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How to Get Rid of Embarrassing Pig Turd Breath

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Unremitting bad breath afflicts millions of individuals globally and is something not tackled by basic brushing, oral washes or Altoids. The condition is known as ‘halitosis’ and its causes are myriad, however it is approximated that ninety percent of such issues develop within the mouth.

Bacterial presences in the mouth contribute to breaking down of proteins which release sulphur compounds that are fart-like in smell. Other reasons for wilted flowers breath is plaque accruement, oral dryness, tattered dental work or bacteria growing on the backside of the tongue.

In several individuals having foul breath, crypt or cave-similar apertures in the tonsils create foul smelling stone-similar build-up known tonsilliths or tonsil nuggets. The other ten percent of cases arise due to stomach acid reflux, pancreatic, kidney or liver issues or sinus infections.

In case one has been regularly doing tongue-scraping and do not have any medical conditions then the foremost visit to a dentist is imperative. Hygienists as well as dentists would conduct an examination of the teeth for checking presence of plaque or pitiable dental work, gums for analysing gingivitis presence and would additionally examine tonsils if any tonsil stones are not hidden inside. In case a modifiable reason is spotted they would treat it instantaneously. In case they are not able to locate the root cause of bad breath then referral to a health care provider would be done for ensuring if there is any other non oral problem causal to the ghastly breath.

In case tonsil stones/nugget presence has been detected, these are removed by the use of ‘water pik’. One then has to be watchful about preventing foods or dry mucus built up in these caverns that could simply putrefy and reek up the mouth. Severe cases with incessant tonsil infection would necessitate seeing an (Ear-nose-throat) ENT specialist.

Here are several basic pointers from oral care specialists on having kissable breath.

  • Gargling using peroxide or anti-microbial oral washes is vital in case of those having excessive plaque development. The oxygen presence in it obliterates oral bacteria and proffers fresh breath.
  • Chewing gums having xylitol would help in banishing foul breath as it causes salivation that sluices away oral bacteria and prevents oral dryness related bad breath.
  • OTC antacid brands could help in easing acidic/sour stomach that could be causal to halitosis when one burps. Those with milk intolerance and having gastrointestinal issues could opt for lactase pills.
  • Eat yoghurt which restocks the favourable bacteria in the intestines and facilitates a healthy mouth. Even cinnamon, celery or parsley could be eaten in-between meal times for freshening breath. Parsley is believed to have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal traits.
  • Using fluoride oral rinses for better breaths. Even decaying tooth could be prevented using fluoride toothpaste and ideal dental care like flossing once a day and brushing teeth plus tongue two times a day.
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