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Alternative therapies for arthritic conditions are inclusive of treatments like acupuncture or magnets, chondrotin or glucosamine. People having arthritis usually suffer with conditions like stress, stiffness, pain, and depression. So it is imperative that there are alternative treatments for arthritis, which will help patients cope with this in a better way and in a healthier manner. If you do not  [...]

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Get A Halt To Holiday Hazards

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Getting a holiday is fun-making news for every one as it gives immense pleasure and happiness and gives a depart to the day-to-day busy life and stress. From festival to togetherness, from trips to parties, the holiday has various religious, official, unofficial, secular, consecutive and national and international forms. It ends up to a vacation whether small or big, that brings time and courage for “you and your family”. The word is one with various emotions and dreams. Nevertheless, the holiday can also be an other reason of stress and un-wanted weight gain for people because of the unmanaged daily routine and unusual dietary intakes.

How holiday becomes stressful?

The holidays offer a lot of   motives to be stressful. This starts form the parties, the get-togethers, the various gift exchanges and many more. However, the main reason behind the holiday stress is the family. Various responsibilities, burdens, family traditions are some of those. If a person is suffering with some disease that is related to heart or even mind or is under the clinical concerns or even had depression in the past, for him/her holidays can be worst or can create severe problems. Ken Duckworth, Medical Director of the National Alliance on Mental Illness has said that people think that the idea of having a holiday is felt to be stress-free but the situation is not actually the same. The reason is the family relatives are very much convoluted. “But that’s doesn’t mean that the solution is to skip the holidays entirely,” adds Duckworth.

“Too Much” aspect for holiday stress:

Holiday hazardsThe ‘too much’ factor is the main reason behind the holiday stress. Most significantly , in a holiday, people lead a life that is busier than his/her day-to-day life , they mostly work out too much for good belongings as for example , going out for a movie or   even a long trip , a get together or even a party becomes more demanding. However, researchers say this is a positive type of stress which is called “eustress”.On the other hand this too much stress has several negative impacts on the human health whether it is the physical impact or the impact on brain. The end of the day brings the feeling of exhausted than satisfied because of these too much performances.

Extreme eating, drinking and spending:

Most of the holidays have excess of parties and gift-giving circumstances. This includes an excess of eating, drinking and being cheerful in an excessive manner.  The temptation to overspending, going to rich deserts or having too much of alcohol can lead to serious stress and severe end results like weight gain, recollections of   scratchy behavior and even debt in a pick. The results can affect more deeply when the season is ended.

Get together:

Holidays are the time when many comprehensive families want to gather in one place. However, this is a very magnificent craze, but even the closest families do overdosing activities on the togetherness. This makes hard for the family members to manage a healthy balance between the lonesomeness and togetherness. Many families have the rules that each member should follow the same percentage of ‘role’ of being together more than each one with more enthusiasm. This makes the gathering more stressful. Nevertheless, for those people who do not have a family or many relatives, loneliness can become a bigger trouble for them. People who do not have many friends can really have stressful holidays with the typical  deadly loneliness.

Seasonal affective Disorders (SAD):

The bad affects of season changing are the most well-known issues nowadays. This is one of those typically unknown and neglected problems. In a holiday, mostly people goes to places where the weather is very cold from a place where the weather is very hot. This situation happens especially in the summer season, this is the season when people go to the  places where the weather is cool enough. This results in so many health problems which show its face after the holiday gets over. The affects of weather changes can   also be seen in the manner of depression, where people want to spend more time inside the house instead of going out.

Unusual dreams and demands:

People also see unusual dreams and  do unusual demands which leads to unexpected social behaviors and unusual money expenses. At times ,the affects of these unusual demands gives the negative results for life. Conversely, there can be a way out to this holiday quandary to fight with those extreme stress and unwanted weight gains.

