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PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome cannot be diagnosed through any specific test. The process of diagnosis of PCOS involves checking the symptoms experienced by the patients and ruling out of other possible disorders through different diagnostic tests for establishing PCOS as the only cause of those symptoms. If your doctor feels that the signs and symptoms experienced by you indicate the occurrence of polycystic ovarian syndrome, he may ask you to undergo one or more of the following diagnostic procedures. However, your medical history will also play a big role in diagnosis of PCOS. 1.  Pelvic examination: This test is generally done by the doctor himself. The doctor will manually examine the reproductive organs of the patient for checking for abnormalities like presence of growths or masses.  [...]

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Tips for Using Lemon Juice for Removing Freckles
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Freckles are flat and dark skin spots found particularly in people having blond or red hair and fair skin. These spots are found mostly in the skin areas that stay exposed to sunrays. The most effective way of preventing occurrence of freckles is applying a sunscreen having SPF (sun-protective factor) 30 on your exposed skin before going out in the sun. One should also wear sunglasses, hats etc when under sunlight. However, these things only help in preventing the occurrence of freckles; if you have already developed freckles on your skin, you should look for natural agents for removing them. This will ensure that you don’t suffer from any side effect after removing the freckles. One of the most effective natural ingredients used as a remedy of freckles is lemon juice. However, lemon juice cannot remove them completely; it can only fade the freckles and make them less visible.

Procedure 1 of using lemon juice as remedy for freckles:

  • Wash the hands well using warm water and soap before you start treating the freckles. Cleaning the hands before touching the skin will prevent bacteria or dirt from spreading.
  • Next, cut the lemon (using a fresh lemon is recommended) into slender slices. Put a slice on every freckled skin area.
  • Wait for ten minutes and remove the slices.
  • Rinse the skin using warm water; finally pat the skin dry using a clean and soft towel.
  • Once the procedure is complete, apply a medicated, light moisturizer on the skin. Repeating this entire treatment once a week will help in fading the freckles.

Procedure 2 of using lemon juice as remedy for freckles:

  • Take a fresh lemon and cut it into two halves.
  • Take one half of the lemon and sprinkle half teaspoon of white sugar to it.
  • Next, rub the sugar laden lemon on the skin areas with freckles for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Rinse your face using warm water and pat the skin dry. Apply a mild moisturizer.
  • For best effects use this lemon scrub once a week.

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Dietary Guidelines of Ulcerative Colitis Patients
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Dietary Guidelines of Ulcerative Colitis Patients
Ulcerative colitis is defined as a digestive disorder marked by inflammation in the rectum and colon. Chronic inflammation occurring due to ulcerative colitis might end up destroying the patient’s intestinal lining leading to ulcers that might bleed. One may develop this condition at any age; however, the disease is more common among individuals between 15 and 30 years of age. Doctors other than suggesting medication also prescribe a specific diet plan for patients diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. The discussion below will explain the some essential dietary guidelines these patients should follow. The intensity of ulcerative colitis symptoms might vary from one patient to another. Generally, dieticians ask these patients to follow a diet low in volume. Such diets produce residues in modest amount, which is helpful for people suffering from ulcerative colitis. Frequent bowel movement might result in further swelling of the patient’s rectum and colon. Eating low-residue diets will minimize  [...]

Dealing with Low Blood Pressure Naturally
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The effects of low blood pressure on the sufferer might be as severe as high blood pressure. The medical term used for low blood pressure is hypotension. According to medical experts, people with chronic hypotension are susceptible towards developing other serious health disorders like endocrinal disorders, heart problems and neurological disorders. The common signs indicating abnormal decrease in blood pressure levels are: fainting and a feeling of lightheadedness. There’s no particular medicine for treating low blood pressure; this health problem can only be managed naturally by introducing certain lifestyle and dietary changes in the patient’s life. Lifestyle modification for managing hypotension: A bath using warm water twenty minutes before going to bed at night can help in getting rid of this problem. Adding Epsom salt to the bathing water will enhance the healing effect of the bath. If hypotension is triggered by circulatory conditions like varicose veins, wearing an elastic  [...]

Herniated Disk Rehabilitation: What Are the Effective Exercises?
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Herniated Disk Rehabilitation: What Are the Effective Exercises?
The exercises recommended for patients recovering from herniated disk as a part of their rehabilitation program include the following: The back extensions: These exercises involve curving the spine backwards; the list of back extensions recommended to patients with herniated disk also includes many yoga asanas. One of the most common back extensions recommended for therapeutic purposes is the cobra pose. In a cobra pose, you will have to extend your spine using your arms and stretch your body’s front portion. To perform this yoga pose, you will have to position your hands in the same way as you do while doing pushups. Next, press onto the ground arching the upper body; your thighs and hips must however, stay on the ground. Core strengthening exercise: Exercise categorized under this form is done for making the muscles of our legs and torso stronger. These are the muscles supporting the other parts of our body. The two most common exercises done for core training are: the bridge and the  [...]

