Know all about Bacillary Dysentery
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Bacillary dysentery is a kind of dysentery that is normally associated with a severe kind of shigellosis. This is linked with the bacteria belonging to the enterobacteriaceae family. It is normally termed as Shigella infection. Shigellosisis a result of many types of Shigella bacteria. There are normally three species that are linked with bacillary dysentery. They are shigella sonnei, shigella dysenteriae  [...]

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News on cellular phone use during pregnancy

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Cell phones are the major ways one can communicate and also keep in touch. This has its own advantages but latest science news has it that the usage of cell phone can also be a detriment to the pregnant women.

If the woman is pregnant and she is exposed to radiation from cell phones then it would affect the development of the brain of the offspring and also lead to a lot of hyperactivity in the child.

This has been concluded after there have been studies on mice. The experimental evidence shows that if the fetus is exposed to a lot of radiofrequency radiation from cellular phones then it does surely affect the behavior of adults. An expectant mother should not use the cell phone as regularly as she does. There have been many studies which reveal that the pregnant mice reacted to the radiation from a silence cell phone kept above the cage and they were observed under the same conditions when the phone was switched off.

The electrical activity of the brain is exposed to radiation in the fetus stage. There are a lot of biological and psychological effects on the fetus due to radiation. The mice that were exposed to the cell phones showed a lot of hyperactivity and had reduced memory capacity. The behavioral changes were also attributed to the neurons in the prefrontal cortex of the brain.

ADHD or Attention Deficit hyperactivity disorder is a condition that is linked to the neuropathology in the brain cells and is normally seen as inattention and hyperactivity. Such conditions were noticed in the mice that gave birth to smaller mice with similar ADHD Problems. This was due to the exposure to radiation from cellular phones in the womb stage. So the rise in behavioral disorders in today’s children is attributed to the fetal cellular phone radiation exposure.

Further research would be had in the human beings so as to understand better the way these establishments could help the pregnant women. Obviously the best thing that a woman of today should do is to keep the usage of cellular phones to the minimum and expose herself to the phone lesser so as to build up a good and firm physical condition to get pregnant and also to get babies.

Rodent pregnancies last only for 19 days and the offsprings are born with a lesser developed brain than the human babies. So a lot of research is being done to determine if the exposure to radiation due to cellular phones would really affect pregnancy in human beings. Studies are also being done to confirm if the malformed fetus is due to such exposure and if the conditions under which the pregnancy occurred got affected due to the usage of the cellular phone.

The electromagnetic field that a cellular phone radiation creates is detrimental to psychological progress and is thus avoidable and has to be used with great care and caution.

All pregnant women are better off not using this phone beyond what is necessary so that the facilities are not exploited and health is not compromised.

Cellular phones today are the norm of the day and provide a lot of insight into the daily life of every individual. However it is better to be safe than sorry so as per the studies and researches conducted it is obvious that the radiation caused due to these phones would surely cause negative effects so use the cell phone during pregnancy in limit.

News has it that there are constant researches being undertaken just to determine the direct link between the radiation caused due to modern technology and pregnancy. Considering the related sources and the comparative results, radiation is surely not right for health especially if it is pregnant woman.

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