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Natural Cold Remedies – Green Parenting Tips

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With the flu season in the United States having commenced since Oct. and lasting till May, it is always a prudent policy to boost innate defences by religiously following hand washing routines, maintain optimal hydration, get ample variety of vitamins & sun’s rays & consider alternative approaches such as homeopathy cures.

Common cold is a highly pervasive communicable disease among individuals and averages to 2-4 infections annually among the adult populace & close to 6-12 in kids.

Issuing of a recommendation just two years back by the United States FDA found that OTC (over-the-counter) cold-&-cough medicines must not be offered to below 2 year old infants.

According to Doctor L. Rosen, a child specialist running the Whole Child Center in N. Jersey strongly believes that natural cold remedies are the strongest offence. He’s cited some neat pointers for boosting one’s immune system for tackling the cold and flu season.

Rosen points out that taking the initiative is important and basic hand-washing using good disinfectant soaps plus water must always be topping your to-do listing.

Here is other advice on natural cold remedies which Doctor Rosen firmly vouches for.

  • Plentiful food varieties are available which assist in supporting innate immunity for ably tiding through the flu season. These include multicoloured food forms such as berry, kiwis, orange, papayas which are laden with antioxidants – having high vitamin C presence deemed as an ideal foremost line-of-defence. All parents should start including these foods into their child’s dietetic intake from an earlier age.
  • Parents must even ensure that their children are getting plentiful vitamin D for which the innate rays of the sun are the finest source. Hence, going outdoors & getting some clean air. Probiotic presence in lacto-fermented food forms such as organic curds are other immunity-bolstering natural cold remedies for kids during the nippy season.
  • Parents must be reminding their children at all times to maintain optimal hydration levels & although water is a superlative choice even grandma’s soulful chicken potage could be an ideal hydrating choice containing effective immune system boosting qualities. Even herbal tea can be a fine choice, particularly with some freshly squeezed lemons or honey for kids above 1 year of age.

Tips for Parents with Already Ill Children

Medicine metabolizes in a different manner among kids as compared to how it occurs in adults. Hence, to be on the safer side, all parents should seek consultation from a physician when their children are suffering from fever or when their children are to be given any form of OTC medicine.

Saline nasal drops can be an effectual option for helping small kids with congested chests. It could provide swift respite sans the risks of side-effects such as sleepiness or hyperactive behaviour. Humidifiers could even be of assistance for those with congested chests or having dry cough. However an important tip is always remembering to properly cleanse humidifiers using vinegar for keeping moldy formations at bay.

A latest trial appearing in the journal ‘Pediatrics’ noted that the merger of oils from eucalyptus, menthol & camphor could allay a symptomatic kid suffering from cold & even assist those having respiratory-tract infection to have sound slumber. Eucalyptus, independently used could be a beneficial option.

Homeopathy medicines are usually deemed as a safe bet for therapy. Classified by their healing active micro-dosages having minerals, botanicals & biological constituents, they might be adequate for tackling the cold and flu season. They also do not cause several of the detrimental side-effects. Homeopathy medicines are popular in European countries & have even become a common choice for parents in the United States who are on the lookout for alternative options to typically used cough-&-cough medicine therapies.

Oscilloceoccinum has been observed to be immensely effective for kids & adults having flu-similar signs. Children can even be given ColdCalm & Chestal by Boiron for combating coughs and colds. These are particularly good choices for parenting cautious about the use of usual OTC medicines.

So, from this cold and flu season onwards, proactively start greening your kid’s cough-&-cold remedies.

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