Effective Remedies for Leprosy
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Effective Remedies for Leprosy
Leprosy can be defined as an infectious and chronic health disorder caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium leprae. This disease mostly affects our skin, mucosa of upper respiratory tract, eyes and peripheral nerves.  This article will inform you about the most effective remedies for leprosy: Antibiotics: Doctors generally prescribe antibiotics to leprosy patients for stopping the disease from progressing. The most commonly prescribed antibiotics for controlling leprosy are rifampin and dapsone. At times, the bacteria causing leprosy are antibiotic resistant; in such cases, the doctor needs to prescribe additional medications. Majority of the tough leprosy cases are managed by clofazimine; however, the doctor might also prescribe medications like ethionamide, ofloxacin, clarithromycin or minocycline. The antibiotic dosages for the treatment of leprosy generally continue for a minimum of six months. The leprosy patient might need to continue consuming these medications even for years if the  [...]

The Triggers of Bacterial Diarrhea
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The Triggers of Bacterial Diarrhea
Diarrhea is a medical condition marked by passing of loose and watery tools for over 3 times within a day. Diarrhea might be caused by bacterial, viral and parasitic infections. Chronic diarrhea might also occur due to IBS or irritable bowel syndrome. This article will inform you about the common triggers of bacterial diarrhea. Salmonella: In the USA, 42% of the cases of bacterial infections triggered by food born bacteria occur due to Salmonella. These bacteria can infect food items through feces of both human beings and animals and this is possible due to the low quality of sanitary procedures involved in food production. Till date, studies have found evidences of the fact that Salmonella bacteria have over 2,300 serotypes, out of which the two most widely available types in United States are Salmonella Typhimurium and Salmonella Enteritidis. Campylobacter jejuni: The next most common trigger of bacterial diarrhea is Campylobacter jejuni. This bacterium starts growing due to mishandling  [...]

Taking Care of Your Child’s Skin
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Taking Care of Your Child’s Skin
Skin diseases are common among children. However, majority of the skin diseases can be prevented by taking proper care of the child’s skin. Below we have presented some guidelines for mothers to help them ensuring good health of their children’s skin. Always make sure that your kids are washing their hands well after using bathroom and before eating. If you are the mother of a young child help him in creating soap lather in his hands. Using warm water while washing hands helps in killing the germs present there. Check whether your child is rubbing the regions like the area under his nails, between the fingers well while washing hands. Soaps (both for bathing and for washing hands) to be used by the little ones must be gentle in nature. Children should use soaps that are devoid of dyes and fragrances. Artificial dyes and fragrances might make the skin of the kids dry; children with sensitive skin may experience skin irritation due to these ingredients. If you are bathing your baby,  [...]

Healthy Foods for the Growing Children
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Healthy Foods for the Growing Children
As mother of growing children, you must make sure that you are offering them the right kinds of foods. The food types that are beneficial for growing children are: Whole grains: The whole grain foods contain high quantity of fibers. Certain whole grain food items are also rich in essential nutrients like vitamin B complex, iron etc. These foods will supply your child the energy they need for accomplishing their daily activities. Whole wheat foods can be included in all main meals of a child. Examples of whole grain foods include: crackers, whole wheat breads, whole grain cereals etc. Fresh vegetables and fruits: Fresh vegetables and fruits like baby carrots, apples etc will help you in adding extra fibers to the diet of your child. These food items also act as a source of carbohydrate for the growing children like the whole grain foods. Fresh vegetables and fruits, especially the colorful ones also contain all the essential minerals and vitamins. You can offer fruit salads and salads prepared  [...]

What Are the Signs of Deep Bone Bruises?
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What Are the Signs of Deep Bone Bruises?
Bones are made with a chain of fibers, which act by helping our body to retain the calcium, the most essential mineral required for having strong and healthy bones. This article will inform you about the signs of deep bone bruises: Pain: The pain indicating deep bone bruises generally occurs in the region of the body experiencing the injury. Unlike a superficial skin bruise, the deep bone bruise might result in occurrence of severe pain that doesn`t subside even after several months. It has been found that the patient suffering from pain due to deep bone bruises fails to move the body part having the bruises. For instance: if the deep bone bruise has occurred in a leg bone, the patient will find it extremely difficult to walk and may require to use a wheel chair until the bruise subsides. So, if you are continuously experiencing severe pain in any part of your body for a long period of time, seek medical attention immediately. The pain might be due to deep bone bruises. Swelling: An injury  [...]

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