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There are foods that are healthy for the heart and which lower the blood pressure. They are also seen to reduce the symptoms of plaque and also have been responsible for improving the fitness of the cardio systems. The food that you eat gives a lot of pleasure to your palate and provides your body with a lot of healing substances. People would never think that the morning grapefruit gives the blood  [...]

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Get Hopi Coned To Relieve Stress

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Want to beat the stress of life and other ailments, get your ears coned. Coning one’s ears is a primeval procedure with many curative benefits. This is quite a delicate procedure where the main constituent is the bee wax obtained from the bee hives. The wax being the essential feature in this process, is the key filler in the hollow candle shaped cylindrical structures. The cotton material used in the cylinder is immersed in a suspension of honey and other natural herbal extractions for a period of about a month. The cotton material is then made into a shape of a tube and lit. During the treatment, spanning about half an hour causes the wax to melt, releasing the toxic substances from the ear which then tarnishes and is converted to fumes.

During the Egyptian era, the main material in use was linen, derived from flax obtained from the fibres of blued hued flowering plant available throughout the year. Now-a-days, the ten to twelve inches long candles used in the practice, are made at home and uses soft cotton cloths. The process carried out by nimble, experienced hands is an excellent decongestant for various ailments like sinus, excessive wax formation, migraine, tonsil problem, for noisy snorers, hay fever, sounds in the ear, flu symptoms.

During the process, when the candle burns, it sends delicate vibrations through the ear canal, to the ear drum, releasing excess pressure that might have built up by persons during deep sea diving and during flights.

At the end of this process, one feels absolutely tranquil, improves one’s thought process, aids in de-stressing oneself and helps create a balanced, soothing aura. The procedure is carried out safely in people ranging in all age groups.

Many of us are under the mistaken truth that using commercial cotton buds is adequate for cleaning the ears, but they actually push the wax way inside, thus creating eventual complications.

The process is so helpful that the wax built up will keep automatically surfacing for the next two to three days, varying on the amount of the wax deposition in the ear. People with ailments related to the respiratory track, allergic rhinitis sense a huge sigh of equanimity and relief.

All in all, this pain free, effectual means of ear cleansing through localised heat application is the absolute stress reliever and definitely must be tried by one and all.

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