How To Treat Bunions
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A bunion is a deformity that is mainly made up of a lateral deviation of the great toe which enlarges due to a tissue or a bone. It is a serious foot problem. These are formed within the foot and not on the surface of the foot. An arthritic condition and  a result of bone degeneration it is found as  a lump on the outside portion of the big toe. Bunions are seen near the joint of the toe and sometimes  [...]

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Home Remedies that Effectively Resolve Common Ailments

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Recuperative practices of olden days & innate cures being passed across generations lost footing after inception of modern medicine, with pills available for nearly all ailments, though is granny & those of the earlier generations mistaken?

Certainly not, factually several of the sicknesses one experiences could be ably managed with the use of rather basic, innate approaches. Elucidated herewith are 7 various traditional practices for prevalent conditions.

Proven Home Remedies

Bad Breath (Halitosis)

Since bad breath is classically stemming from systemic, GI &/or URTIs & bacteriological metabolism from the salivary production, tongue or dental plaques – that are signs of systemic imbalance that could be cured by the inclusion of probiotic - taken orally in supplemental form or food forms post-fermentation.

Hence, it is widely recommended to have yoghurt for combating foul breath though one needs to steer clear from the commercially obtainable ones that are sugar-laden & prepared from milk post-pasteurization – which actually are doing greater damage than being of any assistance. Merely opt for yoghurts that undergo traditional fermentation like kefir prepared from unpasteurized milk having no included sugar. Another option is consuming foods that undergo traditional fermentation like tempe, natto or taking a top-quality probiotic such as Complete Probiotics.

Alongside re-populating the useful bacterial form in the stomach, it is staunchly advised to limit the key manure that promote bacterial proliferation which leads to foul breath, i.e., Sugar & grain forms which are swiftly breaking down the sugar. This translates to curbing intake of food forms post-processing (that are laden with grain as well as sugars or high-fructose corn syrup), since they allow foul odour-producing bacterial forms in growing uninhibitedly.

Be wary of oral washes which are solely effectual against foul breath arising due to intra-oral aspects. All those gargles & swishes would not be helping when the issue is stemming from imbalanced bacterial forms in the digestive tract, for instance.


A truly uncomplicated & cost-effective means of allaying characteristic itching due to eczema is application of salt-water compresses all over the scratchy region. One should ideally be using good-quality innate salt and just making a mix with tepid water, soaking the compresses in it & applying them on bothersome areas would really resolve the itchiness.

Optimal hydration of skin is additionally important. Skin cream products are atypically the resolution to this problem, though instead one must be hydrating one’s skin from the within-out by increasing intake of good-quality, animals based omega-3s into dietetic intake like salmon oil, cod liver plus fish oil (in blend form) & krill oil. Also the inclusion of some amount of GLA (gamma linoleic acid) present in black currant oil, borage oil, EPO, flaxseed oil even has been found to work superlatively for this skin issue by reducing inflammation & swellings in the skin.

Moreover, food allergy presence dons a crucial part in eczema and the prevalent offender is found to be wheat or to be more specific, gluten, hence steer clear of grains that contain them is thus a prudent foremost approach.

Foregoing grains would even help in normalizing insulin levels & lower some or all inflammation-causing problems one might be having like inflamed skin. Other prevalent culprits triggering allergies are egg & milk. Several physicians highly advice on eliminating foods that one doubts is causing problems & check whether one’s condition has improved in around seven days, at times lesser, following their removal from one’s dietetic intake in case any of them are trouble-mongers.

Finally, vitamin D obtained on being exposed to the sun’s rays could be your finest ally whilst one deals with several skin problems like psoriasis, eczema.

Preferably, one must be getting one’s requirements for vitamin D from being exposed to the sun’s rays since ultraviolet B rays on the skin’s surface would not merely be metabolizing the sunshine vitamin, however would even aid in restoring most favourable skin functioning. Elevated levels of exposure to ultraviolet B rays have a direct effect on the skin – however not till sunburns develops & would vastly help in improving skin quality.

In case one isn’t getting ample sun exposure in the wintry season then opting for top-quality safe tanning beds which would offer the optimised types of ultraviolet A & B rays sans risky electromagnetic frequency exposures.

