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There are foods that are healthy for the heart and which lower the blood pressure. They are also seen to reduce the symptoms of plaque and also have been responsible for improving the fitness of the cardio systems. The food that you eat gives a lot of pleasure to your palate and provides your body with a lot of healing substances. People would never think that the morning grapefruit gives the blood  [...]

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Is Snacking Really Healthy?

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Lots has been discussed about health issues and foods that you can eat that will keep you healthy and lean, after following all advices and suggestions we finally don’t forget to gorge on our favorite cheese wafers or high calorie food. There is current notion amongst individuals especially with the ones who are health freaks, that gorging on snacks in mini meals helps reducing weight but I don’t agree to this, how can snacking be related to reduction in fat in the body. Snacks means you can eat everything which is fried and are fried stuff good when you are on a diet plan. The dieticians advice people to have 3-4 small meals a day and that too depending on the person’s body type and the type of work out that person is doing but people take it as in general, although its good to have 3-4 small meals instead of heavy 2 meals in day and night time. The weight reduction will only happen only if you eat proper food which is permitted during your dieting plans. There are lots of things which remain unexplained as different people have different notions about their diet plans.

People have started having fad diets these days but how many of use can really go on with such diets, it is only meant for the people with very heavy body and who can stay with it for long time then slowly it will start showing you the results. There are many individuals who diet to just stay in fashion there is very deep reason behind the fad diet thing happening it was after world war II that the government was in a great question of what to do with surplus ammonium nitrate, this chemical was then used as fertilizer for crops and it worked very well with 2 crops that are corn and soybeans, they gave very high yields and so the farmers starting focusing more on producing these 2 crops there was high amount of produce for these crops and so they were converted into high fructose that is hydrogenated oils and corn syrups and also as a feed for chicken and cattle. So the result decades later were that the US farmers produced 3,900 calories per person per day on an average instead of the normal 700 calories 3 decades back.

Many people gorge on food items which looks better and bigger thinking that bigger the better and it would be more healthier too but do we really know the items nutritive value before eating out that hershey’s chocolate bar. Did you ever really heard about the portion distortion of food items in the country happening over the last few decades, can you remember how the hamburger size was 1.6oz and now its 8 ounces, a Hershey chocolate bar weighed .6oz and presently its 1.6oz we customers get so much carried away by the increase in portions of food items that we eat that we really fail to understand that the food manufacturers are cheating on us by giving or increasing just a minute portion in chocolate bars and you might well think that you have got good bargain by getting a bigger size, anyways for manufacturers it wont matter much handling you out with one extra piece in a chocolate but they charge you good amount and you don’t even come to know about it.

Many of us get so carried away by attractive ads especially those ones made by the food manufacturers, if you and me are to start with a fast food joint or restaurant we are sure to gain enough profits in the first year itself, such is the demand for outside food these days and specially our fast paced lifestyle leaves us with no option but to get readymade stuff what we get out. now for the health centric people, have you really heard about taco bell’s campaign, a service that will get you the 4th meal of the day, a good business manager and marketing manager can only come up with such ideas where the profits are more and expenses are less, that 100 calorie snack diet pack will cost you just some dollars for the company selling it in big numbers would obviously get handsome profits out of it, the main point here is to assure people of the fact is that do not starve yourself you should be eating round the clock to remain healthy. It is actually a win win situation where everybody in the end are happy with the outcome of the sales or company profit margins.

Even when we know the facts about food items, still we fail to stop eating the food items which are unhygienic for health. The people who have attended my workshops at any given point of time would well know the diet plan which I prescribe for one person may not go well with another person because each person’s immune system is different from other person what I want to bring forward here is the question of snacking through out the day is feasible? I mean can every person go on and on without thinking over it’s after effects? As per my experiences I can tell you that such diets should be avoided and are not good in a long run, it after all depends on the metabolism of the person who is eating it.

We all know that the life is busy and we are so overworked that we don’t really get time to think over life’s problems seriously, everybody today is having fast food items instead of concentrating on health snack items as is the norm today that people are following 3 meals per day how many of us really get time to eat that health snack thrice a day if we ask this to 10 people I think only 2 person may be a positive answer, life today is so fast paced that individuals hardly get any time with them to look after their personal lives. What I ask you is to give a little of just 15 minutes per meal and spend some good quality time to your family, I know I might be asking you the impossible but some things are possible if you want to really make it happen.

Do I expect too much from you guys, some things in life are just not possible, it might seem but you can surely change the circumstances and make it a good option for your self so that you take out enough time for yourselves, life today is so fast paced that its difficult to even concentrate on just one task whole heartedly, its all up to you to take up challenges and bring in a new stage of life where you can spend time doing things you really like to and want to do. Eat slowly and whole heartedly, enjoy every bite that you enter in your mouth not just because for the heck of it but also because you are hungry and liking it then see the difference, you not only enjoy your food quality but feel full.

Eating can be done by anyone but how many of us access the food that we eat, are we really eating up too much or are we just gung-ho and least bothered of what we eat. We are a big nation and people around the world come here to enjoy our lifestyle we cannot our trademark blink down just for the heck of it we are famous for our processed, packaged and refined food items. Have you ever noticed how tired you become at the end of the day even after eating so much the reason is that you might have not had the items in food that you really need to eat. Some people starve themselves for dieting and putting a full stop to their eating habits, but this is wrong this will only temporarily make you look thinner as the days pass you will just not end up eating more but you might loose your original shape too.

You can change your eating habits and try the new ones provided you are comfortable eating the new ones and see if that plan really works out well with your body parts. You can well check that with the item you ate through your plan and see for how longer you can stay up with full energy, and that the food is really digestive to your immune system. Bring in a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, whatever you eat shows on your face so concentrate more on healthy looking diets and fresh items.

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