How To Treat Bunions
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A bunion is a deformity that is mainly made up of a lateral deviation of the great toe which enlarges due to a tissue or a bone. It is a serious foot problem. These are formed within the foot and not on the surface of the foot. An arthritic condition and  a result of bone degeneration it is found as  a lump on the outside portion of the big toe. Bunions are seen near the joint of the toe and sometimes  [...]

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Skechers Shape Ups Training Secrets for Ultimate Weight Loss & Toning

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Skechers Shape ups are toning shoes which differ from other athletic shoes. They feature a bigger & different-shaped tallish, rounded sole which is causal to slight feet rocking from rear-to-fore in every step. The shoes design is such that it replicates walking barefooted or on sand and essentially make the leg & buttocks in working harder for maintaining the wearer’s balance in response to the slightly unstable design. Correctly donning the rolling-&-rocking sole design of such shoes while one goes about one’s day-to-day activities would help in:

  • Toning legs
  • Firming butts & calves
  • Strengthening back
  • Reducing joint pains
  • Postural improvement
  • Lower cellulite
  • Enhance one’s general fitness

Moreover, the additional muscle activity would help in stimulating blood supply and increase the value of workouts done.

However, the right foot posturing & stride are important to garner max benefits from the shoes.

Skechers Shape Ups Warm Ups

Step I

  • Standing with feet placed shoulder width away and keeping one’s balance on the centre of the shoe.
  • Move the duo legs at one time, rolling back on the soles of these shoes & shifting one’s body balance to the heel areas.
  • Holding this pose for 5 seconds & returning.
  • Doing 5 to ten reps.

Step II

  • Rolling once more toward the frontal part of the shoes.
  • Shift one’s balance to the toes.
  • Repeating for 5 to ten times.

Step III

  • Moving to the back ensued by moving to the frontage whilst one maintains balance with the other.
  • The target must be shifting one’s weight backwards to the heels & then moving it the entire length to the toes of the shoes in a single roll.
  • Doing five reps on every foot.

Step IV

  • Standing ahead of a barrier with hands pressed against it just over one’s head.
  • Placing one leg ahead & pushing the other backwards.
  • Lunging forwards on the front-placed leg & bending the knee.
  • The back-placed leg has to be kept straightened with the heel pressed onto the ground.
  • Holding for 5 seconds & then returning to the beginning position.
  • Doing this stretching 5 times on every foot.

Right Walking Technique with Sketchers Shape Ups

Step I

  • Stepping forwards with one of the feet & making contact with the surface at the mid-point of the heel.
  • On observing design of the sneaker’s basal part one would observe that it is curving at the heel.
  • The contact point is the lowest segment of the heel.

Step II

  • Rolling the foot forwards on the heel.
  • Move toward the ball part of the foot.
  • Keeping ankle straightened as one is rolling one’s foot.

Step III

  • Pulling one’s back-placed foot onto one’s toes as one’s frontally placed foot rolls.

Step IV

  • Your back-placed leg is to be moved forwards & repeating the step with the other foot too, hit the surface at middle portion of heel.
  • One should be striding somewhat shorter as compared to one’s regular walk. Doing this would assist in maintaining one’s balance.

Bonus Tips & Caveats

  • Your neck & back is to be held erect when one moves as it would be promoting ideal posture when one walks.
  • Avoid watching feet when walking
  • The movements are to be kept fluid & do not exaggerate them. For instance, avoid raising one’s knee as though marching and simply swinging the rear foot forwards.
  • Begin slowly & increasing the speed no sooner does the walk feel innate.

Sketchers Shape Ups Home Workouts

Step I

  • Warming up. One must start gradually and move feet in an alternate manner in a rocking movement from heels-to-toes.
  • The padded block of your sole must be used for rolling in a ‘spot-walking’ movement sans truly hoisting one’s feet.
  • Once centering & balance is attained then lifting a foot & moving one’s ankle gently in rotational movements for warming up muscles of the ankle.
  • Doing the same with the other foot as well.
  • One must stand erect with feet at a distance away, pushing downwards on the central portion of the shoes for balancing & centring one’s body.
  • Your body is to be lowered to a squatted pose and then arms are to be reached on top of one’s head as one returns to a stood-up pose & then do deep breathing. Doing two to three deep-breath squatted repetitions.

Step II

  • Standing with feet placement shoulder distance away.
  • Doing spot-marching, point one’s toes downwards as one raises one’s knees so that one’s thigh is parallel-wise to the ground.
  • Subsequent to around twenty repetitions, pausing & holding initially one leg up, knees to be bended in marching pose and then switching to the other leg.
  • Steadying oneself by clutching the backside of chairs, in case needed.
  • The stepping pace must be increased till one does spot-jogging. At all times, one must step in a soft manner for minimizing brunt on the joints.
  • Pausing & holding every leg at the time of the jog as one did when one marched.

Step III

  • Pausing & holding, one leg risen.
  • The hoisted leg must then be extended to the fore of yourself & push so that one feels contraction in one’s thigh muscle.
  • Doing five extension repetitions for every leg, use a seat back for balancing, when needed.
  • Returning to spot-jog.
  • When one becomes seasoned at doing this, rev it up to ten extensions for every leg.

Step IV

  • For a high-intensity workout, a potent move to the leg-extension can be added.
  • Keep the leg off the ground and gradually bending forwards & touching the ground with a single or duo hands, let your hoisted leg dangle behind you as one counterbalances.
  • This would be working the standing leg along with the torso & core.
  • Repeating the same for the other leg as well.

Step V

  • Commence a cooling-down phase by hoisting every foot & in a gentle manner rotate the ankle areas.
  • Placing feet widely away, bending knees to a slight extent, find one’s balance on the central part of the shoe.
  • The back must be kept erect, touching one’s hands to the ground ahead of oneself and then raising arms over one’s head as one stands and do deep breathing.
  • Rocking on one’s shoes so that one is one’s toes as one stands & reaches up, return to the center-balance pose on one’s shoes as one touches the ground.
  • Concentrating on proper posturing all through and doing ten repetitions.
  • Step-touching side-to-side for around twenty repetitions for loosening muscles of the leg.

Advice & Caveat

  • It is recommended that one begins with moderate-intensity exercise for the initial week or duo so that the body has time for adjusting to the diverse way of walking one would be experiencing when one wears Shape-Ups.
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