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Alternative therapies for arthritic conditions are inclusive of treatments like acupuncture or magnets, chondrotin or glucosamine. People having arthritis usually suffer with conditions like stress, stiffness, pain, and depression. So it is imperative that there are alternative treatments for arthritis, which will help patients cope with this in a better way and in a healthier manner. If you do not  [...]

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National STD Awareness Month – Eye-Opening Facts about STDs

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CDC has chosen April as STD Awareness Month which is annually observed bearing in mind the bothersome rise in STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) around us. It is a major problem, with more than 16.4 billion dollars being shelled out yearly on tests & therapy & an approximate nineteen million novel infections arising yearly.

Any person who’s sexually active is at a risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease, irrespective of sex, ethnicity, social standing or sexual preference. Teens & younger adults contract STDs more easily as compared to those in the older age bracket. By twenty-five years of age, fifty percent of sexually active adults develop a sexually transmitted disease. Those who have several sex partners too augment their risk for contracting STDs. The CDC has pointed out that several STDs are rising among males having sex with males, inclusive of LGV & syphilis.

Even a virgin could get STD as several of them are transmitted via any form of sexual activities, inclusive of skin-on-skin touching & orally offered sex. This particularly holds true for those STD forms producing lesion or sore formation in the genitals.

It is crucial for expectant moms to undergo checking for STDs as it could be causal to premature labor & be complicating birthing. Several STD forms could be from maternal-to-child transmission during gestational period, delivery or following child birth. The effect of sexually transmitted diseases on infants could comprise of stillborns, underweight, neurological issues, going blind, liver conditions & grave infections. However, there are therapies for minimizing the risks, curing several STDs & lowering the risk of infection being passed to the infant.

Your STD Help insists that every sexually active person undergo testing for STDs & HIV.

Here are some crucial facts about STDs & ways of spotting them.

Genital Warts (HPV)

One doesn’t have to engage in sexual intercourse to contract an STD. Skin-on-skin contacts would be sufficient for spreading HPV, the viral family which is causal to genital wart formation. Several forms lead to warts & are generally non-harmful, though several might be leading to cancer of the anus or cervix. Vaccination could shield a person from many of the rather lethal forms.


  • Pinkish or blood colour wart formations which are risen, flattish or cauliflower-shaped.
  • Mostly they are asymptomatic.

Crab (Pubic Lice)

Crab is a commonly used terminology for lice due to the outline of these small parasitic forms looking disparate to lice found on our bodies or head. They form nesting grounds in pubic hairs and crawling from one individual to the other at the time of near contact. Crabs could be obliterated with the use of OTC lice-killer lotion brands.


  • Severe itchiness.
  • Smallish eggs lodged on to the hairs of the pubis.
  • Creepy-crawly lice.


It is a scratchy influx arising from a small mite burrowing into human skin for laying eggs. It isn’t a sexually transmitted disease at all times, as it could be transmitted via skin-on-skin touches. However, in young adult populaces, the mite is mostly transmitted at the time of sexual intercourse. Scabies treatment is done with the use of prescription mite-killer cream brands.


  • Extreme itchiness particularly during nights & rashes resembling pimples.
  • It might be taking two to six weeks for a person to become symptomatic.


Also known as the Clap, it is transmitted with ease & could make males & females infertile, when not treated. The use of antibiotic medicine could thwart the infection.


  • Prevalent signs include burning sensation when one urinates & discharge, though frequently there aren’t early indications.
  • Afterwards, the infection might be causing rash formations on the skin or spreading to the joint areas & blood.

Among Males

  • Penile emission.
  • Testicular swelling.

Among Females

  • Discharge from vagina.
  • Pains in the pelvis.
  • Signs & symptoms might be mild-ranging & are often wrongly believed to be UTI or vaginal infections.


Majority of the individuals fail to spot the preliminary indications of syphilis. Sans therapy, it could paralyse the person; make him/ her blind & fatality. It could be treated with antibiotic course.


  • The foremost indication is generally a firm-textured, rounded, pain-free sore formation developing on the anal or genital area.
  • The infection could be spreading via directly touching the sore.
  • Afterwards, there might be rashes on the sole, palm or other regions of the body, glandular swelling, fever, hair fall or weariness.
  • During advanced staging, symptoms arise due to harm to organs like liver, brains, cardiovascular system, nerves & eye areas.


It is a commonly occurring form of sexually transmitted disease which could make the afflicted person infertile. It subsides swiftly with antibiotic medicine administration. However, it is mostly overlooked since signs & symptoms could be indistinct or non-existent. Chlamydia could even be infecting the rectal & throat areas.

Signs in Males

  • Itchiness & burning sensations at the penile tip,
  • Penile discharge & pains felt while urinating.

