Alternative treatments for arthritic conditions
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Alternative therapies for arthritic conditions are inclusive of treatments like acupuncture or magnets, chondrotin or glucosamine. People having arthritis usually suffer with conditions like stress, stiffness, pain, and depression. So it is imperative that there are alternative treatments for arthritis, which will help patients cope with this in a better way and in a healthier manner. If you do not  [...]

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Essential Diagnoses For Polio Proficiency

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The ‘quality’ of a ‘child’ is the future foundation for every individual appearance and presentation whether physically or mentally. Thus, he/she should encompass a pure concern from the parents. Conversely, it so happens that in spite of these special concerns, many of the children around the world gets various diseases that not only affect their physic and the mind but   also their social involvements for life. ‘Polio’ is among those who play a momentous role in exploring physical and even mental un-stability. Numerous cases of polio occurrence among the children that affect their day-to-day life can be seen in the panel.

What is polio?

Polio that has a medical name ‘poliomyelitis’ is a fungus which attacks the tissues of the nerves of the brain and spinal cords, and can lead to paralysis. This is caused by a   very infectious virus named poliovirus (PV). This virus typically penetrates   inside the body by mouth and infects the intestinal linings. The virus or fungus later on affects the bloodstream and then goes into the central nervous system resulting in the muscles weakness and paralysis. Since last so many years, the affects of polio has been recognized. As for example, some paintings of Egypt portrays the healthy people with shrunken limbs or people walking with thrash at young age. This proves that the ancient era of the globe was also affected with polio. History has some more instances like; the president of the US Frank Delano Roosevelt had a    polio attack in 1921 and was paralyzed for the waist behind and remained like that for the rest of his life. Likewise, the Roman emperor Claudius got polio in his childhood and used to walk with one limp for rest of his life. The first affective vaccine for polio was innovated by John Salk and its occurrence among children started in from February 23, 1954 in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Nonetheless, through an accumulating vaccination, the physicians were able to wipe off the disease. The sickness is still being found in some yet uncivilized continents. The last case of naturally occurring polio was found in the US. The severe form of the disease is paralytic polio, which is a most serious type of polio. This can also cause to paralysis. In this type of polio, the virus assaults and weakens the central nervous system like the spinal cord and even the brain. Polio can also result in the temporary or permanent paralysis, irregularity in the body muscles and problems in the lungs. The paralytic type   of polio can result into paralysis, breathing problems, severe weakness of body and mind. This form of polio starts from a milder form when the patient gets muscles pains with other complications. The paralysis attack normally occurs within one weak where the patient can loose one or both the legs, arms or sometimes he/she will not be able to breath without machine. The paralytic attacks can also lead to death. However, there are vaccines to stop the disease to occur, if a patient is affected with paralytic attack, can have some disadvantages especially in the arms or legs for the rest of his/her life. Polio can cause permanent or temporary paralysis, muscular deformity and lung problems. Lung problems caused by polio also comprise aspiration pneumonia because of the foreign resources like water, bile, and food which gets into the lungs and spread infections. The disease can distort hips, feet, and ankles and it can also lead to permanent damage of spinal cord and various nerves.

Causes of Polio:

Polio treatmentThe cause of polio is mainly based on the infections of Poliovirus. This is an easily-transmittable virus that can increase its local from one person to another. There are expectations that if a person is contaminated with polio, there are 100 percent possibilities that the other members especially children and even adults of the same domestic can also get the infections. It can spread through the contact of stool of the infected person which is known as medical-oral transmission. It can also affect the other people through the infected respiratory secretions or saliva which can occur by oral to oral transmission. The germ of polio Poliovirus is a single-stranded RNA virus which is from the Picornaviridae and genus enterovirus group. The effect of this disease is largely immobile in heat, formaldehyde, chlorine and the ultraviolet light. It can also spread by the airborne or earth particles. This disease has three forms Poliomyelitis, Infantile paralysis, and Polio disease. The infections that spread through contaminated stool more often happens in the rural areas or those areas occupied with the poor people. If a person eats the food or drinks water or any form of liquid that is polluted with the virus of polio can have the disease. This kind of virus is usually found in the sewage water. If someone touches the surfaces or the objects that are polluted with the poliovirus for example, like after changing the diapers if he/she keeps the same hands insight the mouth, can have the infections. Sharing the foods or the containers of the polio-affected person can also lead to the infections. The people who are not properly immunized against polio or   have a fragile immune system can have the infections of polio very soon.

Symptoms of Polio:

Polio symptoms have several stages of occurrence. In the initial stage, if a child is affected and suffered with polio, he/she can have mild fever, headache, sore throats, malaise, and even vomiting. The patient gets recovery within 24 to 72 hours. However, most of patients do not get into the second stage if he/she gets the proper treatment. But , if in case the first stage symptoms are ignored , after several days the patient can have fever, sever headache , stiff back, stiff neck and  severe  pain in the muscles . The symptoms can also lead to more severe symptoms like weakness in Muscle, a paralysis in the muscles, difficult in swallowing, nasal voice, complications in breathing and even respiratory paralysis. This sickness can also lead to permanent muscle weakness, permanent paralysis, permanent spinal cord and nerves damages, respiratory paralysis, and even meningitis. Those young children who are affected can have only mild symptoms and thus they can become permanently impervious to the disease. The incubation period occurs differently between three days to twenty one days. At times, the people of those areas who maintain better sanitation can have more risk of having the disease because smaller quantity of people can have the disease that too mostly the young children. The people who survive with the disease can also lead to additional visible indications which can also occur decades later like visible weakness in the muscles. These categories of symptoms are called post-polio syndrome. A person may also experience some un-known symptoms.

