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Negative Calorie Diet – A Sober Way of Weight Loss

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How many ways have you tried to shed some extra pounds off the body? How much tough efforts have you put in to shape up yourself to replicate yourself into your movie idol? How much have you cut down on your diet to achieve the desired weight and inches? One last question – any improvements? Well, not all benefit from these trials to weigh low and measure less. But, fortunately, there are other great ways that motivate you to work on yourself to carve your body and mind in a beautiful manner. A negative calorie diet is the answer.

A negative calorie diet is an awe inspiring way of losing the few extra kilos that are the top reason for all your bothers. It is informally called as fad diet. People have tried this alternative for weight loss and have achieved great results. Unlike crash diets that guarantee nausea, giddiness and headaches, this method is a safe one that guarantees just weight loss by a cool way out. In fact, you would be surprised when I reveal the secret of this technique – you just need to eat more to lose weight – quite interesting and too good to sound. But will it work? Well, let us take a look what does a negative calorie diet plan have in store for us.

Though following a negative calorie diet does not mean cutting down on the amount of food you eat, but you definitely will have to cut back on the kinds of food that you are normally on fuel with. If you are real serious about the wearing, this Christmas, your beautiful evening gown that doesn’t fit you now, then you need to determinant in following the negative calorie diet. You pledge to track along it and the diet plan promises you a great achievement in weight loss. The foremost thing is to understand what do calories mean and matter when talking about the loss and gain of weight. A negative calorie diet consists of foods that are low in calories. So, if you plan to eat those foods, you can be able to cut down your calorie intake while still eating as much or even more than what you ate of high calorie foods. This keeps you full and there is no loose end left for you to feel hungry, overeat and gain weight.

The foods that are a part of the negative calorie diet are specially typified by nature. They require more energy to get digested and, hence, cause more calories of your body to burn. This is the best part of the negative calorie diet. Though, some people repudiate this fact, but their number is quite less compared to the ones who have tried the technique and have attained success. Now you can decide whom would you believe, someone’s mere belief or the real facts. Please don’t take pains to understand; this is simple as pie. Negative calorie foods are high on fiber and fibrous foods take more time and hence more energy to digest. This makes the body use more calories – an easy and enticing offer.

For tuning into the channel of negative calorie diet, you need to first agree to thrive on vegetarian food. Most of the foods, or may be all, on a negative calorie diet are counted under fruits and vegetables. You won’t fade away if you do not have non- vegetarian diet for a few months. I have tried the sane since around 6 months, and believe me, after a certain period it makes no difference to you if you don’t include the non- vegetarian stuff. Begin with cutting down on high fat and high calorie foods like meat. Pure vegetarian diet also aids the detoxification process of the body.

We had saved the best for the last, and now here it is to please you. Negative calorie foods include fruits like the water melons, strawberries, pineapple, apples, grapefruits, cantaloupes, tangerines, oranges, peaches, mangoes, raspberries, can berries, papaya, blueberries, musk melons, etc. This means you can eat almost all kinds of fruits (respecting the exceptions of banana and some other sweet and weight inducing fruits) of the world. What else do you need? Oh yeah, vegetables. The negative calorie diet includes vegetables like the cauliflower, broccoli, celery, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, beans, green peas, spinach, beetroot, asparagus, green chilly and peppers, bell peppers, endives, gardencress, garlic, onion, radish, cabbages, carrots and so much more. Great! You have all the world’s roots and tubers with you. The only thing you need to do is to eat these fruits and vegetables with as least cooking as possible. Consume boiled or roasted (free of oil).

Losing weight is not only essential to fulfill your dreams of looking like your ideal figure, but it is also an essential step in keeping all kinds of diseases at bay. Overweight is one major and basic reason for most diseases in 90 % of the world populace. So, get onto a negative calorie diet and save yourself.

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