Medical Care and Health Reforms – Is This Really The Answer?

Written by Ricky on April 23, 2009

At first when I think of money that could be saved on health care it seems like it should not be that hard to accomplish. But, when you begin to look at the much larger picture and include thousands upon thousands of citizens in need of health care, the problem does not seem that simple at all. A few bucks saved here and there is not even going to begin to touch the billions and billions of dollars that are spent every single year on a variety of different health care needs.

When myself or one of my family members has been diagnosed with a very serious illness or disease, you can bet that I am going to do everything in my power that is possible to see that they receive any type of testing procedures and care that is available. I also know that in reality, I will more than likely be making payments on this medical care and will likely never be able to pay it off completely. There are an endless number of individuals who have already gone through and are going through this scenario right now and it is adding up to astronomical sums that are left unpaid to numerous hospitals and other medical facilities all around the world.

The only way to alleviate this type of problem in the end would be to put a reform in place that would restrict various forms of health care to patients that are in desperate need. But, where does that leave the average citizen who is seriously ill? Unfortunately this is not a question that I like the answer to. This is a problem that is going to take a tremendous amount of careful consideration to fix. Either you continue providing healthcare to patients that cannot afford the care they are receiving, or you completely deny several individuals the care that they need. At this point it almost seems like a no end situation.

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