Signs in Females

  • Itchiness in Vagina.
  • Discharge from vagina which might be smelly.
  • Painful sexual intercourse.
  • Pains while urinating.

HSV1 (Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1)

That agonizing cold sore one keeps getting on one’s lips time & again – is perhaps due to HSV1 (a form of herpes virus). Such a viral form generally isn’t a sexually transmitted disease and spreading like wild fire in kin members or when one kisses. However, it could be transmitted to the genital area via orally or genitally done contact with an infection-ridden individual. Although it is incurable, medications could curtail or avert an outbreak.


  • Occasionally occurring cold sore formations or fever blister on the lip areas.
  • Smallish blisters or sore formation on the genital area too are likely.

HSV2 (Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2)

Majority of the genital herpes cases arise from the HSV2 viral form which is vastly transmittable & spreading via sex or direct touch with herpes sores. Both these forms of HSV are yet incurable, though antiviral medications could reduce the frequency of spates & aid in clearing out symptoms with greater swiftness.


  • Fluid-inundated blister formations that are agonizing.
  • Scabbing sore formations on the genital, thigh, anal or butt areas.
  • Even the lip area could be affected through orally done touches.

Hepatitis B

It is a surreptitious viral form causing acute harm to the liver and spreading via contacts with bloods & other body fluid. Individuals could contract the infection via sexual intercourse, when needles are shared & during child delivery. It isn’t curable though medications could help in keeping the viral form in control. There is even a potent vaccination available for hepatitis B prevention.


  • Individuals might become nauseous, experience abdominal pains, darkish urination, exhaustion & yellowness of eye or skin areas with severe infection.
  • Incessant infection could be leading to cancer developing in the liver & even cirrhosis.
  • Several individuals are asymptomatic for many years.


The HIV viral form tends to weaken the body’s shields from infection and could easily be spreading via non-protected sexual contact, needles or a baby delivered to an infection-ridden mom. The person may be asymptomatic for several years; hence blood analysis is the finest means of learning one’s status. When treated on time, it could aid in preventing grave sicknesses.

Preliminary Signs of HIV Infection

  • Several individuals are asymptomatic; however others might experience flu-similar signs one to two months following infection- swelling in glands, fevers, weariness & headaches.
  • Canker sore formations in the oral area also could surface.


It develops due to parasitic form being spread during sex and is curable with prescription medicines.

Signs in Males

  • Majority of the males don’t have any apparent signs.
  • Several of them would be developing slight emission or burning feeling when one urinates.

Signs in Females

  • Females could experience a yellowish-greenish emission with a strong smell, itchiness in the vagina or painful sex or pains while urinating.
  • Signs generally surface five to twenty-eight days subsequent to the parasitic form being acquired.


Chancroid is a bacteria-cause sexually transmitted disease prevalent in African & Asian areas though rarely in the United States. It is causal to genital sore formations which could be spreading across individuals. Antibiotic medicines could help in curing the infection.

Signs in Males

  • Excruciating bump formations on the penile organ which could become pus-inundated bare sores.
  • Pains in the genital & groin areas.

Signs in Females

  • Agonizing, bumpy formations in the genitals which could turn into bare sores, lymph node swelling in the groin.


Also known as Lymphogranuloma Venereum arises from a Chlamydia form which rarely occurs in the United States. However, it’s pervasiveness among MSMs (males having sex with males) has been observed. Similar to other Chlamydia types, it is treatable with antibiotic course.


  • Bare sore formations on the genital or anal area, weariness, fevers & lymph gland swelling in the groins.
  • In case contracted via anally done sex, LGV could be causal to blood loss or discharge from rectum.


Though it isn’t a sexually transmitted disease, but PID (pelvic inflammatory disease) is a grave complication due to non-treated sexually transmitted diseases, particularly in case of gonorrhea & Chlamydia. It occurs due to bacterial forms spreading and infecting the uterine region & other organs of the reproductive system. Getting treated promptly is crucial for averting harm to a female’s fertiliy.


  • Pains in the lower abdomen.
  • Fevers.
  • Abnormal discharge.
  • Agonizing sex.
  • Pains when one urinates.
  • Spotting

Oftentimes there aren’t any caveat indications.

Could STDs re-surface?

Majority of the sexually transmitted diseases don’t shield one from contracting the analogous infection once more. A medication course might treat syphilis, trichomoniasis, gonorrhea & Chlamydia; however a novel exposure could re-start a novel infection. When your mate isn’t offered treatment, these STDs could well be passed to-&-fro between you’ll. When apt precautionary measures aren’t taken (like using condom during sex, no sharing of needles, promiscuousness) to shield oneself then one could re-infect oneself soon or also contract another STD.

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