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Feet are that part of the body that support your weight and body and make a major fashion statement. If they are not cared for and taken care of well, then the soles of the feet develop flaky patches and crack. Cracked feet are known as heel fissures, are a problem for all ages. When the cracks in the feet are very deep then they split the skin open and thus make it very prone to infection and bleeding.  [...]

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How to Gain Weight

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There are many women who have a problem of being underweight and thus experience a lot of discomfort and tiredness. How best to gain weight then? Being underweight leads to fatigue, weakness and anemia alongwith other problems like infertility and menses. The best way to beat this problem is to have a good and balanced diet and become healthy. This diet should be free of pesticides and stuff and should be low calorie based. Women can thus gain weight and put their health towards a better and constructive cause.

There are a number of calories that you find everyday. Consume more servings that you normally do and increase the number of meals thus giving yourself a chance to gain weight. Do not skip meals. Make sure you have around 250 to 500 calories more than your daily calorie intake. This would ensure that you gain at least one and a half pound per week.

How to Gain WeightMake sure that you increase the calorie content of your food but do not increase the volume of food that you eat. Sauté the eggs and organic vegetables in olive oil which is said to be extremely good for healthy. Salads and sandwiches could make do with organic avocado. Also sprinkling walnuts on the oatmeal is another good way of gaining weight. Organic dry milk powder can be stirred in the pancake batter, smoothies and casseroles. All these ensure that you would add good weight in a healthy way.

Chose all those organic snacks that are high on calories and head for the organic trail mix and whole grain bread and dense granola alongwith nuts. Make sure that you have the low fat dairy cottage cheese at home and include that in all the food that you make. Yoghurt and cheese have a great impact on the weight of the person and these help in the underweight women gain healthy pounds. All these foods also ensure that you do not become a victim of osteoporosis.

Carry snacks with you everywhere as organic foods help to curb the hunger pang when you are away from home. Make a daily plan of the food that you want to take and pack a cooler with organic cheese, crackers, fruits and nut butter and natural deli meat.

Make sure that you have a lot of water and drink calories in like organic juices and low fat milk. Make a smoothie with organic protein, organic fruit and organic soy milk. You may feel too full to finish the drink so avoid drinking it along with your meals.

If you want to gain weight then do not binge on those sugary sweets as they only increase the calorie load. The ice cream and the cookies could be organic butt they need not be healthy. Underweight women are at a greater risk of having problems with health as they have a lot of sugar and fat. Add a light exercise after eating well. It could be a walk everyday or a bike ride as it helps to stimulate your appetite.

So while on the process of gaining weight have lot of organic olive oil, nuts and nut butter, juices, granola, low fat dairy products and dry milk powder with you. Then of course the main aim of a diet is to permit the intake of more calories than you need if you want to gain weight. The menus are healthy for gaining weight and are mainly based on the nutrition quality and the quantity that you eat.Gain Weight for Women

If you have a high calorie food for breakfast then it would help you to gain weight and also meet the needs of the body. Add a cup of juice or milk and increase the calorie content by at least 150 calories. If you want a high calorie breakfast then try having a high calorie sandwich with tofu as it also increases the protein content. Orange juice and cheese also can be added to increase the content of calories within.

Make your lunch full of carbohydrate rich food like brown rice, potatoes and tofu alongwith whole wheat bread, nuts and beans. Vegetables and beans give the nutrition that is needed for maintaining the proper balance of calories. Butter can be added so that there is a level of healthy fat in the body. Peanut butter is a good option to gain weight and this would not only help with protein but also with calories.

Dinner could be casseroles and mashed potatoes alongwith dried milk powder. Add some margarine and beans with cheese sauce and broccoli.

Thus it is very easy to gain weight by changing your food habits and by altering your lifestyle.

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