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Kava and Its Role as a Stress Reliever

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Kava is used widely in different corners of the globe for medicinal purposes. Use of this herb as a sedative is legal in the USA. People use it either in from of a beverage or as kava extracts. One should use kava only after consulting a physician, as it might lead to severe health complications if not taken in right quantities. Kava is primarily known for being an excellent stress reliever. It helps in calming down our senses and relieves us from anxiety.

The root of the kava plant is used for making medicinal supplements. Other than treating stress and anxiety, kava is also extremely effective Registrati e riceverai 10€ di fun bonus in regaloPreparati ad entrare in un mondo di simpatici insetti con la giochi slot machine Beetle Mania Deluxe, gioco prodotto da Novomatic e composto da 5 rulli e 10 linee di puntata. as a treatment for muscle aches and insomnia. Kava pest is used by many as topical painkiller. Another common medicinal use of the herb is for treating benzodiazepine withdrawal symptoms. People in the Western Hemisphere usually consume kava in form of a beverage (a decoction or a tea).

Kava possesses a chemical known a kavalactone. This active ingredient of the herb is an excellent stress buster. A recent study has revealed that for enjoying the stress relieving effects of kava one must take a supplement made from kava extracts having 70% concentration of kavalactones. Besides that, one will need to have kava for 8 consecutive weeks before experiencing the stress relieving benefits of the herb. The health supplements available in the market that contain kava as its main ingredient are reasonably priced.

If not taken according to the guidance of a physician, kava can cause severe damage to the liver. A consumer advisory issued by FDA in the year 2002 suggested that kava can cause liver disorders like liver failure, hepatitis and cirrhosis. This means, anyone with live problems or at risk of having liver problems must never consume this herb in any form. Kava is also a big no no for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

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