Alternative treatments for arthritic conditions
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Alternative therapies for arthritic conditions are inclusive of treatments like acupuncture or magnets, chondrotin or glucosamine. People having arthritis usually suffer with conditions like stress, stiffness, pain, and depression. So it is imperative that there are alternative treatments for arthritis, which will help patients cope with this in a better way and in a healthier manner. If you do not  [...]

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Shakti Mat – 8000 Nails for Utter Relaxation

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Once-upon-a-time a popular act in circuses, a bedding full of spikes is presently been vouched as an ultimate means of relaxing the body. Increasing number of firms vending such mats bearing nail-similar plastic spiky protrusions state that they provide respite from stresses, aid in resolving sleeplessness & pains in the back, neck & other areas of the body. There’s shortage of printed proof, though several researchers state that preliminary outcomes indicate the necessity of additional trials.

Disparate to classical nail beds famously used by artists or entertainers, these contemporary mats, at times, known as acupressure mat has smallish discus bearing plastic barbs. There isn’t any set everyday use advice, although several makers suggest that one must lie down, generally with neck & back on the spiky projections of the mat, for five to ten minutes & then eventually increasing the time.

Lesser the nails, more challenging it is for the person lying down on it and greater the health gains acquired, according to manufacturers of the Shakti mat. The Swedish firm Team Shakti AB offers the six thousand spike on its main Shakti mat whilst also offering a lesser taxing, more comfy type, Shakti Light mat having eight thousand spiky projections. Makers of the Mat state that their product improves blood supply & encourages the body into an endorphin-releasing state that aids in proffering a state of deep relaxation.

Makers of the Hälsa mat, New York-based Rattlebug LLC of Warwick claim that their 8820 spikes mat would assist in stimulating many acupressure points on the body thus helpful in releasing innate pain respite hormones.

In Acupressure, therapists apply pressure on particular points for creating bodily responses – like relaxing the body or reprieve from pains. With over a hundred acupressure points present in the back area of humans – the use of these mats that have several uniformly interspersed points would basically be hitting several of them and providing many health gains.

Researchers state that till date only early studies have been done on nail mats. A trial which received funding from Shakti examined number of heartbeats per unit of time (BPM), bodily temperature & several physical responses on laying own over nail mats in comparison to a soft-feel bedding in thirty-two entrants in good health during trio twenty minutes sittings.

Temperature of the back was more on the nail mats as compared to the yielding bed which is indicative of augmented blood supply, states scientist E. Olsson from Uppsala Univ. who co-authored the trial which appeared in ‘the Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine’ in the initial part of 2011.

Cardiac rate slackened & with greater variability when lying over the Shakti mat – indications of the body’s PSNS (parasympathetic nervous system) being stimulated which is the one that helps in relaxing the body, Olsson mentioned. As the entrants were in sound health, the trial did not compute whether there were any health advantages. Researchers of the trial came to the conclusion that additional trials are required for determining whether endorphins are created.

A trial enrolling thirty-six people ailing from incessant pains in the back & neck, appeared lately in the ‘Alternative Medicine Studies’ medical journal on line. It uncovered that the everyday usage of the nail mat for fifteen minutes till 3 weeks lowered the sufferers peaked pain levels, though did not lessen their usual pain intensity. There weren’t any affects noted on nervousness, slumber & depression. The trial that deployed a placebo set of patients on whom no intercession was done, got no backing from the firms promoting these mats, states Asst. Prof. A. Kjellgren from Karlstad Univ. who helmed the trial.

There are many doctors who recommend the Shakti mat to insomniacs as they believe that it swiftly assists the body in unwinding. The advice is to relax on these mats for ten to twenty minutes during noon hours or also use it while going to bed during nighttimes.

Testaments from those who have used the Shakti mat with light-weight clothes on & bare-skinned firstly sensed a slight spiny feeling which was bothersome initially. Placing a cushion underneath the mat for bringing the spike surface in touch with the neck proffered a good feeling. With successive uses of the mat, most of the people were able to submerge into the feeling & experiencing the spikes as massaging. Several websites even recommend usage of the mat for the purpose of foot reflexology which some people were not comfortable doing.

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