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There is a new research that talks about egg  therapy. It is said that if we gradually increase the consumption of egg powder, then it helps a lot of children to get cured of the egg allergy. But the research warns people not to try it at home as the related conditions have to be monitored by a doctor who is trained for this.

Reasearch showed thah 75% of the children who were fed everyday dose of the white powder of egg white  were seen to be free of symptoms forl nearly almost two years when they were on treatment. Around 27% of  the children were free of symptoms after a year without any treatment. During this time they ate eggs and the products of egg as much as they wished to.

This is a study that has been funded by the government and there have been many trials of immunotherapy where an individual who is suffering from the food allergy takes a larger amount of the allergenic food such that the allergy could be treated.

This is a very small study which provides a lot of information and it is really important that the public should be able to understand that this is a therapy that is entirely experimental and should be done safely only by physicians who are trained.

The results show that OIT could help and could solve a lot of allergic food problems. This is a kind of therapy that is still in the early stage of experiment and there is more research that is needed. The researchers want to also emphasize that the food  OIT and the challenges of food should not be tried without any medical supervision because of the severe complications that could happen.

Most of the times that people have had food allergy are seen to be allergic to food. The cause is seen to be lot of proteins in the egg. The yolk or the white could have reactions. There are many who have egg allergy and who are allergic to the proteins in the white of the egg.

Egg allergy normally is seen to manifest in the form of hives, eczema, allergic rhinitis,asthma,and sometimes anaphylactic shock and sometimes also affects the digestive system.

Some of the Diet News

It has been believed that till lately Neanderthals have disappeared sometime between 30,000 years ago. They were mainly meat consumers. But there is lot of dietary history that has undergone lot of analysis. There have been researchers from countries like Australia, UK, Spain a who have combined morphological analysis of plant microfossils and pyrolysis gas chromatography mass spectrometry, which have helped to identify material that has been trapped in dental calculus. Dental calculus is the calcified dental plaque that is found in man.

Researchers hold the belief that the granules of starch and carbohydrate markers in the samples show that there is a broader use of ingested plants .

The varied use of plants has shown that the occupants of the Neanderthal age of El Sidron had a great knowledge of the natural ambience and this included the capacity to use certain plants for their nutrition and for medicating their selves. Meat was very important and the research points to a greater complex diet that was earlier believed.

There have been research by the members of the team that show that the Neanderthals in the El sidron area had the gene  of bitterness. There are evidences that the Neanderthal man had a taste for the bitter taste and thus have proved that such kinds of food have been consumed from times immemorial.

There is lot of evidence that indicate that the people of the Neanderthal age have been eating plants like chamomile and yarrow which have very less nutritional value There have been ten samples of dental calculus from around five Neanderthals which were chosen for this research. The researchers mainly utilized thermal desorption and pyrolysis gas chromatography mass spectrometry to be able to identify the organic component in the dental calculus. This in tandem with the analysis of microfossils found a lot of evidence of chemicals very much consistent with the smoke from wood fire, and a variety of starchy foods.

Tastes have existed in human beings since the times of the Neanderthal man.

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