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Finest Tips for Runners to Maintain Top Form

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For those who run, irrespective of the shape, size and endurance levels; maintaining ideal form of their feet could vastly benefit them – whether they are into leisure jogging at the parks or arduous marathons. Hence, here are some of the best pointers by podiatrists for pampering your feet – the ones bearing the weight of your entire body, pre, during and post workout sessions.


Doing stretches helps to prime our bodies for upcoming demanding activities. Hence, stretching prior to or following a run is of paramount importance and try laying emphasis on the areas like the calf, hams, quadriceps and foot.

Footwear Matters

Investing in appropriate shoes is vital particularly so when one runs on a regular basis. The pair should be providing precise impact which is needed when one runs. An array of footwear for the runner community is obtainable at the site ‘’. In case one’s foot perspires excessively when one runs then use talc in the footwear for keeping moisture out.


For people having arches or heel pains they would be apt orthodics candidates. Also visiting experienced podiatrists for inquiries on the purchase of orthodics for footwear is vital.


Pure-cotton sock helps in absorbing sweat and in lengthy runs such as marathons, foot needs a synthetic-make sock (with acrylic presence) that alleviates dampness from the skin’s surface. However, one should be ensuring that the seam of the sock isn’t in a region of pressure that could cause pains. In case one can’t locate a secure spot for the seam then one could turn the sock inside-out.

Inflammation-combating Drugs

It is advisable to avoid popping in Aleve, Advil prior to races for averting ache which might surface at the time of races. Such therapy option is best saved for the day subsequent to race completion since intake of inflammation combating drugs would disguise any pains which is sensed at the time of races and could be causal to far grave injuries. Pains are dear reaction mechanisms that one needs for paying heed to at the time of protracted runs.

Grooming Nails of Toes

Ensure that the nails of your toes are trimmed short prior to races and must not be extending beyond the tips of toes & shaping done in straightened cuts. In case proper toe nail grooming pre-marathons is not done then one tends to be risking forming in-grown nails or also fungus in nails.


In case one is susceptible to developing corn & callous on the toe tip then add paddings to the shoes under the toe area. In case one spots blackish appearance in the toe or nails then one might be suffering from blood loss underneath the nail – known as subungual hematoma and might lead to the nail falling out. Such areas should be kept cleansed and damp-free for preventing infections and promptly seeking therapy from experienced podiatrists.

Blister Formations

Blistering arises due to excess chafing in-between shoe & foot, hence taking pre-emptive steps by ensuring the footwear is fitting right & their lacing them so that they are snug-fit on the foot. In case one has a tendency of developing blister then try applying Vaseline on the problematic spots before running or use padding ‘blister-proofed’ sock manufactured by the firm ‘Thorlo’. Moreover, try application of ‘moleskin’ to bothersome regions additionally averts blister formations.

Visiting Podiatrists

It is imperative for those planning to run races or marathons to visit their podiatrists pre-event to getting riddance of corn, callous, getting ‘moleskin’, having padding in the othodics and in several situations receiving cortisone jab in the heel spur or plantar fasciitis for facilitating smoother efficient running.

End Line

Once the races conclude to remember practicing:

  • Resting the feet.
  • Icing the area aids in subsiding inflammations and swell-ups.
  • Compressions using ACE wrap would additionally allay swell up.
  • Elevations would assist the foot in resting for the subsequent major running event.
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