How To Treat Bunions
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A bunion is a deformity that is mainly made up of a lateral deviation of the great toe which enlarges due to a tissue or a bone. It is a serious foot problem. These are formed within the foot and not on the surface of the foot. An arthritic condition and  a result of bone degeneration it is found as  a lump on the outside portion of the big toe. Bunions are seen near the joint of the toe and sometimes  [...]

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How Will You Scrap An Asthma Attack?

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If someone around you says that he or she gets asthma attacks, it makes really to think that what all complications the person can have to lead a normal life. Well, in this twenty-first Century, however,  the asthma attacks or disease like asthma can be treated well, but on the other side of the picture, the quantity of asthma patients are increasing gradually because of the increasing pollution in the air, extraordinary social behaviors etc. The reasons are so many, but the basics are the same. A correct understanding of the syndrome will always help the patients or even others to face the challenges.

What is an Asthma Attack?

Asthma is ailment that directly attacks and affects the lungs of a human body. Inside the lungs, there are certain tubes that carry air in and out of the body which is called airways. In an asthmatic condition, the airways respond strongly and negatively to breath in some certain essences from the air. When theses airways respond negatively, the muscles around go tight. This makes the airways narrow and sensitive and thus, less air flows inside the lungs. The situation can also go worsen and make the airways even narrower and sometimes closed.

Symptoms of Asthma:

Asthma attack treatmentAsthma makes a patient to have severe breathlessness or shortness of breath and chest tightening conditions and coughing especially in the night time or in the time of early morning. Generally, this disease is found in the people of all age groups, but it has been noticed that the symptoms starts from the age infancy. Every people can not have the same symptoms and at the same time the similar conditions can not always lead to asthma. The symptoms always differ as per the type and state of asthma.

Causes of Asthma:

Many researchers have done so many R&D works to find the actual cause of asthma attacks but have not reached the authentic destiny.  They think that there are amalgamations of several factors that become the reason of asthma and these reasons start from the early life. It can be transmitted from some family genes and other environmental revelation. Some of the factors   that results in asthma are a hereditary affinity of developing allergies that is called atopy. Parents who have asthma can transfer to their children. Contacting some above ground particles that cause allergy or exposure to various negative viral infectivity in the infancy can also result in asthma.  If an affinity of asthma or atopy runs in a family, contacting with the airborne allergens like house dust particles, cockroaches or cat and dog dander or tobacco smoke can make the airways hastier to breathe.

Exams and Tests:

Physicians do check the medical history of the patient; he does some of his/her physical examinations and some other tests in the initial category. They also check the level of asthma whether it is in the beginning stage, mild, sensible or severe. The level of the disease concludes the type of treatment. While checking the medical history of an asthma patient or a patient of allergies the doctors ask about the family background or if any one in the family has the same symptoms or whether the patient gets asthma problems in certain times, situations and places. They also check some related health issues like the problems of sinus, running nose or even physiological stresses or setbacks. While doing a physical examination the doctors check the breathing conditions, swollen nasal passages and even the skin conditions. They also take several x-rays.

Treatments of Asthma:

The proper treatment that can cure asthma permanently is still in a silent mode. This is a life long disease which can be controlled through some proper medications and exercises. Doctors prescribe medicines or do other treatments to the patient to prevent its unrelieved symptoms like coughing and breathlessness. He assists to maintain better lung function and maintain a good activity levels in the body and have a good sleep in the night. They give long time or quick relief medicines after checking the actual condition of the patient. However, the patients who are suffering with asthma should always know that it is an extensive disease and need an   extensive care. Patients should visit to the doctor frequently to have frequent check ups. If a patient is using inhaled medicines, he/she should know how to use an inhaler and keep it with him/her always. If a patient is using other prescribed medicines, he/she should have them on time with a healthy diet.


Whilst there is no way to prevent asthma attacks, people can take steps to manage the disease and check the symptoms. One should always have the knowledge of the facts of asthma and identify and avoid things that make it most horrible. If the symptoms go awful like the patients is having attacks very often and having sleepless nights, the normal day-to-day activities are going under restrictions, the medicines are not working healthy or there is a frequent need of inhaler he/she can immediately check with a specialist. Food can always be a good prevention for asthma patient as it helps to control the fundamental inflammation of air passages. A proper diet opens the air passages and trims down the mucus inside the lungs. As for example, onions work as a good anti-inflammatory medicine. In some cases, to get a quick relief from asthma attack the patient should eat hot foods like hot chili pepper, mustard or garlic. A patient can also have an intake of caffeine. An asthma patient should always avoid eating meat or diary products and try to have more fresh fruits and vegetables. He/she also should try to breath in a fresh air; an   everyday simple morning walk can also show good results. If the symptoms are mild, they can go by nominal treatments.

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