Taking the Bite out of a Biting Child
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Child care is a continuous learning process and problems are usually a stepping stone in learning more about children. Biting is one such problem that has to be handled with tender loving care. A biting child is a negative child and has to be tackled with immediately. Whether it is a home care or a day care or whether the child is just with siblings, a child who bites has to be taught the rules. The  [...]

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Loneliness is a gift !!!

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So many of us find ourselves being alone when not surrounded by family or friends, it is as if you are totally deserted from outside world but do you know that really being able to give time for yourself, your lonely self will bring you lots of advantages. Since childhood we have been so conditioned to living life in togetherness that when you are all alone even for a day your self esteem goes down, you start envying those who are always surrounded by friends, partners, etc. in life we see so many ups and downs, but they don’t stay for long, similar is the case with people after all they are human beings and times keep changing and so do priorities, why don’t you start with something that you really love to do that will leave you with no option but to live with your own self?

There are so many workshops that we attend but after few days all goes haywire and no one pays due to actually practice it. You have to master the art of aloneness whether you are single, married, having children after all one day all are going to leave you that is for sure. In my lifetime of experience with so many workshops I have known one thing that people are afraid of being alone may be the fear of dependency or being called a moron or a selfish person, the people start feeling as if no one needs them and stuff but in reality its nothing like that. As time changes, people obviously would get bored of the same stuff again and again by the time your friends or your loved ones start inventing new things that would keep them busy so should you!

Embrace your loneliness with great heart and thank god to spare you the chance with being just you and just lonely you. Some people judge the type of person you are with the number of friends you are surrounded with or the number of people whom you are closer too in office but does that really should affect your mentality, my advice and answer would be a straight “NO” why are we so carried away by what outside world would think and why we sacrifice with our true selves just to show someone that you are not like that, “be your own self and enjoy life” that is all I have to say to the people. Not all people would love my advise as the truth takes hard for acceptance but slowly as you advance in your life, with your experiences you will start knowing your true self which will give you true happiness and you would also know the fact that happiness lies within you and you are the master of your own mind which can condition your mind of being happy or sad, no one can make you sad unless you want to, this is the fact and will always remain one.

Self mastery is easy to attain if you make up your mind strong in achieving what you have decided, it helps build good relationship with yourself and also helps to maintain good relations with others. Expectations are what makes us weak, when you expect from someone and if that requirement is not fulfilled than that may make u sad so try to complete yourself on your own rather than someone else making you whole, build your self esteem, and self power yourself for doing things that will help you in long run. Be always self sufficient that will help build your self esteem and will encourage you to participate in relationships, allow yourself to be free, set your own self free with open mind and learn to do things what you like doing other than others suggesting you things you need to do.

Self acceptance is a big thing, once you start accepting the way you are and your surroundings you will never have a choice to complain or be tensed about things because you already like it, your results are your own and you have created pathways for your problems remember that. Lets us discuss some few points which will help to strengthen our relationships with our selves and others around us, the term aloneness is not the term that is overpowering you rather you will overpower it with your will, greater self esteem, self powered nature, financial security concerns and personal fulfillment.

You should develop your skills in whichever ways you can because that will help you to excel ahead in life without any compromises. Think of the perfect life that is possible putting all your worries aside and just concentrating on things that you want from life, many a bad relations break when misunderstandings happen but we can surely change them for positive by changing our attitude towards the things. To start off you can start with therapy class, workshops, coaching from professionals or experts in the field that will lead you to better understanding of your self along with others close to you. Everybody’s life is influential it is influenced by one major force that keeps backing us for the things you want to achieve in life and sometimes that force stretches you towards bad things in life but you shouldn’t be carried away by slight jerk instead start thinking of way that will help you to come out of all this.

Another thing that can help you is developing your inner support system if you are fully satisfied with your own self you will never want anybody else in life whether it’s dealing with stress or happiness in life you can make use of stress reducing strategies that will help you to overpower that bad things of life. Try to get enough sleep that will make you feel rejuvenated and refreshed, exercise to keep your body fit and healthy, involve yourself in leisurely activities or meditate it will surely help you reduce your tensions in life. Maintain a good diet system, eating too much makes you feel lethargic and you don’t feel like taking up tasks, eating healthy diet helps to change your mood swings and helps you better concentrate on tasks that you are doing now.

Build supportive friends and your friends of circle that will inspire you in a positive way, you can make use of external resources that will help build up your full potential without ever letting go off your self esteem. Finance plays a very important role in everyone’s life, taking control of your financial needs helps you to organize your finances well you can keep proper tab on your expenses and income monthly that will help you to focus on your earnings and make you think of creative ways where you can divert your savings, planning plays significant role in one’s well being as you plan you become more organized and more focused over the things you want to achieve in life.

Doing the work you love to do makes all the difference in the results at your job or home or hobby classes, forcibly doing things which you actually hate to do is not going to yield any results so find out the things which you love to do. You will be happier at your work when you will enjoy what you are doing. Create a healthy picture of your ideal life and try to practice it and gradually your practice will turn into habit, take actions now before anyone does and create great opportunities for your self.

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