Taking the Bite out of a Biting Child
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Child care is a continuous learning process and problems are usually a stepping stone in learning more about children. Biting is one such problem that has to be handled with tender loving care. A biting child is a negative child and has to be tackled with immediately. Whether it is a home care or a day care or whether the child is just with siblings, a child who bites has to be taught the rules. The  [...]

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Feng Shui Your House in 10 Simple Ways

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What if invigorating your life was as uncomplicated as relocating some things about the house? As per primeval Chinese Feng Shui beliefs, our living spaces reflect our lives & it endeavours at attaining a balance in the duo. Moreover, every object is also believed to possess an energy known as chi which could be used by people for bringing fortune, riches & opportunities into your abode. In Feng Shui, one doesn’t require spending years on couches with therapists for altering your life – and simply moving those couches prudently would do the trick.

Explicated herewith is advice to help promote positive energy flow into your house & life.

Opening the Main Door

Energy has a tendency of flowing via the entrance door and an opened & welcoming path permits positive energy flowing inside your abode while stagnation of energy could occur when the main door is kept shut. For those keen on beckoning opportunities could start by placing red-blossoming plants outside or placing some red intonated colours on or about the frontal door. Red is believed to attract good fortune, luck & energy.


In Feng shui, a littered home does equal to a muddled mind. What’s even direr is that cluttering is believed to factually suck out energy from spaces. One might be thinking that one is concealing the mess; however closets too would be having an impact on energy flow alike anything else. When there is mess placed in attics then that too could clutter your entire system.

Seeking Balance

Ideally in all rooms of your house ensure having anything representative of the 5 elements like:

  • Earth
  • Water
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Fire

The objective must be staying down to earth, centered & balancing lives & environments. For instance, placing wood-make urn full with stone pebble collection with a candle & a pot of blossoms or how about incorporating colours symbolizing the 5 elements – like Fire – Reds, Metals – Whites, Woods – Greens, Earth – Yellows, browns, tans and wood – Greens.

Bringing the Outdoor Inside

Nature proffers a feeling of concord. Factually, studies have shown that when one views nature it helps in reducing rage & anxiousness while enhancing a sense of bliss. Hence start by flooding your house with innate lighting, opening each window & door for letting the clean air within & bring plant forms indoor. Try decorating your house with wickers, bamboos & woods & deploying rock & stone varieties for adding textures. Also try adorning some wall with painting depicting nature & its tranquillity.

Wise Usage of Mirror

Mirror is believed to be reflecting energy hence it must ideally be positioned where one intends on increasing energy flow. Moreover, ensure that the mirror is reflecting anything fine-looking. The mirror mustn’t be reflecting any item with unfavourable or squat energy like rubbish bins in kitchens. Ultimately, ponder again prior to addition of any mirror into the bedrooms decoration as although they would be energizing the rooms – being favourable for great sex – but no favouring ample snooze.

Halt Escapee Chi

Who would be benefited when all that positive energy is flowing via the entrance door and zipping straight out the rear door? In case one opens the entrance door & notices a straight line all the way till the rear window or door then it is a sure-shot example of escapee chi. Ideally Chi must be running in a roundabout pattern so that it could be depositing favourable energy all through your abode. Escapee chi could be stopped by placement of furnishings or any ornamental item in or close to the disputed pathway & use some rug for impeding energy flowing or hang room-separators or faceted quartz close to any single door would also be helpful.


In Feng shui, bedrooms hold paramount importance since they are places where one seeks reinstatement, concord & balance. It is additionally the place where one dreams. Feng shui belief is that placement of an item in-between mattress has a vibrant link with one’s goals. Using sensuous fabric & fluffed up cushions for promoting repose & not storing items like footwear, suitcase, book or any picture underneath your bedding – moreover placing some file is believed to be too vitalizing for sound sleep.

Placing Kin Photographs Prudently

Kin pics must not be placed in bedrooms which are the most personal space in the entire home & set aside solely for yourself & your mate. Any picture of kids, relations & buddies might make one ponder about one’s duties or obligation – which may not permit all-body resting & relaxation. Hence, ideally keeping solely photographs of yourself & your mate in the bedroom & putting other photos in kin or dining area.

Animate Plant forms

Animate varieties of plant possess chi & would be drawing it towards themselves. Another option is showcasing top-quality silk flower & plant forms rather than plastic-made ones. The ideal locations for such plant forms are in kitchens (amid chilly & hot appliance types for better balancing), in dinning areas (for drawing profusion) & the kin area (for promoting healthiness, life & bonds).

Lighting Up Lives

Vivid lighting revs up vigour. For those keen on energy-savings could install high-watt bulb lighting in the hallway & lesser-watts bulb lighting in remaining part of your abode. Hallway represents the meridian hence more vivid the watts, cleaner & clearer your arterial & venal areas. Start by placing items about your home which educe favourable emotions & lifting one’s individual Chi. In case some object makes one dizzy then placing it in an area where it could be easily seen.

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