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Prudent Ways To Tackle Unusual Human Body Oddities – Part IV

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Certain embarrassing and occasionally atypical states are displayed by our bodies, leaving us clueless and dazed at times regarding its origin or its cure.

  • The appearance of raccoon-similar eyes or darkening of the skin around the ocular area is quite an undesirable sight that tends to make one appear rather fatigued and older. One of the cited reasons includes inadequate sleep leading to the skin near the eyes going pallid that seems to call attention to the dark circles. As one ages, the skin surrounding the eyes become thin, making them more prone to discolouring. Other factors include genetic pre-disposition, asthma and certain types of allergies.
  • Not many women would like the sight of excessive hair growth on the body, a condition known as hirsutism, wherein excess hair spurts are noticed on the chin, upper-lip along with other areas of the body. The factors causing this undesirable condition could be due to hereditary, in certain cases the over-secretion of the male hormone, testosterone leading to PCOD or Polycystic ovarian syndrome. In atypical cases, hirsutism occurs due to tumour growths that over- excrete the particular hormone.

This condition could be treated by undergoing hair removal treatments like electrolysis, laser, or bleach the hairs and undergoing hormone treatment.

  • When the nails change colour, it is majorly due to infection. The green colour noted on nails is due to the presence of pseudomonas bacteria, sometimes redness or blackness could be due to hurt or damage to the nail, while the uncommon yellow nails are an indicator of lymphedema and lung problem. If one is still not certain about the fading hues on the nails, then one needs to get the nails examined by a certified doctor.
  • It is quite an eyeful to notice certain individuals with reddishness on the face along with unusual massive lumpy formations on the face, with the nose becoming bulging and swollen in the extreme cases of rosacea, when treatment is not given on time.

Though hereditary factor does have a bearing in this condition, the solution to this skin condition is resolved with laser to skim off the excess skin layers and derma-abrasive procedures to even out the jagged lumps on the nose.

  • Certain ulcer formations on the inner side of the mouth occur and are extremely communicable, known as Canker sores. These are not like cold sores and are caused due to particular food items, malnutrition, emotional factors and trauma to the oral cavity. These could be treated with topical application of meditated gels and mouth rinses.

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