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5 Decisive Ways of Identifying Sex Addiction Problem

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When media reports of the famed golfer Tiger Woods’s many extra-marital flings surfaced, many viewed it as a man who was simply an adulterous slime ball whereas another section of people view Woods as a sex addict.

Deep interest in sex should not be translated to sex addiction and there are individuals who flaw in making right decisions and must not be wrongly labelled as sex addicts.

Several clinical psychologists dub sex addiction as more likely a habit, classifying it as obsessive-compulsive behaviour (OCD) instead of sex addiction.

Here is a checklist that could help in decoding when one has transcended the boundary from normal sexual interests to sex addiction. Some common ways of knowing whether one is having sexual addiction are mentioned below. In case one answers in the affirmative to most queries on this list then it is a caveat that must not be ignored.

  1. Chronic lying
    The litmus test for knowing when matters have gone haywire is when a person is constantly making up stories in an endeavour to getting sex. Those men lying to women for getting them for having sex indicates predator-like or a sex addiction behaviour.
  2. Pre-occupation with sex
    In case sex is what appears to run a person’s life, being constantly consumed or fixated or pre-occupation with sex, always trying to hit on or pick some person up or catching up on porn prior to mate arriving home are all red alert signs.
  3. Continuing sex escapades despite major consequences
    In case a person persists with his/her sexual innuendos despite having been fired from work, has been under arrest or given divorce among other major outcomes is a sure-shot clue to having sex addiction problem that needs prompt treatment.
  4. Intensely interested in Porn
    Experts have pointed out that a trend often noted is a man engaging in sex with multiple partners in a week’s time would most likely be that person having a strong association with porn.
  5. Incapable of Halting Viscous Cycle
    Uncontrollable engaging in sexual activities with no way in sight to halt it despite numerous endeavours.

Treatment for sex addiction comprises of the following:

  • Entrants into the sex de-addiction programme are not permitted engaging in any form of sexual gratification to self or others or looking at porn.
  • During ‘psychodrama’, a sex addict is required to recollect incidents from earlier times which could have been contributory to his/her addiction, inclusive of being a victim of sexual abuse during childhood.
  • Other sessions conducted involve counsellors assisting the addict in comprehending the outcomes he/she has had on near and dear ones, on the women/men they have slept with and their kin.
  • Mates join in the program for a couple of days wherein the addict reads out a confession illustrating his/her sexual innuendoes over the last two decades.
  • During the concluding week of the de-addiction therapy, a hypothetic  mapping of the person’s life on returning back to home following improvement is done by his/her physicians.
  • The addict would meet up with a counsellor and go through a twelve-step recuperation program.
  • The objective of such de-addiction programs is making the addict decipher a healthy sex life rather than turning that person into a monk-like existence, as is often thought.

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