Motion Sickness

Although olive might be of assistance, though ginger is still a superior option in comparison. It is conventionally deployed for people feeling nauseous, however even appears to be working for motion sickness. During tea preparation, just mash a smallish piece of ginger & then steeping it in scalding water for half-a-minute till many minutes on end. As it is rather effective; hence sip it in every thirty-second time intervals.

As an alternative, for a swifter way to ease motion sickness symptoms, simply swallowing around ½ tsp. fine diced ginger. Even the use of Ballota nigra a herb from the European mint family & peppermint that are, in fact, conventional home remedies for such ailment and could be consumed in dry extract of capsular, powdered or tea or as tincture/ fluid extract.

For preparing tea deploying dry herb, add around a tsp. of it into a sieve & placing it in a mug of scorching water though skip sugar.

Also practicing the EFT or emotional freedom technique helps in balancing & calming bothersome motion sickness signs.

Non-stop Hiccup

Whoever told you to take sugar for resolving hiccup problem is totally off-beam as there are several finer choices which don’t cause spikes in insulin levels. Another time-tested way of resolving continuously felt hiccup is holding down the smallish cartilaginous flaps in front of the exterior openings of the ears for closing off the ear canals whilst drinking a glassful of water.

Fungus in Toe Nails

You might be taken aback but using Vicks VapoRub on fungus formations in the toes actually is quite effective. Other ways of reducing one’s chances of developing fungus infections is curbing sugar that provides nourishment to the fungus. Even time spent in oceanic settings regularly could offer respite. Also, during the wintry months reduce donning footwear to only must-need situations or wearing those that allow air circulating in the feet & exposing nails of the toes to sun’s rays daily help since ultraviolet rays appear to be very potent in resolving this issue.

URTIs & Throat Soreness

There is ample proof which shows that the sunshine vitamin dons a key part in one’s immune system hence maintaining ideal levels must be one’s top priority for shielding from any form of infection, inclusive of URI’s.

Also vitamin D deficits due to shortage of sunlight in the wintry season is also a reason for a rise in flu, cold cases & many trials have indicated a link amid lesser amounts of the sunshine vitamin & greater chances of contracting URTIs. Some doctors vouch by the potency of hydrogen peroxide wherein administration of some droplets of three per cent hydrogen peroxide inside the right & left ear helped treat flu & cold in twelve to fourteen hours. Some extent of frothing is expected though nothing to be worried about & perhaps some stinging feeling would be felt. One must be waiting till these reduce (generally five to ten minutes) & then draining off into paper towels & do the analogous on the other ear as well.

One of the proven home remedies for throat soreness is using raw honey plus lemon for preparing this potent cough syrup by following the steps mentioned below.

  • Place a pint-sized amount of raw honey into an open vessel on least flame. Avoid boiling the honey as it tends to alter its medicinal worth.
  • Now boiling a lemon in another vessel for two to three minutes for softening & sterilizing its skin.
  • Allow the mix in cooking on tepid heat for around sixty minutes and then straining the lemon off whilst ensuring the seed part is taken out.
  • Allow cooling & then bottling the mix in a tightly closed container & then refrigerated (lasting till 2 months).
  • Taking half tsp. for twenty-five pounds weight kid & one tsp. for a fifty pounds weighing kid, around four times daily or whenever requirement arises. For an adult taking a tbsp. dosages are recommended.


Those susceptible to headache are stalwartly recommended on evaluating their way of living to ascertain the real reason. There are several kinds of headaches existent & all of them with their own assemblage of triggering factors.

In case of non-tension nature headache or not due to pitiable postural reasons, evading wheat, sugars, grain, artificial sweetener & preservative of any kind, & any type of fluid apart from water appears to be especially effectual. People who ail from recurring migraines too would be benefited from being heedful about the just mentioned recommendation. One needs to bear in mind about staying the path since nutritional alterations would be taking some amount of time for working.

Migraine is another prevalent form of headache & oftentimes noted that artificial sweeteners particularly aspartame are triggering them in several individuals. Hence, evade any diet product.

Duo approaches which provide instantaneous respite entail intravenously administered magnesium & EFT (especially quite effectual for allaying pains of any type, mostly tackling pains within a matter of minutes).

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