Exams and tests:

Physicians mostly do many type of diagnosis to check if the patient has polio. Mainly, he/she checks the various symptoms and signs of the disease. Doctors also want to know the medical history of the patient and if the patient is currently taking any medications like for example, if the medical history shows that the patient had polio and have recovered but because of that has paralyzed muscles. In this condition, the doctors test the electrical activity of certain muscles group which is called ‘electromyogram’. The doctors also check if the patient has new kind of weakness in the muscles, fatigue, any pain, decreased fortitude, and loss in the muscle group especially the muscles that are affected by polio. Doctors also take stool samples and throat swab. If a doctor is doing the diagnosis for the post-polio syndrome (PPS), they verify all other potential reasons of the symptoms. They also do several lab tests to diagnose the disease. If they feel that the patient has problems in breathing or swallowing or even his/her memory is affected, they conduct special tests. They can also conduct repeat tests. At times , the doctors also carry out the case history of the patients , as there are many more diseases that have similar illness to polio like Tick paralysis , Rabies , Botulism, Transverse, myelitis Guillain-Barre syndrome, Myasthenia gravis , Myasthenia gravis , Poisoning , Diphtheria or even if there is a bite from snake like cobra.

Treatments of Polio:

If an infant is affected by the polio virus, should always be taken to a doctor for consultation. In the first phase the doctor gives the symptomatic treatments. If the patient is exaggerated by his/her muscles because of polio should get physiotherapy. If there are any difficulties for swallowing, doctors give tube feeding. In the case of respiratory paralysis the general practitioner gives mechanical respiration to the patients. There is also an existence of necessary supportive care for the polio patients that are depended on the symptoms and the familiarity of sufferer. The patients who are having mild symptoms or aseptic meningitis should be given supportive care. These include fluids which are similar to the medications like acetaminophen or ibuprofen to control the fever and pain, they also are advised to take rest until the fever, or pain disappears. In these kinds of cases, the symptom wipe away after 2 to 10 days. If a patient gets paralytic attack, the treatments can be for long-time and even can be more exclusive. In the severe conditions the physicians usually prescribe the medications to trim down the pain and enhance the immune system and strength. They also prescribe antibiotic medications for bacteria infections. If a patient has some breathing problems, doctors assist with mechanical ventilators. It is necessary to call a doctor right away if a patient gets significant polio symptoms. The patient should also call a physician in advance to avoid waiting in the clinic as that can lead to the infections for other people. However, an anti-polio vaccination to the child in the particular time can always make him/her safe form getting the life-changing affects of polio.


Polio can be prevented totally with anti-polio vaccinations. Inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) is an injection that is given in the legs or arms as per the age of child; it can also be given with vaccines of other disease. Usually, children should have four doses of IPV vaccine, like a dose at the age of 2 months, a dose again in the age of 4 months, other doses at 6 to 18 months and a booster dose at the age 4 to 6 years. However, the adults do not need a polio vaccine if they are been previously vaccinated by the injections. But in cases, some adults can have elevated menace of getting the infection. If an adult is traveling to polio-endemic areas or in the areas where there is a high risk of polio occurrence he/she should consult a doctor whether to obtain an anti-polio vaccine. If a person is working in a laboratory and conducting experiments with some samples that may restrain polio virus should go for vaccination. If a doctor is treating a patient who is having polio, through a close communication can be infected with the virus. An adult who is never got the anti-polio vaccines should get the initial dose at any time , the second dose should be taken after 1 to 2 months, the third prescribed dose is been taken 6 to 12 months after the second. In the rural areas, where most of the polio-affected patients are found or are surviving without any treatment, there should be an appropriate arrangement of medicines, sanitation, and know-how to fight with the disease. The vaccines that are anti-polio should be given to more and more children in the perfect time.

Awareness for Polio:

The people around the world should take step to discontinue the polio infections permanently. The many community leaders in the US and India have encouraged their followers to understand the protection and consequences of polio vaccinations. A report of the world Health Organization (WHO) has showed that people in many parts of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria, and India are still surviving with the negative affects of polio. The International Post Polio Support Organization (IPPSO) that is an internet-based association for polio survivors and volunteers works with many medical professionals or doctors and other individuals all over the world to congregate  and provide information and numerous supports to the patients who are suffering with Post Polio Syndrome (PPS). They also help the people who have the late affects of the disease in them or and member of his/her family or friends. In this regard, the Pakistan Medical Society (PMS) with the co-operation of Punjab Health Department and United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) had organized a seminar in the world Polio awareness weak that also had the members of WHO. The seminar welcomed the new global immunization method or strategy and the vision that conveys the message to adopt the mind frame to actively participate in the immunization activities and make the disease invisible till 2015. The conference also added the various approaches to make available various vaccinations for all the patients. The World Polio Day which comes on October 24, made the world to shrill for the achievement of the global elimination agenda which has considerably trimmed down the various possibilities of polio.

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