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Home Workout for Sculpting a Trimmer, Sexier Body

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What’s the secret to getting a slimmer, envious physique with a home workout? It’s all about engaging maximum number of muscles doable whilst swiftly shifting between exercises for maintaining revved up heart rate.

The home workout plan illustrated herewith involves doing resistance exercise ensued instantaneously by an elevated-energy cardio movement which is working the analogous muscle group. This approach is dubbed ‘zig-zagging’ & effectually augments lean muscle mass & reduces body fats via keeping supplementary muscle fibres engaged & exhuming plentiful calories in a brief period of time.

The following fat-burning home workout moves annul the need for visiting the gym and pairing in super-groups (duo moves performed consecutively sans any rest in-between) would certainly be getting the performer into exterminator mode swifter. Doing this all-body routine on 3 non-successive days per week: begin with the first move & doing as much repetitions as one could in a minute’s time then going on to the 2nd move (the 2nd part of the super-set) – once more, as much repetitions as could be done in a minute ensued by doing 3rd move & continuing such a pattern till one has completed all the eight exercises which completes 1 circuit. Now after having rested for 1-2 minutes (or challenging oneself by having a briefer break) & then repeating for 2-3 circuits in totality.

Super-Group I

Exercise 1 – Forwards Lunges

  • Standing with feet placed at a distance hip width away & hands to be placed on one’s hip area.
  • Stepping forwards with one’s left leg & gradually lowering one’s body till one’s left knee is bended perpendicularly in the least.
  • Pushing back to the start pose & repeating with one’s right leg.
  • his constitutes one repetition.

Super-Group I

Squatted Jumps

  • Standing with feet placement hip width away & toe areas to point forwards.
  • In a light manner, touching one’s fingers at the back of one’s ears & elbows extended to the sides.
  • Knees are to be bended followed by jumping in an explosive manner to as much height as one could.
  • Landing in a gentle manner on the ball area of one’s feet & instantaneously lowering into one’s subsequent squat.

Super-Group II


  • Getting into a push-up pose with feet placement hip width away & hands placed to a slight extent outside one’s shoulder area.
  • One’s body must be forming a straightened line from crown to toes.
  • Body is to be lowered till trunk almost makes contact with the ground.
  • Pausing & then pushing back to start pose as soon as doable.
  • This constitutes one repetition.

Super-Group II


  • Arms placed by one’s sides & standing by placing feet hip width away.
  • In a single movement, knees are to be bended & hands placed on the ground on both sides of one’s legs followed by jumping feet back so that one is in the push-up pose with back erect.
  • Swiftly reversing the movement for returning to the starting pose.
  • This constitutes one repetition.

Super-Group III

Plie Squats

  • Standing with one’s legs 2-3 feet away, toes to be turning outwards & hands placed on one’s hips.
  • Hips are to be pushed backwards & lowering one’s body till one’s thighs are parallel-wise to the ground.
  • Pausing & then gradually pushing oneself back to the beginning pose.
  • This constitutes a single repetition.

Super-Group III

Jumping-Jack Move

  • Standing with feet placed some inches away from one another & arms placed at one’s sides & then concurrently hoisting one’s arms out to one’s sides & on top of one’s crown & jumping one’s feet outwards so that they are somewhat more apart as compared shoulder width distance.
  • Sans any pause, swiftly reversing the motion.
  • Repeating.

Super-Group IV

T-Stabilizing Move

  • Begin in a push-up pose with one’s body forming a straightened line from crown to toes.
  • Arms are to be kept straightened, engaging core, shifting one’s weight onto one’s right arm, rotating one’s trunk to the left & raising one’s left arm towards the roof so that one’s body is forming a letter ‘T’; one’s left foot must be over one’s right.
  • After pausing for 3 seconds returning to the start pose & repeating on the other side as well.

  • This constitutes a single repetition.

Super-Group IV

Sitting Rotations

  • Being seated on the ground with one’s legs to the fore of oneself, bending knees & lifting heels a couple of inches mid-air, leaning backwards at a forty-five degree inclination & extending one’s arms straightened ahead of one’s trunk, palm areas together.
  • In a gradual manner, one’s upper body is to be rotated to the left, pausing & then rotating to the right and continually alternate.
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