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Finger Length – What It can Reveal About Your Health Risks

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For all those people keen on knowing their likelihood of developing allergic rhinitis or if they would suffer from achy joints when they grow old – the answers lies in simply studying their finger length – particularly forefinger & ring finger, some researchers have stated.

Based on which one of the fingers is of greater length than the other, it can be pointing to a person’s risk of far grave health issues like cancers & cardiovascular conditions.

Though it may be sounding like flimflam, however the hypothesis that finger length comparison may assist in defining the person’s risk for some health problems is garnering momentum among researchers.

In Nov-2010, for instance, a large-scaled trial appearing in the ’British Journal of Cancer’ came to the conclusion that forefinger length more than ring finger length lowered the chances of getting prostate cancer by 1/3rd.

One might wonder why this must be. Finger length determination occurs while one is in the uterus based on the extent of exposure to sex hormones estrogen (female hormone responsible for development of forefinger) & testosterone (male hormone promoting the development of ring finger). Which one of the fingers is more lengthwise is an indication of the person having increasing amount of estrogen or male hormone in the body. Being exposed to such hormones earlier in life appears to be influencing a person’s risk for ailment.

Amid week eight & twelve in the uterus, amounts of sex hormones have a huge effect on the growth of cardiovascular system, brains & several organ types, according to Prof. Manning from the Univ. of Swansea who has also written a book on this topic.

Finger length could be determined by measuring forefinger & ring finger starting at the fold closest to the palm to the tip preferably done of the right hand.

When Ring Finger is of more length

It makes the person more susceptible to suffer from:

Anorexia -
It increases the likelihood of the person developing anorexia though lesser chances of being bulimic. There’s some proof that anorexic people mostly having quite longish ring finger for which Prof. Manning states that the reason could be nutritional deprivation, excessively exercising regularly. Though this aspect hasn’t be proven still, however the thought process is that being exposed earlier on in life to elevated amounts of testosterone might augment fortitude level.

Autism -
An augmented risk of the person having autism (trio trials have proven this fact) or ADHD (4 trials have proven this).

Osteoarthritis -
People with ring finger length more as compared to the forefinger had a two-fold greater likelihood of developing osteoarthritis in their knees, according to a research done on two thousand individuals having this condition by Nottingham Univ. scientists. Moreover, they observed a greater likelihood of these people developing osteoarthritis in finger & hip areas. Such finding was substantiated in a large-scaled U.S trial too.

Cold -
A small-scaled trial helmed by Manning that involved two hundred pupils from Univ. of Liverpool noted that the ones with ring finger length more than forefinger also ailed from cold & sicknesses usually as compared to people with shorter ring fingers. Furthermore, there were cited incidents of German measles & chicken pox in such a set. The male hormone tends to slightly dampen immune system; reducing its robustness hence those with shorter forefingers have greater susceptibility to infection.

The positive aspect is:

You have a lesser likelihood to be a smoker

Latest Swansea Univ. trials noted that longish ring finger translates to that person having lesser likelihood of smoking since the male hormone is linked to an extroverted form of personality, whilst smoking is associated to an introvert or anxious temperament. Such a character attribute increases their likelihood of smoking, according to Manning.

The downside is that people having longer-sized ring fingers have greater inclination to drinking alcohols.

Greater likelihood of excelling in sports – In case a person’s ring finger is considerably longer-sized as compared to his forefinger (about a cm. or so more in length), it could translate to that person having the pre-requisites for being a pro-athlete.

Manning explains that this is perhaps since such individuals had exposure to elevated amounts of male hormone while in the uterus that aids in developing a stronger cardiovascular system.

A Longer-sized Forefinger

One would have greater susceptibility to:

Heart Disease –
Males having longer-sized forefinger have a greater likelihood of suffering from heart attacks at an earlier age – below fifty. Manning states that greater the length of a male’s ring finger, greater the protection he has from suffering heart attack earlier in his life, Manning stated. It is almost certainly since it suggests that he had exposure to elevated testosterone levels in the uterus & male hormone had a shielding effect on his heart.

Allergic Rhinitis, asthma –

Such conditions might have greater pervasiveness in individuals having longer-sized forefingers irrespective of gender. Manning adds that there’s conjecture that this is since individuals having longer-sized forefingers would have been exposed to oestrogen that in most likelihood boosts immune system strength but then greater likelihood of over-reacting & leading to allergy.

Cancer of the cervix/ breasts –
Females in the age band of thirty-five and seventy-five years of age that were diagnosed with breast cancer in young age had a tendency of having long-sized forefingers, according to a trial finding helmed by Prof. Manning that examined two hundred entrants.

This is perhaps associated to increasingly being exposed to estrogen while in the uterus which is identified to promote growth of particular forms of breast cancer.

A trial revealed an analogous association to longer-sized index fingers with cancer of the cervix, Manning added.

Bulimia –
Females having longer-sized forefingers are at a greater risk of suffering from eating disorder, a Britain-based trial uncovered. Females have an increasing likelihood of developing bulimia as compared to males, & the fact that a longish forefinger is associated with bulimia, it is suggestive that there’s an association to developing such disorder & earlier being exposed to estrogen.

The positive aspect is – likelihood of developing prostate cancer is lesser

A latest trial conducted jointly by Inst. of Cancer Research & Univ. of Warwick did a comparison of finger length in 1500 prostate cancer sufferers & three thousand males in good health. The researchers discovered that those with forefinger of a greater length as compared to ring finger had a lowered risk of getting prostate cancer by nearly one-third.

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