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Seed Therapy - Potent One-Stop Cure

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Many maladies are caused to disparity of the forces that control the mind and body. The innate curative powers of seeds used in Sujok have been proved to bring on equilibrium and accord in these forces that control our overall well-being.

The energy of the germinating seeds is the effectual energy force behind this therapy. The seeds are stuck by adhesive on the area corresponding to hands and feet, following traditional practice. The seeds with sharp corners are applied by mechanical method and have pathological influence on the body.

People with back ailments like slip disc and those that need impending invasive procedures are totally cured by the Insect System, a part of Sujok seed therapy where pepper seeds are stuck on the respective point on the hand with a sticking plaster, with the procedure being repeated for a period of about ten days for complete recovery.

The concept employed is that the shape of the seed is the indicator to which body part it will do maximum benefit to. The seeds of cranberry, cowberry and lentil provide relief to cough, cold, flu. The thrombus shape of guilder, hawthorn and mountain ash seeds are used to avert thrombosis. Round, spherical shaped seeds of pea, cherry and black pepper are known to provide relief to ailments related to eyes, breast and head, knee joints, uterine fibroids and back problems. The kidney shaped red beans are used to treat kidney and stomach related disorders. The oblong or elongated form seeds are used to resolve problems in the limbs, lips, nose and intestines. The walnut seed is cure to cure cerebral disorders. Peach shaped seeds of millet are used to treat urinary tract and gall bladder problems.

Guilder and green pea seeds are used to treat various heart ailments. Cumin and pumpkin seeds help relieve gastric irritation and constipation. Grape seeds are effective in cases of sciatica, diabetes, pancreatic problems and flaccidity in the urinary bladder muscles. Rice is used to relieve swelling, redness, bronchial problems and loss of sensation in fingers and toes.

Chronic inflammation that occur post invasive procedures and pain related to throat, tooth, shoulder, head, eyes, tonsils are effectively treated with Buck wheat seeds. Gout is treated with both Barley Seeds and Buck wheat seeds.

Flax seeds provide relief in inflammation that accompany rhinitis, bronchial infection and gastric irritation. These seeds are known to remove abnormal deposition of toxic body fluids and oedema.

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  • Willy A.C. Holmes-Spoelder says:

    As a member of Wiki4CAM I found an update about SUJAK !!! and ??? never too old to learn - SEED THERAPY.
    WOW - I shall start researching this website, glad I found it today, and what else is available online.

    You write *Health is Wealth* - I said when I read the SUJAK information: wow, just up my alley, already working with such methods but without knowing the therapy actually has a name.

    I am excited: thank you. I am a Dutch citizen, CAM therapist since 1989, so is my daughter (Nicole A. Holmes)who has the same experience in Southern Portugal as I have, living in Southern Turkey:

    Here it is just *normal* to buy seeds - either to plant in our soil, to sprout first, or to USE *in therapy*. The people here, I am constantly AMAZED how much of the *old-fashioned* stuff they (still) know and consider normal to use *in therapy*. Most of these persons do not have university degrees, at best until the mid-nineties (last century) primary school only.

    Friends of mine run a small *open* store, which had been started by their father about 40 years ago, and Turkish people come and go to buy seeds, herbs, essential oils. When I sit there for a few minutes I am always amazed, stinging-nettle seeds (ground) they use for *migraines* - I LEARNED!! - and much more. We *Westerners* have lost so much BASIC Knowledge, and those who inherited/possess it: they need all OUR LOVE, and RESPECT for still being on the planet, despite their lack of *Western Education.

  • Bharathi says:

    hello mr.Ricky, This is Bharathi and I came accross ur article “Seed Therapy – Potent One-Stop Cure” on the website when I was searching sujok-seed therapy.

    One of my sisters is having some problems with hypothyroidism symptoms and the doctores are unable to diagnose the proper dosage for her. Hence, salthough she is taking medicines she still having some problems. One of them is : gastritis and I was looking for sujok regarding that.

    Based on the above article, I understand that you mentioned, cumin seeds for gastritis and also based on my limited knowledge, I feel that gastritis is related to stomach..which comes to kidney beans/seeds.

    So, for gastritis, if we are using cumin seeds, how do we use it ? if red do we use it ? any idea? Any help in this regard will be great and I appreciate it very much.
    Sorry for the trouble though.

    my email address is: [email protected]


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