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Penile Cancer - Beware Of HPV Virus

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A global reassessment of research undertaken has uncovered a disturbing fact that the widely prevalent human papilloma virus or HPV is strongly related to nearly half of the all-encompassing penile cancer cases. Studies have revealed that penile cancer, a rare form of cancer may be linked to the sexually transmitted infection, HPV. In order for men to reduce their chances of contracting cancer of the penis, they must take adequate steps to avert sexually-spread HPV infections.

HPV comprises of a cluster of hundred and more varying forms of virus, few of them being transmitted through sexual contact. Several forms are deemed as the higher risk bracket as they make the affected individual more prone to contracting other ailments like cancer. For instance, nearly seventy percent women with cervical cancer show the presence of the HPV-16 and HPV-18 virus in their system.

Lately, scientists state that the HPV-16 virus is the foremost form of HPV infection that has been linked to penile cancer. In accordance to a publication of the Journal of Clinical Pathology, HPV-18 virus has been touted as the second extensive form of HPV infection that may be connected to penile cancer. The two types of penile cancer namely basaloid and warty squamous cell carcinoma have been frequently linked with the two HPV forms considered top risk factors.

The detection was on the basis of a re-evaluation of thirty-one penile cancer research work in print from 1986 till 2008 that showed the incidence of HPV infection in close to 47% amongst the near 1500 individuals inflicted with penile cancer. A wide- scaling, global research is being carried out to delve deeper into the pervasiveness and reasons for penile cancer.

Penile cancer, an atypical cancerous form has been noted in one from one lakh men in the United States, though it is more widespread in few areas of South America and Africa. Though, annually, there are more than 26,000 emerging penile cancer cases globally.

The causes that increase a man’s chances of contracting penile cancer constitute inadequate sanitation, smoking, those that have not undergone circumcision or have rigid foreskin on the penal region. Correct usage of condoms at the time of sexual contact could assist in lowering the chances of contracting HPV infection, though it is an insufficient measure as several body parts like the anal region also are breeding grounds for the HPV virus.

The persons behind the research state that nearly seven thousand penile cancer cases could be averted if these infections were aptly combated. Gardasil vaccine accessible in the United States helps to shield women and young girls from particular forms of HPV infections, though it is has not been permitted for intake in men.

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