How To Treat Bunions
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A bunion is a deformity that is mainly made up of a lateral deviation of the great toe which enlarges due to a tissue or a bone. It is a serious foot problem. These are formed within the foot and not on the surface of the foot. An arthritic condition and  a result of bone degeneration it is found as  a lump on the outside portion of the big toe. Bunions are seen near the joint of the toe and sometimes  [...]

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Dukan Diet – Celeb-Vouched Hottest Fad

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The Dukan diet that has been immensely popular in Europe with cited celeb followers like Kate Middleton & her mom, who are believed to follow it for slimming down in time for the regal wedding & J-Lo who’s been reported to follow the diet for shedding her pregnancy weight gain.

Mostly depicted as the French Atkins Diet, Dukan Diet lays emphasis on meals which are protein-rich, less-carbohydrate & less in fats. The diet plan is created to foil hunger & one could opt from a hundred diverse food varieties & no control on the amount that could be eaten & no calories to be kept track of. The principal attractor is its prompt weight reduction guarantee wherein one could shed nearly 7 to ten lbs. in the initial 5 days & be keeping them off.

Dukan Diet – 4-Stage Manner of Working

From the 4 phases, the initial duo phases assure an express trimming while the final duo are focusing on maintenance so that one does not pile on the pounds yet again.

Phase One – Attack Phase

Protein is the essence of this stage and one is allowed eating unrestricted amounts of lean cuts of hams, meats, poultry, fishes, egg, seafood, fat-free dairy (apart from cheese), organ meat. Intake of 6 cupfuls water & walking twenty minutes daily is applicable from phase 1 to 3. During the initial phase, one is advised on eating 1.5 tbsp. oat bran everyday. The person behind this diet, Doctor Pierre Dukan points out that majority of the individuals sticking to this phase for 5 days melt 4-7 lbs.

Phase Two – Cruise Phase

Inclusion of veggies like spinach, eggplants, Brussels sprouts is advised in this phase. Starch-based veggies such as corn, bean, potato, lentil, pea are forbidden. One is permitted alternating protein & starch-less veggies with a just-protein day. Hence, one would be eating meals which merge vegetables plus protein on a day ensued by just-protein on the subsequent one & so on. Thirty minutes walking daily is recommended during phase two. The time span of this phase would last till the time one reaches one’s targeted body weight.

Phase Three – Consolidation Phase

It would be welcoming greater diversity in mealtimes – a serve of fresh fruit everyday (apart from banana, grape, cherry & dry fruits) alongside duo whole-grain bread slice & 1.5 oz. cheese daily alongside 2 serves starch-laden foods such as pastas & potato, per week. Enjoying 2 celebratory meals on a weekly basis is also allowed wherein one could gobble down whatsoever one wishes till the time one keeps up with a day per week of consuming solely protein meals. Twenty-five minutes walking daily is suggested in phase three. Consolidation phase is created for preventing weight being regained; the span of time one stays on this phase is based on the extent of weight one has shed. For each pound one sheds in the initial phases of this diet, one stays in phase three for 5 days. Hence, in case one sheds twenty-four lbs then one would be staying in the Consolidation phase for 4 months.

Phase Four – Stabilization Phase

This phase would be lasting for an indefinite period, permitting one to wolf down whatsoever one wants for 6 days till the time the 7th day is just protein. One could even increase intake of oat bran to 3 tbsp. & walking for twenty minutes daily. This phase is devised for maintenance of weight which has been shed.

Pros of Dukan Diet

  • Express preliminary weight reduction would be motivational enough for the person to adhere to the diet.
  • Greater stress laid on intake of ample water.
  • Diet emphasizes intake of lean form of protein that is healthful in comparison to fat-laden protein.
  • Subsequent to the initial phase, veggies take center-stage of intake.
  • Exercise for twenty minutes daily is necessary.

Cons of the Dukan Diet

  • Not keeping tabs on portion control could be backfiring. Eating all you could is certainly isn’t the finest approach to keep pounds off. Some dieticians point out that eating to your heart’s content on 6 days ensued by a day of just-protein would ever help in the goal of lasting maintenance of ideal weight.
  • The attack phase tends to short-change our bodies of heart-chummy fiber, vital vitamin & mineral forms as well as fat.
  • Swift weight loss would be largely muscle mass & water that can dehydrate the body & be risky.
  • Consuming all meats on all instances could be costly.
  • There is shortage of assortment, particularly in the solely-protein initial phase that could turn boring & lead to followers jumping off the bandwagon.

Dukan Diet Interim & Lasting Effects

Although one might notice speedy preliminary weight reduction, it would largely be water-based loss & afterwards due to muscle mass lost. Moreover, there’s a likelihood of experiencing weariness, mood fluctuations & other signs since the diet acutely lacks carbs. Nutritional deficits could occur in the initial phases when one eats only some veggies, fruits & complex carbs. The initial duo stages are rather short on fiber that can make the person constipated. Adhering to the protein-rich, less-carbohydrate diet in the initial duo stages for protracted period of time could cause ketosis (a condition wherein carb shortage tends to force our bodies into breaking down fats for acquiring energy) that could be causal to weariness, foul breath & oral dryness and in due course could be damaging liver & kidney. Some nutritionists strongly feel that since the Dukan diet is not offering ample fiber, fruits, complex carbs & veggies hence they wouldn’t be recommending it as a healthful weight reduction means.

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