Know all about Bacillary Dysentery
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Bacillary dysentery is a kind of dysentery that is normally associated with a severe kind of shigellosis. This is linked with the bacteria belonging to the enterobacteriaceae family. It is normally termed as Shigella infection. Shigellosisis a result of many types of Shigella bacteria. There are normally three species that are linked with bacillary dysentery. They are shigella sonnei, shigella dysenteriae  [...]

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Instant Electrifying Stress Busters - part 1

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Instead of getting crazy or left depressed over whatever comes across your path, try to maintain your cool temperatures and serenity. Deal with things lightly, do not burst out as this will deteriorate your health and turn your condition worse. Exercise some of my exhilarating suggestions and feel the difference yourself. Hurrah… bravo… wow… these jovial expressions will seem to come out of your mouth automatically, after you give my tips a hit. Let’s check them and find it yourself why are they so special.

Drink a cup of black tea:
You might be thinking that what’s so special about a tea? How can it calm your anxious mind? Let me explain, will you stop and read quietly what I want to say. I don’t say that, it has officially been discovered through a research in England. Researchers came to a conclusion that those who drink black tea tend to evolve through stress much more quickly than those who drink substitutes to tea. The scientific process behind this is that it creates a powerful impact on the brain’s neurotransmitters by lessening the concentration of stress hormones i.e. cortisol. Black tea contains effective ingredients like catechins, polyphenols, flavonoids and amino acids that make it so strong.

Have nuts:
“Eat healthy to stay healthy,” that’s what I will recommend to you all. Break nuts because it contains powerful nutrients like Tryptophan and Magnesium. These two work together and escalate the serotonin production. Chew some stress busting almonds that are very high in vitamin B & E, Zinc and Antioxidants. So what are you waiting for, get chewy, and go hale and hearty.

Rub your ears:
This is suggested by the legendary 5000-year old ‘Ayurveda- the science of life.’ It says that there are ‘Marma points’ like ‘Acupuncture points’ in the ears. These key points have a connection to the various parts of the body. So rubbing them alleviates stress. The procedure to perform this is that you have to rub the right ear’s boundary by the right hand and vice versa.

Smell the scent:
Get into an environment where you can smell pleasant scent, this will help you de-stress your apprehensive senses. This is a kind of therapy that is popularly called as Aroma therapy. It possesses curing potential to heal stress. The aromas that are said to have healing power are chamomile, lemon balm, geranium and lavender. So get colourful flowers that have a sweet fragrance or get down to a verdure landscape where there are plenty of flowers.

Carol Duncan, an aroma therapist who is also the owner of Massage Central suggests that apply some essential oils on the cotton balls and place them below the car seats, in the drawing room or at a room where you visit frequently, as and when the wind passes by the cotton balls they will make the atmosphere pleasant through sweet smell.

Increase Vitamin C in your diet:
Research proves that Vitamin C helps in reducing the stress hormones that are concentrated in the blood. The research was conducted at University of Alabama. They also suggested that 1000 mg of vitamin C is the most effective. Henceforth such a tremendous enlightenment, start eating fresh fruits and vegetables like oranges, lemon, citrus fruit, strawberry, papaya, rose hips, vegetables like spinach, cauliflower and there are many other fruits and vegetables that are enriched with vitamin C. Now onwards, nourish your diet with loads of vitamin C so that stress does not turn a terror for you.

Eat berries:
Antioxidants possess key features that are very essential for lessening the levels of stress.
They neutralise damaging molecules that is executed by stress. Stress releases unstable oxygen molecules which are of harmful nature and have the potential to destroy normal molecules. So, after explaining detailed chemistry, you must have got the importance of antioxidants. Therefore, it is essential to eat assortments of berries like blackberry, blueberry or any other berry. They are rich in authentic antioxidants and Vitamin C.

Put on the Pressure:
Susan Lark, MD of a leading authority of women’s health and integrative medicines recommends ‘Self-administer acupressure.’ She fleshes out an exercise just for you, “put your left finger at the base of your skull, then move it down the width of one finger, and then move it to the left the width of one finger. Position your right finger in the same place on the right side. Press both points for one to three minutes.” Implement this exercise regularly into your routine and you yourself experience the soothing effect.

There are few other tips that I will disclose in the next segment that are even more interesting and contenting than these are. Make sure you see the next segment and gain some interesting health advancing tips.

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