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Muscle Building Tips for Novices – Inching Closer To Fitness Success

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A sense of slight intimidation is felt by many starting off on any novel muscle building program. As there’s a lengthy list of exercises that are to be performed in weight-training programs hence it just tends to heighten the intensity of what a novice feels.

Providentially, when one has some basic information, one would be in a better position to strike one’s target. The positive news is that as a novice one would be experiencing outcomes at a faster level & would spot difference in the manner one feels & appears in as short as some week’s time.

Here are some crucial muscle building tips that all must be aware of:

Correct Form

From the onset, getting correct form holds immense significance as when one gets off to a bad or wrong start with form, it would simply be leading to flawed practices which are tough to come off down the path. Whenever you have some uncertainty regarding any form of exercise or require assistance on the apt form for any exercise you are about to attempt then ensure promptly booking a visit with a personal trainer for showing you the right way. Doing this must top your list of priorities which you must be getting right. Erroneous form causes injury & leaves one lacking results.

Focussing on Main Lifts Firstly

Your next step must be focussing on main lifts at the start of your workout. Exercises working multiple muscle groups should be done before those exercises that are working on just one muscle group. The rationale for this is since these exercises are bound to consume greater energy for completion; hence one is not worn out when executing them. Such exercises entail:

  • Squats
  • Shoulder presses
  • Bent-over rows
  • Deadlifts
  • Bench presses

In case you use equipments then these would perhaps be dubbed as:

  • Chest presses
  • Horizontal rows
  • Lateral pull-downs
  • Leg presses
  • Seated-shoulder presses

Using Repetition Range amid 8 to 12

In regards to repetition range, novices are ideally suggested to do anywhere amid 8 to 12 repetitions. As you probably are not going to use an awfully weighty load, this would allow you to be working in a somewhat higher repetition scope whilst yet noticing considerable enhancement in muscle size & definition as well as strength. No sooner has one got acclimatized to the varied weight-bearing exercises then one could reduce the repetition range in case one is keen on truly focussing on revving up one’s strength level.

Taking a minimum Hiatus of 24 hours amid every Workout

Another prudent pointer for novices is aiming for a minimum of 24 hours break amid every workout they do. Doing so would truly assist in controlling the extent of sore feeling one experiences alongside even helping to avert one from feeling exceedingly besieged with many sessions per week.

A complete body workout is characteristically the finest option for people who are novices to weight-lifting & would permit one is targeting every body part thrice per week for garnering top outcomes.

Always remember stretching

Stretches are a thing which several individuals, be it a novice or otherwise, conveniently skip from their workouts. This a major blunder committed since stretches would considerably be decreasing the extent of sore feeling one experiences whilst one increases one’s scope of movement so one is better benefited from the lifts one does complete.

Attempt at performing 10 minutes of stretches following all workouts one does and lay emphasis on every major muscle group. Stretches could even be performed during the days one takes a break, whilst one watches TV, for example, to further aid in lessening the extent of tenderness one experiences.

Lay Emphasis on Consumption Pre & Post Workouts

What are eaten pre & post workouts is bound to don a key part in how ably one performs all through that workout & how swift one recuperates anon.

As a novice, make an effort at ensuring intake of food forms having proteins & carbs pre & post workouts which would certainly help in gain better nourishment.

Merge working on weight Equipments along with some Free Weights

By and large, free weights exercises definitely are better as compared to weight machines workouts, though for a novice the use of weight equipments are a fine means of easing into the weight-lifting process whilst even ensuring that one is deploying correct form. For having your cake and eating it too, consider merging few free weights exercise forms alongside weight machines exercises. Majority of the individuals could be learning without much difficulty on the right way of doing free weights exercise forms like triceps extension, biceps curl, lateral raise etc., however the use of a leg press equipment prior to starting off with squat moves, working on the chest-press equipment prior to trying bench presses etc could help one is obtaining a better comfort level whilst one has that equipment guidance.

Doing your Cardio Post-Lifting

Last, but not the least, another popular myth which novices harbour is that they must do their cardio-training prior to proceeding to their lifting. The correct way is actually the other way round; cardio training must be performed subsequent to one’s weight-lifting or in a different session since one needs the maximum energy for one’s lifts as it is going to chiefly be dependent on muscle glycogen whilst moderate-range cardio-training could be utilizing fats as energy. When one does weight-lifting at the start, it even ascertains that one could exert max energy into the lifts, augmenting the strength advantages one realizes.


Hence, bear these important muscle building tips in mind. It is definitely a smart approach to be booking an appointment with a personal trainer for getting set on one’s foremost program till one has deeply understood every concept entailed in weight-training. Beyond this stage, one could commence toying around with one’s personal program & implement superior training standards to assist in getting outcomes that are up to the mark.

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