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Quick Fix To Handle Temper Tantrums In Children

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Tantrums, mostly attention seeking device, will mostly end with ignoring them. The best way is to leave the room; your child will come to no harm. A breath-holding attack is self-limiting, and the child will eventually give in when he falls short of oxygen. If kicking and screaming persist, move all articles around the child, so he cannot hurt himself and leave him to himself. One should not be tempted to coax the child, or losing one’s temper, to smack or to give threats of punishment as none is going to help bring the tantrum to an end or prevent the next one.

Distract the child with amusing, unusual, silly gestures. As children get older, they tend to throw tantrums in public places. The source of these tantrums is anger and frustration. Anger since he cannot get his way or the child’s body is not that strong or well co-ordinated enough to do what he intends to and like everyone else needs to vent out his anger.

If the child starts doing in public places, one should not get embarrassed. One just needs to take the child to another secluded place or away into the rest room or away from the crowded places, since such situations are best handled in isolation.

Never forget to praise your child once he gets control over his tantrum phase. After all it is just a stage the child is goes through momentarily.  A lot of anger and aggressive behaviour can be got rid of by physically straining outdoor activity games. Bicycles, skates, balls are good toys as vigorous physical activity help re-channel anti-social behaviour.

If the child is showing anger by shouting, join in with a few words and then slowly quieten your voice, encouraging the child to do the same, till both are in whispering tone and have a good laugh about it.

Giving the child some paper and crayons, paints, let the child express his feelings on a piece of paper. Let the child know that there are some angry toys like the drum, or a particular marching song which can be ranted when he’s angry.

Communicate with the child letting him know that anger is a reasonable and valuable emotion and verbal venting is more acceptable than physical blows. It will make the child realize his boundaries.  Try to find the root of the problem, and resolve it by instilling the values of sharing, tolerance, love, kindness, sensitivity.

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