Taking the Bite out of a Biting Child
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Child care is a continuous learning process and problems are usually a stepping stone in learning more about children. Biting is one such problem that has to be handled with tender loving care. A biting child is a negative child and has to be tackled with immediately. Whether it is a home care or a day care or whether the child is just with siblings, a child who bites has to be taught the rules. The  [...]

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Senior Fitness Exercises – Total Body Energizing Chair Workout

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The complete-body chair workout is part of senior fitness exercises due to its myriad benefits of lubricating joints, increasing blood circulation, keeping flexibility of ankle joints, strengthening the shins, stabilizing spine and strengthening posture-related and mobilizing muscles.

Senior Fitness Exercises for Lower and Upper Body

Ankle – Circling the ankle by etching a pretend sphere using toes, four times clockwise and then anticlockwise and repeating analogously on the other foot as well. The exercise has a lubricating effect on the ankle joints.

Shin- Tapping the toes by raising the toes of left and right feet (heels on the ground) and then lower or drop the toes. Repeating eight times and then pausing. Now, lifting toes and holding for a single count and releasing. This has to be repeated four times. The exercise helps in strengthening the shin muscle and would aid in preventing falls.

Calf- Extending the leg from knee and flexing the ankle. The toes are to be pointed towards the knee, feeling a stretch in the calf muscle and then repeating four times on every leg and then alternate legs. The exercise would help in avoiding cramps in the lower portion of legs.

Quadricep-The leg is to be extended forwards and knee cap tightened as if one were pressing on a car gas peddle and then releasing and repeating four times on both the legs. Placing hand on quadriceps muscles (in front of the thighs) and feeling the muscle contraction. This move helps in stabilizing the knee joints and strengthening the muscles required for sitting and standing up from a chair or being seated on and getting off the toilet.

Hip and rear- Squeezing the butt muscles in concert and then releasing and repeating four times. Then being seated on one hip, tightening the abs muscles and repeating four times and then doing the same on either of the hips. This move helps in improving strength of the glutes and hip muscles which are vital to walking.

Lower Back and Hamstring

Bringing one of the knees to the trunk and circling the ankle during the analogous instant for lubricating the ankle joint. This has to be repeated eight times and then alternate the knees. Stretching done to the lower portion of back and hams help in preventing lower back pains.

Spine – One must try reaching up with left arm and then reaching down using right arm and stretching twice in both sides as one reaches with finger tips. The same has to be done using right arm up and left arm downward. It is a great move for stabilizing the spine.

Shoulders- Leaning out over the sides of one’s chair (avoid slouching and keep rib-cage raised) and allowing the left arm to hang down to the ground and keep it completely relaxed (finger tips included). Start to circle the arm from shoulder and starting arm motion and allowing it circling by itself. Never trying perfect circles clockwise and counting till eight and then doing in counter-clockwise direction and repeating the same on the other arm and shoulder as well. These moves help in warming up shoulder muscles (rotator cuff).

Back- Imagine as if a serving dish is held ahead of oneself at waistline with palms faced upwards and elbows must make light contact with the body. The left elbow has to be pulled back and then right elbow, squeezing both shoulder blades in concert and then releasing and repeating four times. It is a great exercise for strengthening muscles responsible for maintaining optimal posture.

Neck – The neck is be aligned by using hand to touch chin and then pulling chin backwards from the hand and keep chin parallel to the ground. Avoid tilting head upwards or downwards and keeping it leveled in a manner as if it were in motion backwards and forwards on a pair of rail tracks. The head is then to be turned to the left, looking back with one’s eyes as much as doable (avoid crossing comfortable extent) and repeating same on the right as well. It is an ideal exercise for preventing neck stiffness and insuring correct alignment of neck.

Upper Body- Looking straight in front and raising both the arms in the direction of the roof and then lowered towards the ground and repeating a single instant. Now, one of the arms are to be raised during an instant as if one were plucking fruits from a soaring branch of tree, repeating eight times and then alternate sides. The fingers are to be stretched for reaching up as much as doable for reaching upwards. This would aid in lengthening the spine, increasing circulation, movement range and exercising fingers.

These senior fitness exercises rightly testify the saying ‘sit and be fit’.

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