Choosing the correct food:

Choosing the appropriate food can be an excellent solution is the most effective way to cope with the various mental and physical stresses resulted by holidays. One should be careful while eating, there should not be any kind of overdose of oily and heavy food, which not only becomes the cause of heart and liver problems but also affects the mind and becomes a big cause of mental stress. The author of Food & Mood, Elizabeth Somer has commented that choosing food for eating or taking inside the body tissue should always be in such a manner which can make the blood sugar stable and as a result , the feelings of mind and even heart naturally becomes cool and positive. The foods that comprise whole-grain cereal including milk, peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat bread, or spinach salad in addition to that half turkey sandwich with milk are some of the slow digesting foods. Sugar, white bread , some refined food are some of those that absorb quickly making  the blood sugar high and results into unexpected crashes. In general, after a crash one feels crabby and hungry and it becomes the time to eat chocolate bars or candy etc, which can set the human body for one more blood sugar compel.

Recharge the Mind:

Mind is said to be the engine of the body. Thus, the mind should get a proper care and recharging everyday, whether it is a holiday or an extreme busy normal day. When it comes to holiday, the mind works more than normal because of all the planning of “how the holiday will be made?” In this situation, the body needs not only a proper mental and physical exercise but also a balanced food. Here, the high protein diets may help to drop those pounds but will not increase the spirits. The body also needs the serotonin, the chemical that is found in the foods which also boosts the mind and especially the mood. The Co-author of “The Good Mood Diet” and PhD , RD, M Kleiner says that the carbohydrates are essential for moving tryptophan, which is coined as amino acid that makes up serotonin, in the brain. When the blood sugar drops, the availability of carbohydrates becomes lesser in the bloodstream and thus less tryptophan moves inside the brain and as a result the mood gets the attacks of various variations. However, mental stress that occurs in a holiday is very much predictable and manageable.  They are not those type of stress that come in the way of a day-to-day normal life, people know when the stress is going to start and when going to end, thus there are various ways that can not only reduce the stress level but also can make the holiday really enjoyable.

Make a list of “what to do?” and set the priorities:

Holy brings lots of demands. But one should always make a list of every thing whether big or small to make the things easier. One should also fix those works which cannot be left or in other words one should set the priorities. This kind of exercise can not only lead to low the burdens of extra works, spending or any kind of too much wastages. As for example, all those caroling, baking, shopping, visiting relatives, sending cards or even eating and many other activities should be limited and can control any kind of burden.

Place of spending time:

People usually go for very well-known palaces to spend a good holiday. The names can be plenty. But mostly these type of places are much crowed and thus, do not provide that much satisfaction of mind and body that is desired. One should always find a nearest and peaceful place to kill time in holiday. A place that has full of greenery will be more positive for health and mind.

Management of time:

One should   not go for the last minute decisions or the last minute shopping. One should have enough time to the farm duties. There should a deadline for everything. Planning should be done as for practice of five minutes everyday and should be written in a paper. There should be a proper meditation every day. The meditation gives thoughtful know-how, how to spend the holiday. This will create awareness full of rest and bring that feeling of experiencing a holiday. Meditation is a very important part, while closing eyes and breathing in and out one can imagine the words, sounds the rhythm of the vacation that will give the real affect in the journey.

Catch a physician:

The people, who are suffering with any kind of physical or mental irregularity or disease, should always take the suggestions from the doctor before going for any holiday trip. They should always maintain the medications to have a healthy holiday. However, some of the significant first aid should always be carried whenever going for a long or even short trip in a vacation.

Maintain an everyday routine:

One should always maintain an every day routine, like those morning walks, getting up early in the morning, having a balanced diet and on time. Maintaining the regular exercises, yoga and mediations are the simplest way to combat the holy stress and weight gains.

Holiday will never end its impact o people. The proportion will increase as the new plans, places and ideas will come in the minds and on the earth. The negative affects of a vacation are still not that much famous and affective to stop a holiday journey. The single point that can always make the vacation perfect is “management”, a proper management of health, time, priorities, expanses or even emotions. This can always lead to a   better holiday happening that will be remembered for ever.

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