Bones, joints and muscles and pregnancy
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Bones, joints and muscles are greatly altered during pregnancy. Relaxing helps to soften the cartilage as well as the ligaments and thus makes the joints a little unstable. It also makes the joints prone to injury. These all result due to the changes in weight during pregnancy. Physiological and anatomical changes have a major effect during pregnancy and have the capacity to affect not only bones but  [...]

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Life-Saving D.I.Y. Health Checks for Men – Part III

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The adage ‘A stitch in time saves nine’ holds completely true for all men who can easily do these at-home health check-ups for earlier identification of health issues to be tackled head on.

Check-up for – Faultily acting Moles

Largely melanoma cases are detected often among males after forty years of age who have been having it for some period of time and have overlooked the indications or plainly failed in noticing them. Melanoma among males is classically diagnosed in the regions like neck, upper portion of the back, head hence it is trickier in spotting and catching earlier on.

Subsequent to showering, the skin must be scanned for any irregularity. In particular, one should be checking for the following during mole examination.

A-     Asymmetry

B-      Borders (Blurry/uneven bordering)

C-      Colour (blackish/multiple hued)

D-     Diameter (over ¼ inch diameter-wise or increasing in size)

E-      Evolving (changed size/outline)

In case one notes any disturbing marks then seeking dermatologist’s opinion who might take a biopsy sample in case needed.

D.I.Y. Damage Control
Unquestionably, the ideal means of beating melanoma is its prevention, hence religiously using sunblock . Several dermatologists favour the Olay Complete SPF Thirty Defense, a light, oil-free lotion offering protection from ultraviolet A and B rays and additionally including a moisturizer.

Thirty days.

Check-up for – Muscle Stiffness.

One might wonder ‘What is the huge deal about muscle stiffening?’ but pitiable upper back suppleness could dispose a person to pains and injuries in the lower back. In case of those in desk-bound jobs or people who do chest-building lifting moves however failing to stretch them out and do not strengthen the upper-back could develop hunching in the shoulder, neck region. This would restrain freedom of movement and cause the person to over-use the lower-back causing pains and discomforting sensations.

D.I.Y. Damage Control
Staying lithe with a pec stretching. This stretch could be done by standing in a door way by placing the left forearm plus palm rested totally on the lath and bending arm perpendicularly. Now leaning into the door way and away from the arm till one feels the stretching. Holding this pose for half a minute and repeating with right arm as well. This move is ideally followed up with a row (cable, barbell or dumb bell) for duo to three sets of ten to twelve repetitions for balancing the pushes.

Fourteen weeks.

Check-up for – Poor Memory

If you are finding it hard to recollect where you kept your tie, you are most likely stressed which causes cortisol hormone to transitorily short circuit your memory.

D.I.Y. Damage Control
Checking memory and improving it using N-back exercise at dawn. Picking a word like ‘shares’ when glued to the dawn news and on each instance a person mentions it, coming up with a word which that individual mentioned 2-5 words prior to it. This form of mental exercise could help in evaluating the extent of mental load one could take during an instant and then boosting it. Another great way of boosting mental prowess is doing cardio exercise which is capable of shunting additional oxygen to the brains, bolstering mental sharpness, reducing stress, improving concentration levels and brain’s processing pace.

Seven days.

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