoke cessation is highly recommended since nicotine presence is a potent stimulating agent and when one smokes it actually heightens not lowers feelings of anxiousness.
  • Getting sufficient snooze time is important as sleep deprivation could increase your vulnerability to nervousness.

The use of drugs at times for relieving social phobia symptoms could be a choice though it wouldn’t be curing it. In case use of these drugs is halted, symptoms would perhaps re-surface full-fledged. Medicines are deemed beneficial when deployed in adjunct to treatment & self help methods which deal with the key reason for social phobia.

Trio drugs are deployed for treating social phobia namely:

  • Beta blocker medicines are deployed for allaying performance anxieties and they function by obstructing adrenaline flow occurring during anxiousness. Even though beta blocker drugs do not have any impact on emotionally occurring symptoms of social phobia they could help in managing physically transpiring symptoms like trembling hands or quivering voices, perspiration & swift cardiac beat.
  • For acute cases of social phobia antidepressant medicines could be of assistance such as Effexor, Zoloft & Paxil that have the United States FDA approval for treating social phobia.
  • Benzodiazepines are swift-acting minor tranquilizers, but they have a sedative & habit-forming effect hence usually doctors would classically prescribe them solely when other options of drugs for social phobia has failed in working.
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  • daisy says:

    I am a student, but love singing. I believe i sing well, and people say so too. But whenever i have to sing in public, like a full auditorium, I get nervous and my voice becomes shaky, which ruins my performance. What can i do to fix this, without medications?

    • Suparna says:

      Thanks Daisy, for the query. I think it is quite normal to become nervous and shaky when you are in front of such a huge crowd. This is not at all serious Social Phobia. Yet, you can try a few things to ease out your stage fear. Simple breathing tricks can alleviate you right away, and being a singer that aids your voice improvement. Meditation is another way, by which you can make your inner self strong. Apart from this, reduction of caffeine intake also helps. Try them and let us know if you could find things getting better. Take care.

  • rachael says:

    I have read through the page, but still wish to confirm. My daughter gets wet palms and feet when she is about to begin an Elocution. Also, when she watches me speaking to my lot of friends, she turns away and begins doing something on her cell phone. i think it is serious social phobia.

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