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Fat Loss Is Weight Loss

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In the whole world, the most loving thing for anyone is the “own self.” Even the smallest creature loves own self and therefore making desperate attempts while we try to ill or even hurt. To love own self is really good but to love own self in the state we are may prove dangerous. We need to develop tendency of accepting and allowing good changes in life, because good changes are for betterment of our own self only.

To be fit is always better than to be fat. Here we are suggesting some of the ways to lose fats which is actually the reason of all our heart problems. Some simple steps taken and attention in our eating habit is enough to have fat loss. Remember, higher fat is more dangerous than higher weight. Let’s study some of the very simple and easy steps to reduce fats which results in reducing weight.

1) Stop eating artificial sweeteners

A recent study at Purdue University on two groups of Rats showed that the rats eating artificial yogurt sweetened with saccharin consumed more calories and gained more weight than the rats that ate yogurt and table sugar. So, one thing proved is that eating artificial sugar is a big reason for weight gain. All artificial sweeteners confuse your body’s attempt to keep track of caloric intake and don’t raise core body temperature the same way sugar does. So, have a break on artificial and stick to the natural sweetened food.

2) Grab the appropriate pattern of weight loss

There are various patterns of weigh loss. All the patterns are having three steps.

The first pattern comprises Self-consciousness/unawareness of food habits, a decision to make changes, and taking control of the problem.  The second three patterns are: incorporating new behaviors, a support system to reinforce change, and increased confidence and self-control.

Selecting a pattern which is more suitable to your nature, style and also the easiest option for you is more important. Whatever way you select but following it continuously and religiously is more important.

3) Plan a long term program

In some of the cases the studies are reveals that even after performing exercises regularly or even counting calories, the weight loss process stops.  At some points, there are chances of such happenings. In such cases, the exercises should be changed and some new diets can also be tried with a doctor advice.  For long-term fat loss, eat different types of healthy foods and try new types of activities.

4) No break

This is an absolute necessary point as once you stop eating diet foods or the exercises; it will result in weight gain. Weight gain will again make all the efforts in vain. So, be continuous and steady. The price to pay for quitting exercise is higher than expected, and this price may be an important factor in the obesity epidemic affecting Americans,” says Paul Williams of Berkeley Lab’s Life Sciences Division.

5) Be Vegetarian

It is said that the vegetarian food are the best friend in diet. The vegetarians are slimmer than the meat-eaters and also have lower rates of heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. There is evidence that a vegan diet causes an increased calorie burn after meals, meaning plant-based foods are being used more efficiently as fuel for the body, as opposed to being stored as fat,” says Dr. Neal D. Barnard of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

6) Eat frozen dinners

Nutritious frozen dinners increase weight loss. There’s far less room for error in frozen dinners, and less temptation to go back for second helpings. Eating frozen dinners has the additional benefit of teaching portion control, which may carry over into regular meals. So, have a habit of eating frozen dinners to minimize the quantity of food ate and also the calories.

7) Try to avoid diet

It is seen in the researches that those who are having the habit of diets to reduce weight and fats, faces the problem of weight gain within four to five years. So, if you can reduce the weight and even the fats in some natural ways or by having permanent control on the harmful foods, you can reduce the weight for longer time.

8) Results vary person to person

Never compare your diet or efforts with others because it is seen that even keeping the same diet and exercise of two persons, the results of two persons vary and they tend to change in both the cases. So, a formula can be arrived that different “weight loss personalities” exists I the world. Therefore, never try to copy or imitate your family, friend or even the celebrities.

9) No compensation of exercise

Generally people have a common problem that they eat more after the exercises. The researchers divide this result in two parts. Biological driven compensators are hungrier and instinctively eat more to make up for the energy they’ve used. The other reason for eating more is a psychological one. Rewards-based compensators deliberately choose to indulge in their favorite foods.

But, weight loss in both the cases is difficult as for body, both are weight gainers. One should take healthy foods for the biological hunger and for the reward based reasons; we must learn that we are not kids now. The reward for our efforts will be seen in the weight loss process.

10) No emotions based eating

It is seen that those who are eating with some special emotions like pampering, sadness o to avoid boredom, the weight is bound to increase as the weight increase has its effect with the emotions. So, avoid emotion base eating, prefer to have eating for the body and soul. Eat for an external reason.

These are the secrets of weight loss; if you follow these steps then the fat and weight are never a problem for you, surely.

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