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Energy Drinks and Plausible Health Risks

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A new-fangled report by U.S. doctors illustrate worrisome number of people who chugged down a single or duo non-alcohol energy drinks experienced seizure attacks, cardiovascular issues, damages to liver or kidneys and even hallucinations. Brand names include the likes of Spike Shooter, Red Bull among others.

Explaining the gravity of the situation, Doctor S. E. Lipshultz heading the paediatrics dept. in UMMSM spoke about how globally there are indications that for many consumers there are associated side-effects and although occurrence isn’t high, however in particular sets which child specialists’ care for there might be greater risks.

Around nine billion dollars worth of non alcohol energy drinks are likely to be sold in the United States, with kids & young adult groups which account for fifty percent of the market.

As the energy drinks are categorized as nutritional supplements hence they haven’t been scrutinized much & are under lesser constraints as compared to drug & food items.

Makers assert that energy drinks improve performances physically and mentally. Red Bull, for example is claimed to be a concentration-booster & improving response speeds, attention & emotional state. The company proudly spoke about it selling close to four billion of its product last year & are presently obtainable in 160 nations.

However despite such tall claims, Florida scientists reviewing the write-up on the matter believe that these assertions are dubious and haven’t found any proof of any beneficial or remedial effects. The research group started becoming interested in energy drinks in the recent past when few children in S. Florida were hospitalized following intake of a vitamin-mixture their tutor has bottled and complained about sensing overall tingling in their bodies.

The researchers then uncovered a stack of tales, though hardly much proof. For instance, there have been seventeen instances of likely side-effects from 1999 till six years later that include seizure attacks, cardiac rhythm disturbance & duo mortalities among Irish energy drink consumers. In N. Zealand, twenty analogous cases have been cited from 2005 till four years later.

The AAPCC has not been able to keep track of likely side-effects on intake of these beverages earlier, though they intend to begin doing it from 2011.

Certainly, one-off stories do not substantiate that energy drinks are blameworthy. However, they do have made physicians wonder if several individuals, especially kids may be at risk.

For instance, caffeine has been found to be causal to rapid cardiac beats, sleeplessness & nervousness, particularly among people with sensitivity.

As per a N. Zealand based trial, merely a single such beverage is sufficient enough to cause several side-effects in children, inclusive of mild-ranging types such as indigestion or gastric irritation.

Also the presence of other constituents carry their side-effects too like ginseng, taurine, guarana & herb yohimbine extract which in elevated dosages has been associated to hypertension & speedy cardiac rate and even capable of interacting with medications.

Lipshultz pointed out that caffeine along with a bevy of other constituents is a matter of concern. Also several constituents haven’t been properly studied & are non-regulated. He added that among individuals having conditions like cardiovascular ailment, hypertension, are diabetic, suffer from seizure attacks or having ADHD must be pondering again prior to drinking any of these beverages.

Lipshultz pointed out that elevated levels of caffeine present in these energy drink containers (amid seventy-five to four hundred mg per can) also augments urination which triggers water loss from the body. Also mild-ranging side-effects start appearing in individuals drinking about three milligrams caffeine/ kilogram bodyweight alongside usual nutritional consumption. This translates to the fact that energy drinks would be pushing typical twelve-year-olds 3-folds past the limit.

Lipshultz arrived at the conclusion that in case there’s no true advantage of having energy drinks & they are apparently putting several individuals at risk, he felt that kids need to be protected from this.

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