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Experience the pleasures of performing yoga and make sure that Urdhvapadasana would help you to get the best benefit with perfect health conditions. Performing this yoga needs a lot of skill and considerable abdominal strength, which would help to, maximize the benefits of this asana? It is important that you uses your main muscles and employ the benefits in the right manner. Urdhvapadasana is an asana,  [...]

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Judicious Ways To Staying Recharged – Part III

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  • During moments of heightened stress, one is more likely to breathe in quick hasty spurts thus leading to decreased oxygenation to the lungs, brain and other body organs, ultimately causing one to feel totally drained out. The objective is to make a conscious effort to follow deep breathing that involves the abdominal area completely expanding and reducing while doing it. When under crosshairs, one must attempt to paint a pretty mental image of what one finds most endearing and practise deep breathing during such times.
  • De-muddle your life by engaging in good old operation cleanup. Clearing up the mess around you will make you feel empowered, in charge of your life and have a therapeutic effect on the body and mind.
  • Practising philanthropy is bound to have a healing effect on one’s soul, mind and body. Taking up social service causes will go a long way in finding many answers in life, adding depth and meaning to life and augment levels of contentment and physical health.
  • Religiously adhering to sleep timings is crucial, failing which one’s energy levels are headed for a nose dive. Restricting the use of television and computer subsequent to eight in the evening is the first things to do as the light emanated by them represses melatonin levels that are innately produced at dusk, responsible for signalling the brain that night-time has arrived. If one is compelled to use light emanating devices during nigh-time, then switching them off a few hours prior to bedtime is the best bet.
  • Avoid repeatedly looking at the clock to check the time it takes to lull off to sleep. This habit actually makes one over-alert thus inhibiting slumber. One solution would be to set the time and place it in a place away from view.
  • Repositioning your fuzzy friend’s sleep location is a good option as they do hamper sleep by their constant noises and movements.
  • For an undisturbed snooze, adjust the thermostat to an idyllic constant temperature so that one is not woken up.
  • Alcohol though initially has a soporific effect on the senses, but when its effects eventually wade off, it actually hampers the system’s innate body clock, increasing blood pressure and causing heart palpitation causing one to abruptly awaken at night. Steering away from alcohol around three hours prior to sleep time will help attain sweet slumber.

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