How To Treat Bunions
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A bunion is a deformity that is mainly made up of a lateral deviation of the great toe which enlarges due to a tissue or a bone. It is a serious foot problem. These are formed within the foot and not on the surface of the foot. An arthritic condition and  a result of bone degeneration it is found as  a lump on the outside portion of the big toe. Bunions are seen near the joint of the toe and sometimes  [...]

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Lies Of Women To Women

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The biggest lye in the world is that women never lye each other. The phenomenal character of women nature is that they are never loyal and faithful to other women. Jealousy is being the driving factor of this nature. Especially if it is the case of health, age, happiness and also the personnel life.

Let’s reveal some of the fib, white lies and the most common lies of women. Here are some evident and topics which are enough knowing the lies of women to women:

  • I am pretty light weighted!!
    You wander the whole world; one minimum similarity between all the ladies of the world you would find is the fib of weight. A common dialogue you’ll hear is “I weigh just 125 pounds.” (Ooops, the real weight could be minimum 140 pounds!!) I’ve known so many people who cling to a favorite number-125, 135, and 150-for dear life, even if their real weight is something entirely different.Why do they do this? Why can’t they just be honest? Well, only Jesus can find the reason!!
  • I am perfectly alright and rocking…
    Why they would be forever saying that they are quite alright and fine even when they are in serious pains or troubles? Why would they act as if they’ve hoards of money from Foxy Bingo or who knows where, but the truth they’re actually broke?Why they always say they are great even when they are falling apart? Especially if you are talking with Celebes, you should get habitual of these fib facts…For example: Actress XYZ is one morning singing the praises of her fabulous relationship with her husband, the great family and career, and then a week later she’s in drug rehab, losing her kids and cheating on her husband. Huh? Can we just wipe off the plastic smiles?
  • Miscarriage? Never…
    I’ve never had a miscarriage. This is a big sticking point. Understandably, losing a baby-at any stage in pregnancy-is horrific. And I respect that some women just don’t want to talk about it. But why does it seem that there is a certain stigma with miscarriage-a stigma so isolating that it prevents women from opening up, even with those they are close to? It’s as if when they admit a fertility problem of any kind, they admit that they’re a lesser woman or that they’re flawed in some way. I say enough! You are fabulous and worthy and wonderful no matter if your uterus is fully functioning or not.
  • Pregnancy? I don’t care
    “I’m not trying to get pregnant-babies.” Have you ever met someone who swore they never wanted kids and then-bam-baby bump? I know there is something to be said about privacy (trying to get pregnant can quickly feel like a race when everyone knows you’re trying), but is it necessary to be so militant about hiding the feelings about families and kids? It doesn’t make you June Cleaver to admit that you want to be a mom-someday. And if you really don’t want kids, it’s purely your wish. Hey, why to lie to people?
  • Fitness consciousness
    “I work out.” Men are guilty of this too, of course. But, if you ask your gal friends about the gym, it’s really hard to get a straight answer-try it. Nobody admits that it’s been months since they stepped foot on a treadmill. And if they do, they get really embarrassed about it. I would really like to scream to women that You are not less of a woman if you are in a fitness rut.

Are you agreeing with my experiences? Have something to share just want to confess what lies have you told about your health and happiness? Share with us…

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